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Before production of the Viper ended earlier this month, Dodge made sure to send out the current generation of the V10 supercar with numerous limited-editions. Versions such as the 1:33, the Voodoo Viper, the ACR-X and dealer-exclusive models all trickled out of Chrysler’s Conner Avenue assembly plant in Detroit.

Arguably, the track-only ACR-X is the most extreme iteration, but hidden within the group of dealer-exclusive models is another noteworthy special model: the SRT10 Convertible ACR built specifically for Woodhouse Dodge in Blair, Neb. Located in a town of approximately 7,500 people, Woodhouse Dodge has sold more Vipers than any other dealer since 1999. Its in-house tuning arm, Woodhouse Motorsports, also modifies roughly 75 percent of the Vipers the dealer sells.

Being the highest-volume Viper dealer, a limited edition with nothing more than an exclusive paint job and badges wouldn’t do like most of the other special models. Instead, Woodhouse proposed the idea of combining all of the go-fast parts from the ACR with a convertible body–and Dodge obliged.

However, doing an ACR roadster correctly took a bit of work by the SRT engineering staff. Parts such as the adjustable KW suspension, Stoptech rotors, lighter wheels, short shifter and new fifth and sixth gears were easy, but the aerodynamic improvements required attention. With the aero differences between the coupe and convertible, a new, lower wing and light revisions to the front splitter had to be developed and undergo many hours of wind-tunnel testing.

The result is a true, bona fide ACR model right down to the 21B Chrysler build code given to all Viper ACR coupes. And with only 20 produced, the Viper SRT10 Convertible ACR Woodhouse limited edition could be one of the more sought-after Viper models down the road.

Available colors include white, yellow, red and black and all are available with dual or driver’s striping. Pricing begins at $107,310 and, of course, it’s only available at Woodhouse Dodge.