With so many people tuning up to thrilling sporting events, it’s hardly surprising that there’s a huge demand for people to visit these famous race tracks. There are so many racetracks across Europe that hold a rich history, each giving you a rush of adrenaline just by stepping foot on the grounds. Despite being one of the world’s most dangerous sports, this will not prevent people from marvelling at their favourite racetracks and watching the competitors with awe. We’ve compiled a list of the best race tracks in Europe, so fill out your health insurance card form and jet off to these destinations!

Spa-Francorchamps – Belgium

This European race track is renowned for hosting the Belgian Grand Prix, and is certainly one of the most beautiful race tracks found in Europe. Submerged in rural greenery, the Spa-Francorchamps has an extensive history in both F1 and motorsport, so absolutely any fan of racing will have an excellent time visiting this course. Upon visiting this race course, you can actually have a public driving experience, or if the thrill is a little too much for you, even just a guided tour of the racing grounds will be enough to take your breath-away with the gorgeous foliage surrounding the tracks. Whatever your reasons, you won’t regret visiting Spa-Francorchamps.

Circuit de Monaco

This street race track had its first debut in 1950 for the F1, and since then it has had very little renovation, keeping its authenticity at an all-time high. The race track itself is actually very difficult to master, making a spin on the Circuit de Monaco a complete thrill! It really does have it all, from quick, sharp corners to tight hairpins, keeping all drivers on their toes at all times. The race track itself isn’t the only wonder of this destination though, as local harbours are situated right next door, making the entire excursion breath-taking from beginning to end.

Isle Of Man Mountain Course

It’s highly likely that when people think of race courses, cars will be the first vehicle to come to mind, but there is also a huge market for motorcycle racing as well, which is exactly what the Isle of Man Mountain Course specialises in. As the name would suggest, this isn’t a race track for the faint of heart, and will challenge you with 200 corners. Once again, being situated in the mountainous terrain of the Isle of Man, a trip to this European race course is as stunning experience, with nature really showing off its true beauty. Perfect for adrenaline junkies, there will never be a dull moment at this race course.

Nürburgring – Germany

Any racing fiend will know about Nürburgring, and so a trip here will be a real honour for anyone. This race track is commonly known to racing fans as the Green Hell, simply because competitors face gruelling turns and challenging runoffs. In total, there is a staggering 154 corners at this German race course, and stretches out to 21 kilometres in length, so you can imagine the sheer carnage that can commence here. Plus, you don’t just have to watch from the side lines here – you can take the opportunity to drive on the track yourself, providing you with an unforgettable experience.

Every one of these race tracks offers excitement and thrill, so you can feel rest assured that a trip to any one of these racing spots will be anything but boring. With so many opportunities to burn up the gravel yourself as well, it’s impossible to resist a trip to these iconic racing tracks.