A bizarre one-off Ferrari F430-based supercar has hit the market via JamesEdition. The E.C. OnlyOne P8 is an Italian built supercar prototype. It hails from the town of Ferrara, near Bologna, Italy and has been developed by former racing driver Enea Casoni.

The unique selling point of this supercar is its analogue philosophy. In a world where complication seems the norm, Casoni set out to deliver something akin to a pure driver’s car. The third prototype model, this latest version has been built upon the chassis of a Ferrari F430.

Few specific details are known about the engine which powers the car, other than the fact that it generates 600 hp at 8,640 rpm. We suspect that it uses the 4.3 litre V8 engine from the donor F430. The power is pit to the rear wheels through a 6-speed gearbox. In total, the P8 weighs in at 1,200 kg.

The bodywork is hand-made from aluminium and carbon pieces with a set of gullwing doors providing some drama. The one concession to modern convenience is the electronic traction control which benefits from 12 settings.

The interior looks pretty sorted with a carbon fibre dash board, punctuated by alcantara and aluminium. Rather than a rear view mirror, the OnlyOne P8 uses an LCD monitor carved into the roof.

At first site, it looks ungainly. The bolt on fenders give it the feel of something cobbled together in a garage by an amateur mechanic. The more you look at it, the more you notice the small details. It appears a labour of love for Casoni. Yet with a €2,500,000 asking price, our guess is that it will prove a tough sell!