Brand: Old Forester
Upshot: Affordable, available rye whiskey from a famous bourbon maker
Price: $23 SRP
Release Date: February 1
Availability: Nationwide
Proof: 100
Tasting Notes: Black pepper, cinnamon stick, dried dill and baked apple

George Garvin was so sure of the quality of his bourbon whiskey he stamped his signature and the words “There is nothing better in the market,” on every bottle.

About 150 years later, Old Forester has become one of the most respected names in bourbon making. Its Prohibition Style is a GP staff favorite, the Signature 100 proof possesses an exceedingly rare mixture of wide availability, fair pricing and loads of accolades, and that’s all before talking about the darling of whiskey writers (and drinkers) everywhere — Birthday Bourbon.

On February 1, for the first time ever, Old Forester will bottle whiskey that’s not made of at least 51 percent corn. Old Forester’s Rye is made from a recipe acquired by the company in 1940 and just now made its way to public release. It’ll also be the first whiskey under the Old Forester name that isn’t made of its standard 72 percent corn, 18 percent rye and 10 malted barley.

“Our signature bourbon recipe has done this brand proud through Prohibition, World Wars and changing consumer palates,” Campbell Brown, Old Forester President and great-great-grandson of founder George Garvin Brown, said in a press release.

Second in excitement to only the fact that Old Forester is making a rye whiskey is the price — a cool $23. On top of that, Old Forester says the bottle will be available nationwide (though no information on case or bottle count is available quite yet).

According to Master Distiller Chris Morris, the recipe itself will be unique in today’s spicy rye market. “The high proportion of malted barley in this traditional recipe allows for a wholly natural fermentation process, leveraging Old Forester’s proprietary yeast strain,” Morris said in a press release, “The generous percentage of malted barley yields a unique floral character, producing a remarkably balanced rye.”

Old Forester Rye will be available nationwide starting February 1 and is bottled at the brand’s standard 100 proof.