Car subscription services are becoming somewhat of a trend with luxury and performance car companies and Mercedes-Benz Collection is the newest program to enter the fold. As of now, it’s only available in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, and Nashville, Tennessee as trial runs, but for as low as $1,095 per month you can drive a new Mercedes every month. Which, on the face of it, sounds incredibly delightful.

As there are different tiers to Mercedes‘ lineup, so too are there different tiers to the brand’s subscription service, which caps out at $2,995 on top of the one-time $495 joining fee. Coupes, sedans, SUVs and convertibles are all available at each tier and come delivered to you washed, clean and with a full tank of gas. Everything from ordering a new car to scheduling a pickup gets handled via the Mercedes-Benz Collection app.

Aside from getting a new car delivered every month — or every day if you really want to keep things interesting — the monthly subscription also covers roadside assistance, insurance and any maintenance the cars may need. And considering those are the biggest hassles of owning any car, that part of the service should prove to be incredibly convenient, not to mention a huge stress reliever.

As mentioned, Mercedes is the only brand to offer a monthly subscription of this kind. Cadillac is one of the true initial pioneers of the service. However, you can get similar offerings from BMW for around $2,000, while Porsche provides the service for $3,000. On the service, it sounds like any of these subscriptions could make your life easier and ease any financial strain that comes with traditional car ownership. But, before diving in and signing up for weekly whips, it’s a good idea to budget out what you currently spend on your car, insurance maintenance, etc. It might prove convenient, fun and exciting, but your wallet might not think so.

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