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If you’re still working from home at this point, it’s probably safe to assume that your home office is now just the office — at least for a few more months to come. On the one hand, that means no rush hour commuting for the foreseeable future — on the other hand, it means it’s time to confront the fact that the folding chair desk setup that’s been polluting your living room since February is no longer an acceptable workspace for a self-respecting adult. Not all workstations are created equal, and building a setup that incorporates healthy postures and movements throughout the day is hugely important to how you’ll feel while you work. That’s where Fully comes into play. The entire brand was built around the idea of a workspace design to move with you and keep you moving, encouraging healthy posture and happy productivity. Check out the products below for more ideas on how you can upgrade to a healthier home office.

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Jarvis Standing Desk

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The Jarvis Standing Desk was born out of a need to democratize movement at work. Starting at just under $500, it makes for an affordable foundation for any healthy home office space without compromising quality or design. The team at Fully spent years designing, redesigning and carefully obsessing over every detail, resulting in a frame that’s not only sleek, but strong enough to lift up to 350 pounds. It adjusts quickly and quietly from an impressive height of 50 inches to a level low enough for you to sit on the floor using an intuitive up-down toggle handset — making it easy to adjust your posture throughout the day.

Capisco Chair

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The design of the Capisco chair is inspired by the form and movement of the human body. This functional approach to design allows and even encourages healthier and more active sitting postures. The plus-shaped back makes for comfortable backwards or sideways sitting, and the contoured saddle seat makes for a far healthier, ‘normal’ way of sitting that opens the hips and drops the knees, allowing the spine to form its natural ‘S’ curve. As an added bonus, the Capisco is made from 50 percent recycled material and is 90 percent recyclable, making it almost as good for the environment as it is for your posture. 

Jarvis Monitor Arm

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Straining your neck downward all day to see your monitor is bad for your posture, not to mention a literal pain in the neck. The Jarvis Monitor Arm easily elevates your monitor to your natural line of sight, correcting the natural alignment of your spine and freeing up precious desktop space. The single arm comes with a removable VESA plate, complete wire management and easy tension adjustment for varying monitor weights. Fully also makes a Dual Monitor Arm, allowing you to put two monitors side by side, or a Laptop Arm to stack beside a monitor. All three are available in three colors, ship quickly and are easy to assemble and adjust.


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Though you might not guess just by looking at it, the Muvmat was specifically engineered to mimic the experience of walking through a forest, with hidden contours placed in such a way as to simulate the rocks, roots, and fallen branches you might encounter while walking through the woods. It’s like a foot massager and anti-fatigue mat combined into one — and it works to reduce the strain and ache of standing for long periods by stimulating the feet and encouraging the subtle movements your body needs to stay comfortable, balanced and energized.

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