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Yesterday, McLaren revealed the 720S, the first car in the second generation of its Super Series lineup. Before the 720S could even get off the stage, McLaren shoved the 720S Velocity by MSO in front of us. Yup, we already have our first special edition.

MSO, as you remember, is McLaren Special Operations, which is where the automaker takes its standard offerings and packs on the dollar signs slathers on some special sauce with various appearance enhancements. 

“The MSO mission is to fulfill customer desire for exclusivity in their choice of McLaren,” said Ansar Ali, managing director of MSO. “The lean, sculpted beauty of the new 720S provides the perfect starting point for owners to be creative, and the specification of this MSO 720S ‘Velocity’ showcases a taste of the customization options that are possible.”

The McLaren 720S is the Super Series 710 hp second coming

No additional performance has been added to the 720S Velocity — not that you need more from the 710-hp 4.0-liter V8 engine. This is for appearances only. The paintwork is two pearlescent hues of red — Nerello Red and Volcano Red. Nerello is used on the front and upper body panels, including the carbon-fiber hood, while the Volcano Red covers the sides and rear of the car.

The alloy wheels are finished in a shade of metallic bronze. There is a gloss-carbon rear deck vent, glass carbon-fiber service cover, gloss-carbon rear aero bridge and a satin-carbon sill cover.

Carbon-black Alcantara upholstery (a synthetic suede) is used throughout the interior of the Velocity. To compliment the carbon black are touches of Harissa red leather, which are included on the steering wheel, fascia, doors and across the sport seats.

Velocity is one of five MSO themes for the second generation of Super Series cars. The others are GT, Pacific, Track and Stealth. Starting price is $407,149 at current exchange rates — a mighty premium over the 720S’s $284,745 sticker price.