Given the runaway success of the SUV market, it was perhaps inevitable that BMW would soon muscle in with a range topping BMW X8. If their recent trademark applications are to be believed, this might happen sooner rather than later!

Audi are set to unveil the Audi Q8 very soon, with Mercedes-Benz producing the GLS for some time and Range Rover’s continuing to sell very well, it seems a logical step for BMW to take.

BMW have evidently been busy filing the required legal paperwork to protect their badge. The BMW X8 name has been trademarked in markets around the world this year. BMW have also managed to obtain trademarks in the Far East recently, all but completing the filings.

The X8 would likely hit the market in 2020 if BMW give it the green light. It will follow in the footsteps of the planned BMW X7 which will debut later this year and joins ta model range which incorporates all of the numbers 1 through to 6!

BMW are thought to be debating whether the X8 should take the form of a long wheelbase version of the X7, or whether it would be better as a coupé version of the X7. It is thought that BMW’s main target would be the Chinese market.