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All of the Bond cars of ‘No Time To Die’ (caution for spoilers)

Note: The following overview of the cars in No Time To Die contains spoilers. Read at your own risk, or come back after seeing the film to make sure you caught everything.

No Time To Die picks up right around where Spectre leaves us. James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) are driving along in Bond’s restored and iconic DB5 in Matera, Italy. Things don’t stay all that cheery for long in picturesque Matera, though. As is tradition in Bond films, the first car chase hits us with an explosion of action in what’s a super-long opening scene.

Fourth-gen Maserati Quattroporte: The baddies in the beginning are driving a Maserati and chasing after Bond in the DB5. Specifically, they’re in a fourth-gen Quattroporte, which feels right for a chase scene in Italy. Its squared-off looks are mean enough, and its Italian growl is a good background soundtrack to the DB5’s inline-six.

In addition to the Quattroporte, the chase scene in Matera is home to a couple of the best stunts of the entire movie, including the arch jump done with a Triumph motorcycle seen in trailers — Matera is extremely hilly.

Eventually, Bond and Swann find themselves in the DB5 again together, which is where the famous gatling gun scene from the trailer commences, but not before the bulletproof windows and body of the DB5 are thoroughly tested. RIP to the first-gen Range Rover Classics and Jaguar XFs that joined the Maserati in pursuit of Bond (here’s a list of other Bond cars over the years).

As the DB5 escape scene concludes, we catch a glimpse of what appears to be a Ferrari from the 1970s. However, the view was far enough away that we’ll need a second look to be sure of the exact model.

Land Rover Series III: Next time we see Bond, he’s fishing in Jamaica and driving around a blue Land Rover Series III. It’s yet another of the many Land Rover products featured throughout the film, and unlike most of Bond’s Aston Martins, this one doesn’t seem to have any unique features. The other intriguing vehicle out of Jamaica? An old Chevrolet Bel-Air expertly and effectively piloted by Bond newcomer, Ana de Armas.

Next up, we get a few shots of the new and still-not-for-sale Aston Martin Valhalla mid-engine supercar (also seen in trailers). Bond’s old boss M is in the scene which appears to have been shot in some secret wind tunnel of sorts. Much to our dismay, nobody ends up driving the Valhalla in the film. Could it be a teaser for what the next 007’s car is? There’s a decent chance of that, considering the Valhalla played such a small role in this Bond film.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage: Boy were we happy to see the original V8 Vantage from the late 1970s and 1980s make an appearance. In fact, it made multiple appearances throughout the film. It’s difficult to get a more badass combo than Daniel Craig behind the wheel of a blacked-out Aston Martin Mustang.

Off-road vehicles aplenty: As seen on several trailers, things take a turn to the off-road side of things with flying Land Rover Defenders — Land Rover even made special James Bond versions of the SUV. Bond wasn’t behind the wheel of any of these Defenders, though. Instead, he pilots a Toyota Land Cruiser in the Norway portion of the film as he’s pursued by Range Rover Sport SVRs and Defender V8s with double the horsepower. Plus, Triumph motorcycles are back again for the two-wheel enthusiasts in this bumpy chase scene.

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera: The stunning and still relatively new DBS Superleggera rocks up to the party in Norway, too, quickly showing everybody its bonkers 715-horsepower V12 is nothing to sneeze at. This two-seat Aston is piloted by Nomi, Bond’s 007 replacement, and she’s clearly gone through the same secret agent driving training that Bond did.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where we’ll leave you without getting too spoiler-heavy. There are plenty of classic Bond gadgets and gizmos throughout the film. Plus, a bizarre plane/submarine combo vehicle makes an appearance at some point. In short, though, the cars of Daniel Craig’s last Bond film don’t disappoint, and neither do the stunts. 

There is plenty for car enthusiasts to ogle at when No Time To Die opens in theaters on October 8.

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This Droog Moto DM-015 Swerves Around The Apocalypse

Here at Men’s Gear, we’ve featured an awful lot of bikes. Out of all, most points go to Droog Moto’s motorcycles, not only because they always impress us, but also because the shop doesn’t seem to shy away from taking risks to innovate the present mold. Which brings us to the Droog Moto DM-015.

If you’ve seen Droog Moto’s previous handiwork, you know their motorcycles look like they came right out of a lavish science-fiction film shoot. The new one you see above is not an exception. The slick, slightly steampunk project sees the Kawasaki Nija 250 enter a drastic transformation to get ready for an imminent post-apocalyptic world.

Far from just looking beautiful, the thing runs excellently, too. That credit goes to Droog Moto, who always ensures each bike it disassembles gets tiptop performance in the end. The Droog Moto DM-015 boasts a 250cc engine that makes 36 horsepower. Which drives a six-speed gearbox, mind you. The numbers doesn’t seem all that impressive on paper. But consider that the bike is stripped to its bare essentials. Suddenly things get a little more interesting.

You get a front and rear suspension both fully upgrade to fully adjustable units. Also, you’ll find LED lighting that replaces the standard halogen bulbs on the bike. Each baby, in case you didn’t know, undergoes custom construction to satisfy the buyer’s standards. The shop takes your measurements and builds the bike to fit you personally. Thinking of those things is what really sets Droog Moto apart from the rest.


Photos courtesy of Droog Moto

Curtiss Hades Electric Motorcycle

It was a weekend before today when the Curtiss Zeus Radial V8 graced our pages with its unique design. The manufacturer shows us a perfect amalgam classic and future with the motorcycle’s exceptional form factor. After showcasing its tribute to the god of the skies as well as its most recent badass alternative take, we’re ready for another.

This time we’re looking at one of Zeus’ brothers. To be specific, he who watches over the underworld. The Curtiss Hades by no means a slouch when it comes to jaw-dropping aesthetics and it flaunts a more sinister look than its sibling.

Comparing it to the Zeus Radial V8’s appearance, which looks like an internal combustion engine, the Hades looks like a weapon. To be exact – a gun that’s ready to shoot down the competition with its stunning good looks. Just like all of the other models from the Curtiss’ catalog, this is an all-electric motorcycle.

As such, it relies on a battery to run the in-house-developed axial electric motor. Coming up with a clever way of concealing its energy source, this two-wheeler is integrating it into the frame. The 16.8 kWh battery unit sits inside a shell that looks like a bullet.

This provides enough power to push the Curtiss Hades forward with up to 217 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque. This is possible through the use of a Cascadia Motion PM100 propulsion inverter. As more companies make the shift to all-electric platforms, eye-catching design can set your product apart from the rest. You can be the proud owner of this devilish ride to the lovely tune of $75,000.

Get it here

Images courtesy of Curtiss

Fuel Royal Rally 400

This is the Fuel Royal Rally 400, from Fuel Motorcycles. The company just recently built it, in huge part catering to those planning to take on the Scram Africa, which Fuel Motorcycles organized themselves.

The bespoke bike draws inspiration from the first bikes that rode the Paris Dakar Rally. People consider it as one of the toughest and most prestigious extreme motorsport competitions in the world. The race now goes by Dakar, though. And runs only in South America due to a handful of security concerns. Make no mistake: it still makes any motor racing fan gush with excitement.

Though Fuel Motorcycles kept most of the original parts, it added a few modifications as well. They edited lines and proportions to make for a more compact look, but taking care not to lose its aggressiveness. The front light is no more — in place of it is a new squared vintage enduro mask. The tank’s protections are gone as well. The standard dual seat is now just a solo seat.

With the rear seat gone, the company added a removable custom build grille that has enough space to carry a small bag. One of the tank protectors is now located on the left side, re-fitted so as to provide extra luggage space. Other changes include a stronger handlebar, USB charging, and a unique speedometer. All these make the bike as functional as possible without losing its original flair.

You can find out more if you hit the link below. The bike, as we’ve mentioned, is joining this year’s Scram Africa, so expect it there.


Photos courtesy of Fuel Motorcycles

Ducati Panigale

It’s here — the Ducati Panigale V4, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the 916 superbike. Just 500 units will be made. So act fast if you want to get your hands on one of the most iconic bikes to ever come out of the Borgo Panigale factory.

Underneath the new Panigale is a handful of special parts. Among them are an Akrapovic exhaust, a dry clutch conversion, and a Panigale V4 R front frame. You’ll also find forged magnesium wheels care of Marchesini here. Not to mention other bits and bobs straight out of the Ducati Performance catalog.

“In all of modern motorcycling history, no bike has been as era-defining as the 916, both in terms of design and performance.”

That’s Francesco Milicia, Global Sales VP of Ducati Motor Holding, speaking at the unveiling event at Pebble Beach.

“I’m incredibly proud to present this exclusive version of our Panigale V4, itself a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the 916.”

Ducati presented the bike with none other than “King” Carl Forgarty himself. Fogarty took the Ducati 916 Superbike to victory twice in the World Superbike Championship. Presenting it on the American Superbike stage, says Milicia, underscores the automaker’s dedication to the US market. He adds he’s sure bike enthusiasts and collectors alike will appreciate the uniqueness of the new Ducati Panigale V4 25th Anniversary 916.

Bike number five from the 500-unit allotment is going up for auction. Proceeds will go to a fundraiser for a charitable cause. Hit the link below to find out more.


Photos courtesy of Ducati

Stranger Things Season 3 Bike

If you’re a massive Stranger Things fan, you can gobble up another excellent memorabilia from the show: this Mongoose Freestyle Bike coated in a perky silver-yellow sheen.

The Stranger Things Season 3 bike is not only a noteworthy addition to the growing catalog of Stranger Things paraphernalia. In and of itself, it’s also a pretty slick-looking ride. Not too fancy, sure. But not too shabby, either. It’s the perfect choice if you’re just getting started on biking. Fans of the show can now purchase the BMX-style single-speed. That’s right. The ride is modeled after the one Max Mayfield rides in Season 3 of the popular Netflix series. The entire third season starts streaming on July 4.

Just like everything else in the show, the Stranger Things Season 3 bike screams ‘80s. That era has heavily influenced the show’s core elements, including its visuals, themes, cinematography, and even plot points.

At $220, it’s not exactly the cheapest way to score ‘80s swagger. But it’s hard to deny the thing’s a beaut. Just look at that replica frame. And fork. There are retro five-spoke mag wheels and bright yellow handlebars, to boot. The seat and pad set are yellow, as well. This thing is cute as heck, and if your kid is a massive Stranger Things fan, they’d be more than happy to have this.

There’s also an illuminating headlamp that’s very cute. And of course, the rear-axle pegs. They’re highlights on top of highlights. The bike is currently available at select Target stores. You can check out the link below to locate one near you.


Ducati Alaskan Junior

The Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled is one of the company’s most formidable off-road-ready bicycles. And it’s also beloved by the moto community thanks to its sheer beastliness. After the iconic Alaskan build, which pushed the envelope even further, Alex Earle, based in Los Angeles, has decided to come out with a worthy sequel. Meet the Ducati Alaskan Junior.

The Alaskan Junior, as the name implies, hews from the base inspiration and plays off the bike’s many merits. Suffice it to say that it’s not a better bike by any stretch of the imagination. However, it does have the same design principle, silhouette, and powertrain as its father. That means it’s every bit as powerful and off-road-ready.

The reason why the Alaskan Junior exists is that Alex and his team at Earle Motors wanted to make a bicycle that’s not as intimidating as their most recent ride. So they went back to the drawing board. They reinvented the platform and made a stripped-down version that’s just as brawl-ready when put on the desert.

The main highlight of this custom job is the set of swingarm extenders. This enables the implementation of true off-road wheels and tires. That means riders get to enjoy Pirelli Scorpion XC rubber and performance-oriented Ducati hubs.

If you have a Desert Sled and this looks scrumptious, hit the link below to know how to dress your ride with Earle’s refined parts. We imagine it’s not going to be cheap, but do inquire to get a full list of options and pricing.


Photos courtesy of Earle Motors