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Lexus debuted two new LC500s ahead of next week’s SEMA show, one a movie car and the other a limited-production street car. First, the movie star car.

Black Panther is a Marvel Comics superhero (introduced in 1966, a few months before the founding of the political activist Black Panthers). The superhero was the first black Marvel character with superpowers. A movie based around the character, “Black Panther,” is due in February from Marvel Studios. It stars — at least in one scene — a Lexus LC500. The character Black Panther rides atop it chasing bad guys. His guards follow in another Lexus, a GS-F. The movie car was made for the movie by West Coast Customs. In the movie, the streaked paint on the sides is infused with the mythical substance vibranium, which makes the car bulletproof. On the hood is a Black Panther mask inlay. The rear track is several inches wider than a stock LC500 contained inside flared fenders.

Lexus LC Inspiration Series

The Lexus LC Inspiration Series

While you can’t buy a Black Panther LC500, you will be able to purchase the other LC500 Lexus showed last night: the LC Inspiration Series. In addition to some bespoke trim pieces, the customized car sports a paint job done in what Lexus calls structural blue. Lexus says the paint contains no actual blue pigment but rather, “its unique construction reflects blue light” the same way the sky or the ocean appears blue but contains none of that color. It’s all based on a butterfly called a morpho, which appears blue but isn’t really.

“The effect is the result of microscopic details that scatter light and show only the color wavelengths of the iridescent blue we perceive in their vibrant wings,” Lexus said.

Heavy, man.

You can see both cars at the SEMA show, if you’re going, and you may or may not be able to see them at the Los Angeles and Detroit auto shows since that hasn’t been decided yet. Production of the Inspiration Series LC begins in January and will be limited to only 100 units. Inspiration Series buyers will also get a Signature Barneys sommelier set and a magnum of wine from the estate of Lexus sports car driver Scott Pruett.

“The Inspiration Series takes our flagship products and makes them even more exclusive and distinguished,” said Brian Bolain, general manager of Lexus marketing.

Look for further Inspiration Series Lexii in the future.