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Hot rod entrepreneur Alan Galbraith has always championed the underdog. It was he who started the Concours de LeMons anti-concours as an affront to Pebble Beach. It’s an event that has grown to three shows in the U.S. and one in Australia (“Not content to ruin events in the northern hemisphere, the Concours d”LeMons oil stain spreads below the equator…”). And it was he who took command of Billetproof after fellow custom enthusiasts Kirk Jones (aka KIRK!) and Jay Ward (now the car czar at Pixar) decided to sell it.

Now Galbraith has rolled all six Billetproof shows on the block. Galbraith, who is a spry 52 years old, was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year (get your colonoscopy now!). He is doing well, considering, and is expected to finish chemotherapy soon. But the cancer made the workload a bit much. So the show’s up for sale.

“Yes, I’ve put Billetproof up for sale,” he told us this morning. “I’ve had some interest and have several parties that seem serious about it.”

How often do you get the chance to be the Bernie Eccelstone of hot rod shows?

Billetproof, now in its 21st year, is all about homemade hot rods. Galbraith summed it up:

“Billetproof is about hot rods and customs and is for those who appreciate the skill, ingenuity and creativity that went into building them during the early days of the hobby. A time when hot rods and customs were about what you could do in your garage rather than with your checkbook. A time when hotrodding was a little dirtier, less polished and still experimental.”

The show crosses the country every year with six stops from Ocala to Washington state. The cars you see here were part of Billetproof Northwest, held June 24 in Chehalis, Washington.

“Great weather and great hot rods,” Galbraith said. “The Washington Washout was anything but. Four hundred of the Northwest’s best hot rods and customs showed up for a fun day in the sun.”

There are two more shows to go this year, Antioch, Calif. Sept. 16 and Hot Rod Eruption Drags Aug. 27 at Riverdale Raceway in Toutle, Wash. Drag that rat rod out from behind the garage, borrow a battery and drive it down. Or better yet, buy all six shows and be a major player in the hot rod scene. Now may be the time to quit workin’ for the man and branch out on your own – pursue something you love instead of selling widgets or filing frivolous lawsuits or whatever it is you’re doing for a living now. And you love hot rods, right? Mix that with your already acute business sense and suddenly your life has meaning. Contact Billetproof and Alan at