A multi-tool can be many things, but depending on who’s using it, “useful” may not be one of them. A mountaineer will likely find a use for knives and pliers and scissors, but a corkscrew might not be worth its weight in a pack (unless he’s climbing in the Alps). Similarly, a bike mechanic’s job calls for an entirely different toolbox. That’s why Silca made the Italian Army Knife, a multi-tool designed explicitly for the needs of those who live and breath cycling. Today, Silca released a new tool, the Italian Army Knife Venti, which builds on the success of its predecessor.

Venti is 20 in Italian, and that’s the best way of differentiating the new device from the old. While the previous model has 13 tools, the new one has 20. They’re all made of stainless steel, and the list includes a range of hex and torque wrenches, a seven-millimeter box wrench, an eight-millimeter flare nut wrench, disc pad spreader, valve core remover, spoke wrenches and more. Another notable inclusion is a magnetic chain tool that’s longer than similar portable versions and can be removed for more practical use. Categorize the Venti as the best combination of practicality and pocketability for a single bike tool.