It’s a common misconception that car lovers only want or need gifts with three- and four-digit price tags. While yes, an affordable vintage car or a well-designed watch wouldn’t go unappreciated, gifts that are $50 and under can still strike a chord with the motoring enthusiast in your life.

Petrolicious Tee

There are fewe better ways to profess your love of cars than to wear it across your chest. Sure, there are some incredibly tacky ways to do it – this tee isn’t one of them.

877 Workshop Keychain

Keys are a constant in the life of a car lover; therefore, key chains are an absolute necessity. The car lover can put all their keys in one with a sturdy and stylish 877 Workshop Keychain.

Velomacchi Tool Pouch

Whether you’re on a bike or in your car, a full tool box isn’t exactly the most practical way to carry your essential tools. The Velomacchi Tool Pouch lets you keep your most used and critical sockets, ratchets or extra bolts and washers in a compact pouch under your seat, in the trunk or even in the glove box.

Sunday and Sons Jersey Tee

Sunday and Sons is “driven by the passion of cafés racers, flat trackers, bobbers and scramblers… with the ambition to create an elegant and comfortable style.” As a lover of motorcycles, that’s an easy mantra to get behind.

TitanLight Waterproof Lighter

Camping off the back of a motorcycle or out of the back of a trusty overlander is one of the most enjoyable pastimes a motoring enthusiast can take part in — but only if they’re properly prepared. Instead of rubbuing two sticks together, the TitanLight Waterproof Lighter is a much less frustrating alternative. The machined aluminum body not only looks good, it’s also lightweight and durable — essential qualities for any overlanding gear.

Pintrill × Gear Patrol Air-Cooled Coupe Pin

There’s more than one way to show your love for cars. You can always go the overt route with flags and banners. Or, you can employ a dose of subtle class with a Pintrill × Gear Patrol Pin.

Heritage Lensatic Compass

One look at the Heritage Lensatic Compass and you might think, although it looks incredibly classy and well made, it’s a bit archaic. Consider being out on the trail with no service or, worse yet, with a dead smartphone battery. Suddenly that handsome, archaic piece of brass is your best chance of getting home.

Roav Viva by Anker, Alexa-Enabled 2-Port USB Car Charger

Integrating Amazon’s Alexa into your life is incredibly easy these days. You probably have your home covered already, but plug the Roav Viva by Anker into your car and you have a two-port USB charger, in-car navigation, voice-activated dialing, music streaming and all the other voice assistant perks you’re used to.

Nomad Universal 1.5 Meter Charging Cable

Instead of untying the knotted mess of charging cables stored in the glove box, just carry one: the Nomad Universal 1.5 Meter Charging Cable. The multi-tip charging cable is a USB A to Micro USB base with USB Type C and iPhone tip converters.

MotoGeo Coffee and Mug

There’s nothing like a hot, fresh cup of coffee in front of the morning’s campfire a few days in to an epic ride. No one knows this better than MotoGeo, which is why its own coffee and stainless steel coffee mug make the perfect road trip companions.

Candy Lab Drifter 87

The beauty of Candy Lab cars and trucks is in their simple, clean design, which evokes mid-century romanticism few other modern toys can. The Drifter 87 is fit for car lovers of any age, but get it for someone as ‘desk art’ and you can still be damn sure they’ll be making ‘vroom’ noises before the work day is over.

YI 2.7″ HD Wide Angle Dashboard Camera

By now, we all know dash cams are more than just tools for making Youtube gold in Russia. But the market is prety crowded these days – finding one as compact as the YI 2.7-inch, that’ll take care of all your on-road recording needs is a rarity.

Leather Honey

When it comes to the car lover’s leather interior, you can bet they want it staying as supple and soft as possible throughout their ownership. Conditioning all sorts of leather since 1968, Leather Honey is one of the best conditioners available, especially since it rings in under $20.

Gear Patrol Magazine

Perfect for whoever is manning the back seat. Inside its 200-plus pages, we explore what it takes to turn an office chair into a thing of beauty, an accidental invention into a culinary essential and a 1970s French automobile into one of the most evocative cars of the last century. Plus much more.

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