News emerged today of BMW’s recent successful application to trademark the M7 name. The German company appears to have submitted the application to the United States Trademark and Patent Office. It backs up a similar trademark BMW owns in Europe which was filled in 2005.

What the news confirms is that the idea of an M Power tuned 7-Series is still very much being considered for production. BMW already produces the 600 hp M760i which shoehorns an impressive V12 under its hood. Naturally, it isn’t one of the company’s best sellers but it has a solid following with fans, being one of the final V12 limousines available on the market place.

What BMW could be considering is a sportier version of the M760i, perhaps with a lighter V8 or in place of the V12 lump. Such a limousine wouldn’t be the worst decision. Mercedes-AMG sells plenty of S 63’s while Audi offers competition too, in the space of the Audi S8.

The other possibility is that BMW has no intention of using the badge at all. It could simply be place holding the name for if and when it does finally decide to expand its offering to a sporty limousine. I guess only time will tell!