Prepare to have the stand-out controller at your guys’ game night with the Special Edition Xbox Sport White Controller. Once August the 7th comes around you will be able to pick up one these supposedly Nike-Air-inspired controllers.

We say supposedly because these controllers are manufactured with sportswear in mind, the Nike Air connection is just speculation for the moment due to an inspirational and quite obvious reference to a pair of Nike Airs by host, Major Nelson on an episode of “Inside Xbox” – we await more leaks or info.

You won’t be able to stay at the top of the fancy-pants controller list among your gaming friends for long as this is only the first model of an upcoming range of sport-inspired controllers.

The controller is not just aesthetically pleasing but has also made use of a diamond grip on the underside of the controller so you can remain composed and comfortable during intense sessions, and so even that friend with clammy hands can also keep in control.

The controller will be released to the market with its own matching sleek design of charger made from the same quality materials.

This item will be released on July 31, 2018, however, you can reserve yours now from Amazon.

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