o you love going on vacation but your budget’s too tight to pay out for a hotel or resort? No worries, you can still enjoy all the fun of a break away from home if you sleep under canvas. If you haven’t been camping since your days as a scout you might be surprised to discover just how different the experience is today. You don’t have to spend hours messing around with tent poles and pegs – these days instant tents for camping are all the rage.

In the bad old days, camping was all about the traditional tent. They were heavy, difficult to carry around and a nightmare to set up. By the time you’d figured out which pole went where it was time to go to bed! It’s no wonder that so many guys have been put off camping for life! However, if you’ve never tried a pop up tent, it could be time to rethink your stance about going camping.

You’ll be amazed by how quick it is to put up an instant tent. They’re not called popup tents for nothing! In minutes you could have your camp set up and good to go – time to crack out the beers!

Whether you’re camping alone, taking the family or spending a weekend under canvas with your friends, there’s a pop up tent to suit your needs. At one time, the only instant tents were for a single person, or perhaps a couple if they were happy to get intimate! Now, however, the demand for pop up tents for camping is so strong that manufacturers have gone all out making versions that are suitable for much bigger groups too. You can even buy a 12 person pop up tent – ideal if you’re arranging a camping bachelor party!

You won’t have to compromise on features either. While there are a few basic models which are ideal for shelter overnight while you’re backpacking or attending a festival, there are some fully-featured versions which are great for your summer vacation. They even include features like wall storage pockets, lantern hooks, awnings, room dividers and electric cord access. Basically, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your trip.

While you can buy a 1-person pop up tent for a pretty affordable price, if you’re paying out for a larger version the price tag is going to be substantially higher. If you want to avoid making an expensive mistake it’s important to do your research well. After all, you don’t want to be struggling with the world’s worst pop up tent while you’re out on the trail with nowhere else to stay!

However, doing a lot of research into instant tents can be a bit of a bore. With that in mind, we’ve brought together all the best pop up tents on the market today, so whether you’re looking for a camping instant tent for your solo trips or a much bigger one for all the guys, we’ve brought you all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Are you ready to find out everything you need to know about instant tents? Then read on!

What are Instant, Pop up tents and what makes it the best choice for outdoor activities?

 The camping pop up tent was created to meet the demand for tents that were faster and easier to set up. Made using ingenious designs, steel wires and an impressive amount of contemporary engineering techniques, campers today can benefit from everything that the instant tent has to offer.

Originally designed for light-duty use, the latest and best products are now a lot more versatile. Since these tents are lightweight, fast and simple to use, they’re perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities. Whether you’re heading to a festival, going camping with the family or taking a trip to the beach and want a handy place to store all your equipment while you sunbathe on the sand, a pop up tent can fit the bill.

The top-selling pop up tents are designed to be self-supporting – they construct themselves then can be easily packed down into a bag in no time at all. Thanks to their semi-rigid frame, you can set one up in mere seconds instead of half an hour – or even an hour for a complex tent.

If you want to get on with your vacation instead of juggling with a tent, a pop up instant tent could be the ideal solution for you.

There’s a whole lot of reasons why pop up tents are the perfect choice for outdoor activities.

  • Speed and convenience – the top selling point of instant tents is the fact that you can put one up in no time at all. It’s never been easier to set up camp.
  • Lightweight – if you’re backpacking, you want to travel light. A pop up tent is the ideal way to make sure that you won’t be carrying too much around with you.
  • Easy to clean – as pop up tents are so light, they’re also incredibly simple to clean.
  • Versatile – you can buy pop up tents in all sizes and shapes these days so you’re sure to find one to suit your needs. Even better, because they’re so quick and easy to put up and dismantle, you can use them for all kinds of purposes. Want some shelter while you’re fishing by the lake? A pop up tent is the answer. Want a sun shade for the beach – your instant tent can fit the bill. Are the kids wanting to make their own camp in the backyard? Your pop up tent is the perfect solution.
  • Camping Indoors – for those of you with kids, how many times have they wanted to set up their own camp inside their bedrooms with their friends? With a pop up tent that’s a breeze since there’s no need for any tent poles or pegs to hold it upright.
  • Minimal storage space – a regular tent can take up a lot of room, whether in storage at home or in the trunk of your car while you’re traveling to your destination. A pop up tent comes in a much smaller bag and so will take up a lot less room.

Pop up tents vs traditional tents

 There are a number of differences between pop up tents and traditional tents – let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Speed of construction – the biggest difference is in the time it takes to erect a pop up tent compared to a regular tent. You’re looking at a couple of seconds with a pop up tent, whereas a standard tent can take up to an hour depending on its size and complexity.
  • Weight – a standard tent can be very heavy, especially if it can accommodate a larger number of campers. That means that backpacking with a larger regular tent is virtually impossible. A pop up tent is very lightweight so it won’t be a problem to carry one wherever you go.
  • Size when folded – when you fold up a regular tent there are tent poles and pegs to consider. The whole lot tents to fit into a bulky bag. A pop up tent usually folds down flat, so you can lie it down flat in a closet or under your bed and it won’t take up a lot of space. It can also fit under the rest of your baggage in the trunk of your car without taking up a lot of room.
  • Sturdiness – a pop up tent is usually less sturdy than a traditional tent. If you’re planning on using one in the wind you might want to think again or choose a sheltered campsite. Because of their one-piece construction they tend to blow around in the wind a and there’s no way to make them more rigid, unlike a regular tent.
  • Protection From The Weather – pop up tents are best suited to summer camping. Most lack a fly sheet or any internal layer, so they can be chilly in colder weather.
  • Porch – a traditional tent will often feature a porch where you can leave your muddy boots. A pop up tent won’t have one, so you might need to keep that in mind.
  • Room layout – if you’re buying any one person tent, you’re only going to have one room whatever kind of tent you buy. However, if there’s more of you camping, you can find regular tents which have separate sleeping areas inside for each member of your camping party. Pop up tents are generally single-room, so you need to all feel comfortable with each other!

How to choose Instant Pop Up Tents?

Choosing the right pop up tent for you needn’t be difficult. There are a few key things to keep in mind before you buy, however, to avoid making an expensive purchasing mistake.

  • Size – perhaps the first consideration when choosing a pop up tent is what size tent you require. How many campers will be joining you on your trip? Once you know how many people will be sleeping under canvas, you then need to think about any other equipment that you’re going to need to store in your tent. You’re going to need room for all of it.

Let’s not forget that there isn’t going to be a porch, so you’ll need indoor space to accommodate your gear. Allow space for another couple of people if in doubt, to make sure that you won’t be cramped. Since instant tents are available in a wide range of sizes, you’ll have plenty of choice available.

  • Doors – one element that tends to get overlooked when choosing a pop up tent is the number of doors and where they’re placed. If you’re looking at a 2 person pop up tent, you’re only going to have one door, so that won’t be a problem. If you’re accommodating four people or more, it’s important to pay some attention to the location of the doors. The more people are camping with you, the more doors you’ll need.

A minimum of two doors would be best to ensure comfort during the night – after all, if one of you needs to use the bathroom while the others are asleep, you don’t want them stepping over everyone on their way out! A door at the front and rear is ideal for bigger groups.

  • Waterproofing – don’t assume that every tent is waterproof. That’s definitely not going to be the case, especially with instant tents.

With that in mind, you need to ensure that any tent you choose features sealed seams. Alternatively it should have some way in which the seams can be sealed. This is because water may easily leak through holes in the tent’s fabric where the seams have been sewn if they haven’t been sealed up.

Not all tent fabrics are waterproof. They must be made from particular kinds of material like silpoly or silnylon. You’ll need to check the manufacturer’s specifications and user reviews to make sure that the tent you have in mind is safe to use out in the rain without getting soaked.

  • Tent Guylines And Stakes

Although when you have a pop up tent its frame will be self-supported by the integral wires, it will still require guylines and stakes to make sure the tent won’t blow away with a gust of wind. The majority of instant tents come complete with ropes (called guylines) which stakes out the tent’s upper parts. If these aren’t brightly colored, you’ll need to think about adding a reflective string to them, since you can easily fall over them in the dark and then your tent fabric could be torn.

When it comes to stakes, however, lots of tents actually come without any, or, alternatively, with poor quality stakes which may break easily. You should find out more about whether stakes come complete with your tent and whether they’re going to break at the first sign of pressure.

Not all pop up tents have windows, but larger ones probably will. You should definitely think about choosing one with windows which can be adjusted to allow for better ventilation. Most pop up tents have a tendency to develop condensation because they aren’t breathable, and you probably won’t want to leave your tent door open all night! If you choose a model with roll-up style windows, you’ll be able to allow air to flow naturally through the tent while the mesh will prevent mosquitoes from getting in and biting you in the night.

Why Coleman makes the best Instant pop up tents?

As you’ll already know by now, not all instant tents are created equal. Some brands are known to be much better than others, both in terms of function and quality. If you’re determined to invest in the best possible pop up tent, you might want to consider the Coleman brand.

Coleman doesn’t just specialize in making instant tents. In fact, pop up versions are just part of their extensive outdoor range of merchandise. They are specialists in outdoor equipment and camping accessories, so you’re already off to a good start knowing that you’re choosing a brand that knows a thing or two about what campers are looking for.

As you might expect, then, Coleman’s instant tents are of the highest quality and are made using only the best materials. Yes, they’re just as quick and easy to put up and down as any of the other cheaper versions but they also boast a number of other great features that other rivals don’t have. Some have fly sheets, others have multiple doors and some even have small annexe areas for storing bags and boots. These tents don’t come cheap, but they’re well worth spending the extra to get high quality.

Not only that, but they sell models in a host of different sizes and types. From simple shelters for the beach to mountain tents for serious hikers, Coleman are leading the way in the instant tent market for good reason.

How to put up a instant pop up Tent and how long does it take to put up an instant pop up tent?

 When it comes to putting up your instant pop up tent, you won’t need to allow for more than a few minutes. The actual popping up part will take seconds – the rest of the time is tightening the guy lines and staking them out.

Here’s a quick guide to help you set up your pop up tent:

  1. First, select the right location to pitch your tent. Choose an area that’s flat, and preferably on a patch of ground higher than that which lies around it. This will prevent flooding from affecting your tent if it rains. You’ll also not be lying on a slope as you sleep! If you’re staying on a designated campground this won’t be an issue since you’ll probably be given a specified area in which to pitch your tent. If you can, avoid setting up your tent close to another person’s. Not only does sound travel easily but you’ll need space to set up your guy lines and to cook food. Whenever possible allow yourself 20 feet between your own and your neighbors’ tents.
  2. Prepare the area on which you’re going to pitch your tent. Make sure that any sticks, stones or sharp objects which could make your sleep uncomfortable or even damage your tent floor have been moved out of the way.
  3. Take your tent out of its bag.
  4. Take any restraining band from around your tent. It will then pop open. Make sure you’ve turned your tent up the right way so that the door is in the right position. If you do have to pitch up on an uneven surface or incline, make sure you’ve pointed your door so it is facing downhill. This will guard against flooding during rain.
  5. Peg your tent securely to the ground. Put the pegs through the tent loops on its corners. Hammer or push the pegs at an angle of 45 degrees towards your tent into the ground. This will prevent them from being uprooted b y the wind. If your tent has more peg positions on each side, peg each one securely.
  6. Your tent will probably already have guylines attached. Secure them into the ground firmly at each end of your tend. You can adjust the guylines to suit the space you have available by adjusting the slider so the ropes become taut.
  7. Check that your tent is firmly secured with the guylines secured and the pegs properly sunk in the ground. If anything is wrong, change it now.
  8. Your tent is now ready for sleeping in!

How to fold up a pop up tent

 Although setting up your pop up tent couldn’t be simpler, it can be a bit of a learning curve finding out how to fold it up and store it away again. Here are some simple instructions to help you so you don’t look silly on the campsite, struggling with your instant tent!

  1. Before you start packing away your tent, ensure that it’s fully dry. If your tent has been up in the rain, allow it to air dry whenever possible before you pack it up. If you’re short of time, use a dry, clean cloth to remove excess wetness from its surface and dry its underside before you pack it away.
  2. If your tent is dirty and muddy, clean it up before you pack up. Use a sponge with soap and water to clean it. Also, brush away any debris and dirt from the outer surface of the tent before folding it up. Use a dry cloth or small brush to get rid of small rocks, dirt, insects and sticks.
  3. Closed up tents become damp and musty during any camping trip. If you want to avoid mold and odors (and you should!) open its door and allow it to air for around an hour before you’re due to leave the campsite.
  4. Once you’re ready to go, take the tent stakes out of the ground to untether your tent. Wipe them down with a wet, clean cloth then put them away.
  5. If the tent has a tarp (not all do) take off the tarp, fold it and put it away.
  6. Now, it’s time for the tricky part. Actually folding up your tent. This may need a little practice to get it right first time. Stand to one side of the tent, standing perpendicular to its door. Find the high arches which form the tent’s top points. Grab them both and pull them towards each other, holding them with one hand.
  7.  Next, hold the back of the tent, folding it inwards so it meets the middle.
  8. Take your free hand and grab the tent’s smaller arch towards its rear end.
  9. Bring the small arch upwards to meet the point which you’re already holding. With the other hand, take hold of all 3 points.
  10. Now fold the front arch so it meets the three other points. Ensure you’ve left the tent door unzipped as this will allow excess air to be released when you fold the tent.
  11. Take your free hand and hold the top point of the arch which is over the tent’s door.
  12. Fold the front area of your tent in to meet the remainder of the tent
  13. Now your tent should look like a taco.
  14. Turn the whole tent upwards, holding the arches firmly in one hand.
  15. Once your tent is standing upright, take your free arm and push the tent’s highest point down. This should cause the tent to close in on itself. Make sure that the arches which you’re holding in your remaining hand are on the outside.
  16. Once the tent is folded downwards, it will need to be twisted slightly. This will allow the arches to make two round shapes, one either side of each other.
  17. Take one circle and pull it over the second circle so they overlap.
  18. Line up their edges. This will ensure your tent is neatly folded.
  19. If your tent has an attachment that prevents it from coming open after having been folded, it’s time to fasten that attachment, whether it be Velcro, a snap fastener or a tie. If yours has no such fastener, simply hold onto it firmly until you’ve finished putting it in its bag.#
  20. Carefully, put the folded tent in its tent bag. You should find that if you’ve folded it up tightly enough it’ll fit perfectly. Zip the bag closed and you’re finished!

Best instant pop up tent tips

If you’re new to owning pop up tents, you could probably benefit from some top tips to help you get the most out of your new camping equipment. Here are some expert hacks to get you started:

  • Practice before you go! Nobody wants to look like a complete fool on their campsite struggling to fold up their pop up tent. Make sure to get your tent out in the backyard and practice getting it out of and into its tent bag so you can do it in your sleep before you set off on your first camping trip!
  • Choose a bigger tent than you think you need. If there’s two of your hitting the trail, take a 4 person pop up tent. That’ll ensure you’ve got enough room both for yourselves and your equipment and clothes.
  • Don’t hammer the tent pegs into the ground – unless you have very sturdy metal tent pegs, avoid using a hammer to get them securely fastened into the ground. That’s a surefire way to break them! Try pressing them down firmly with the heel of your foot. This should be adequate unless the ground is extremely rocky.
  • Make sure that there are no sharp items under your tent when you set it up. It can be tempting to simply get out the tent and allow it to pop up anywhere, but a sharp stone under your tent could rip its fabric and completely ruin your tent.
  • Never keep your pop up tent in storage without having dried it out and aired it thoroughly first. If you put your tent away muddy or damp because you’re short of time, make sure that you get it out again and dry it off before you store it away until your next trip. If you don’t mold and mildew could set in, not to mention an unpleasant musty odor.

1) Teton Sports Outfitter One Person Backpacking Instant Tent

When you’re looking for an option for solo campers, this pop up tent is ideal. In fact, the marketing materials for this model states that buying it will take longer than the time to set it up – and a truer thing has never been said! All you do is roll the tent out, lock the poles in place, pull at the drawstring – bingo, your tent is in place!

You can either set up your tent direct on the ground or onto the TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Cot, which needs to be bought separately. The tent itself is water-resistant, but not waterproof. If you want full waterproof protection you’ll need to buy the Elite Rainfly separately.

This rugged and durable tent is made from taffeta and features an inner micro mesh tent which has its own waterproof rainfly. The quick release buckles allow for speedy set up while the floor is also tough and watertight. There is also optimal ventilation so you won’t need to worry about condensation. An added advantage of this tent is the mesh top which allows for stargazing while you lie in bed!

The customer service support from this manufacturer is outstanding, and since the entire tent weighs only 4.3lbs, it’s light enough to carry anywhere with you. Some other excellent features include the taped seams, the zipper guard and also the guy wires to allow you to stake your tent during high winds. Since the tent is also flame resistant, you can enjoy better safety.

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2) Sportneer Camping Tent 2-3 Person Automatic Instant Pop Up

This two person tent is instant to put up thanks to its hydraulic automatic erection system. With an exterior made from quality polyester, this test is designed to offer water-resistance to light rain while the ground sheet is leak-free for extra protection from wet soil.

There are two doors in this tent for extra convenience, each with a D shape for ease access. There are also mesh screens for the windows and doors so you can stay comfortable while the tent gets ventilated.

Even better, this tent comes complete with a bonus rainfly which can be detached or attached to suit the weather conditions. It can be used as a tarp, picnic blanket or beach shade, giving you even more versatility of use.

This tent is designed to accommodate either two adults or two adults and a child, so if you’re camping with a friend, a loved one or as a small family, this is the perfect model.

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3) Coleman 2 Person Pop Up Tent

Made from 185T 68D water resistant and fire resistant polyester, this lightweight tent can be assembled in just ten seconds thanks to the pre-assembled poles which just pop quickly in place.

Thanks to the taped floor seams, you’ll stay dry even on soaking wet surfaces while the rainfly is multi-positioned for the perfect blend of ventilation and protection. There are also inverted seams which improve weather-resistance while the frame has been engineered to be wind-responsive and stronger.

There is a zipper cuff which is made from a weather-resistant fabric. This gives you more protection from inclement weather, as does the tent floor which uses welding-inspired technology to add extra strength and waterproofing.

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4) Alvantor Warrior Pro

Weighing just four pounds, this lightweight backpacking tent is suitable for use by two people. With its innovative single-layered style, it weighs almost half of other two person tents available for purchase today, however its price is still very affordable while its high-quality PU coating fabric paired with sealed seams ensures complete waterproofing.

The shape and design of this tent is especially appealing and practical. There is a deep tub-style floor which is made from thick, durable PE tarpaulin. This is easy to clean and non-sticky, and is ideal if you’re camping on a hard rocky surface or in wet areas.

There is a large U-shaped mesh window for better ventilation as well as a back vent which allows for adequate airflow and reduced condensation inside. You’ll easily set up this tent and take it down in just a few minutes, with no tools necessary. Even a complete novice can manage to handle this tent alone, rolling it up easily into a roomy carrying bag.

You’ll also benefit from the manufacturer’s 100% satisfaction guarantee for complete peace of mind.

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5) Toogh 2-3 Person Camping Tent

The exterior of this high-quality tent is waterproofed to a level of 3000mm while the tent floor has a waterproofing level of 5000mm. The exterior is made from strong 210D oxford fabric which has been coated with silicone for even greater weather-resistance.

Featuring a top construction system, it’s easy even for a complete beginner to put up this tent and take it down very rapidly. Since this is a tough and rugged tent, you won’t need to be worried if fine rain falls, and with a separate ventilation cover to protect the roof of the tent, you’ll be adequately dry in even snow and heavy rain.

There is a ventilation net system inside the roof to ensure excellent airflow and with a mosquito net across the entrance, you can leave the tent door open without worrying about being disturbed. As an added bonus, there’s a rope to string up a camping light on the top of the tent’s interior as well as an inside pocket which allows for storage of small items.

With sufficient space for two adults to sleep comfortably, this tent also has enough room for a third person if absolutely essential. There is a 100% manufacturer’s guarantee for 12 months as well as 24-hour customer support, so you’ll have peace of mind when you buy.

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Best 4 Person Instant Pop Up Tents

6) Coleman Instant Cabin

Made from 150D polyester material with taped seams, this rugged and durable instant tent can set up in only one minute. Its WeatherTec system features welded, patented floors and its inverted seams ensure you’ll stay dry. With its 2x polyguard double thickness fabric this tent is reliable and will last a long time.

Condensation won’t be a problem thanks to the integrated vented rainfly. This improves the airflow through the tent but without requiring any additional assembly so you’ll save time. One of the best features of this model is its dark room technology. It can block 90% of the sunlight which comes into your tent, so if you want a lie-in in the mornings, you can stay asleep, and you won’t be sweating because this technology can reduce temperature build-up by an impressive 10%.

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7) Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent

This strong dome tent features a spacious interior which enables you to comfortably move around. This is good news for anyone who is larger than average and who doesn’t want to feel squashed inside their accommodation.

You can set this tent up in just ten minutes thanks to its continuous, snag-free poles. You won’t need to worry about a light rain shower or two either. The WeatherTec system has welded, patented floors as well as inverted seams which will keep you comfortable and dry.

Air flow is effective through this tent. There is a ground vent to allow for better ventilation and there are large windows, which not only improve the appearance of the tent, they also allow for greater breathability. Since the frame has been engineered to be wind-responsive and strong, you can set up the tent without worrying about wind damage. The weather-resistant zipper cuff also adds additional protection from inclement weather.

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8) Hewolf Camping Instant Tent

Made from Oxford polyester, this strong and rugged tent comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee to give you complete peace of mind. It can be set up in just seconds thanks to its automatic installation function which gives you more time to spend enjoying your vacation.

The inner layer of the tent is made from strong 190T polyester which has been waterproof rated to PU2000. This means you’ll stay dry even on wet and rainy days. The outer layer is also made from 190T polyester and has also been waterproof rated to PU2000. Both layers are UV protected so you’ll be safe inside your accommodation.

Unlike many other tents which only have a single door, this model comes with a D-shaped zipper-closed door on both sides offering simple access and better ventilation. There are also mesh windows which enable the air to flow naturally through the tent while keeping mosquitoes out.

One unique selling point of this tent lies in its 6-angled design which makes it more stable in inclement conditions. The inner room is large enough to accommodate three adults with ease and four if necessary.

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9) Night-Cat Camping Hydraulic Automatic Tent

Designed for speedy set ups, this instant tent features an advanced hydraulic pressure mechanism so you can erect the tent automatically in only one minute. It can also be taken down in under two minutes – much better than traditional tents.

This double layered tent is very well-designed. Its rain fly is able to be separated and used as a sunshade while the tent itself features one door for each side, allowing for easier access and improving airflow. Ventilation also gets a boost through the mesh windows, which allow the air to come through without allowing mosquitoes in to disturb your sleep.

This is a roomy tent, suitable for two or three adults, or even four adults if needed. It’s also made from high quality materials – a 210D oxford tent fabric which is strong and durable. The floor fabric is abrasion proof while the poles are made from fiberglass to guarantee their long life and stability. You won’t need to worry about any unwanted odors inside the tent either.

The tent is fine for use in warm weather or under light rain, however it isn’t suitable for use in heavy or moderate rain. There’s a 6 month manufacturer’s warranty, so you can have peace of mind in your purchase. The easy-connect buckles make connecting and disconnecting the inner tent and rainfly a breeze, while double-sided zippers make opening and closing the tent convenient from either the outside or inside. There are even interior pockets for holding wallets, cell phones and other small items.

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10) G4Free Pop Up Tent

Made from a strong water-resistant K-Oxford fabric and featured tape-sealed seams, this tent also boasts a water-resistant floor made from PE. There is also an anti-UV coating to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Although up to 3 people can sleep comfortably in this tent, it folds down to a circle of just 31” in diameter – small enough to carry around. It comes complete with its own handy carrying bag and its lightweight frame is made from fiberglass for strength without bulk. The whole tent weighs just 4.4lbs so you can take it anywhere you need to go. The carrying bag even comes equipped with shoulder straps for easier portability.

Not only are there two large D-shaped doors to allow for easier access, there are also two large windows with a no-see-um mesh. This allows you to let air circulate freely through the tent’s interior without letting in bugs or losing any privacy. There is also a storm shield for added weather protection. The bottom of the tent has also been made from durable tarp allowing for easier cleaning.

This tent has been specifically designed for warm weather use, and while it’s perfect for camping during the summer or for using as a beach shelter, it won’t stand up to inclement weather.

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Best 6 Person Instant Pop Up Tents

11) Coleman Instant Cabin

Made by the popular and high-quality Coleman brand, this tent is made with taped seams and from strong polyester mesh paired with 150D taffeta. Super-fast to set up, this instant model can be erected in only one minute. Its floor space is large enough to accommodate two queen-sized airbeds while the WeatherTec system features welded patented floors as well as inverted seams for extra dryness.

There is an integrated and vented rainfly, so there is excellent airflow with no additional assembly required. As this tent is 6 feet in height at its center, even tall campers will be able to stand with no problems.

Designed to pack up conveniently into the included carrying bag, this model also features dark room technology. This blocks 90% of the sunlight which comes into the tent for extra coolness and to allow you to sleep even while it’s daylight outside.

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12) Bravindew Waterproof Tent

If you’re looking for a stress-free and simple pop up tent which is suitable for the whole family, this model from Bravindew is perfect. It takes seconds to set up – all you need to do is remove it from its packaging and then wait to automatically pop up.

Featuring mesh windows on both the right and left sides, there is excellent air flow through the tent without allowing bugs to get in and disturb your sleep or anyone to disturb your privacy.

There are storage pockets inside this tent to allow you to store your small items and there is also a hanging loop for your lantern. You can even turn the windows into a rainfly simply by attaching guylines to the tent loops under the window flaps.

Water resistant, durable and featuring sturdy zippers, this tent is made from PU coated polyester for long-lasting quality and optimal comfort. Although it isn’t suitable for use when backpacking or in heavy rain, it does feature a roof mesh window to allow you to gaze at the stars from your bed!

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13) Core Instant Cabin Tent

With its 60 second setup time, this 6-person tent is capable of accommodating two queen-sized air mattresses. Utilizing H20 block technology, this tent also features an adjustable ground vent to allow for better airflow and ventilation.

Inside the tent, there is a convenient wall organizer which keeps items away from the floor and neat and tidy. There is also a lantern hook for hanging your tent light. An added bonus is the electric access port which can be closed fully if not being used.

It couldn’t be quicker or easier to set up this tent thanks to its steel pole pre-assembled system. It features a D-style front door allowing for easier exist and entry paired with a polyethylene floor which is tough enough to handle high traffic.

The roof features large mesh vents for great airflow as well as windows to allow cool air to get in. The water repellent fabric, taped rainfly and sealed seams keep the bad weather out effectively while the rain resistant window and door seals prevent leaks.

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14) Coleman Waterproof 6 Person Instant Tent

The average amount of time taken to set up and take down this tent is just 60 seconds, making this the perfect choice for families of up to 6 who want to maximize their vacation time. With poles that are pre-attached onto the tent, this is one of the most convenient models on the market today and with its center height of 71”, even taller campers can stand up and move around with ease.

Coleman’s tents feature the WeatherTec system which is designed to help you stay dry while under canvas. The 150D fabric construction and fully taped seams mean that a separate rainfly won’t be required. You can fit two queen mattresses in here, making this an ideal tent for weekend camping trips with friends or family.

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Best 8+ Person Instant Pop Up Tents

15) Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

If larger numbers are wanting to camp together, this excellent tent represents a good choice. Capable of fitting in two queen-size air mattresses and setting up in just 60 seconds, this model even has a very high center height of 78”, making it a good choice for taller campers.

There are lots of excellent features built into this tent. There is a room divider for extra privacy as well as storage wall pockets so items can be stored away tidily away from the floor. There is even a fully closable electric cord access port for your convenience.

H2O block technology is built into this tent’s sturdy construction. There are heat sealed seams to keep out water while the vented floor allows for better airflow. The large T-shaped door at the side of the tent allows for easy entry and exit while the larger than average mesh windows allow for ventilation without allowing in bugs and insects.

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16) Coleman 8 Person Instant Family Tent

This is a spacious tent which can fit two queen-sized airbeds with ease. Setting up in only one minute and in three simple steps, this is a very convenient and user-friendly instant tent for up to eight campers.

Its integrated WeatherTec system features welded patented floors as well as inverted seams for extra dryness, while the rugged polyguard fabric is double thickness for longer-lasting, reliable use.

At the center of the tent, the height capacity is 6’7” – ideal for taller campers. However, despite the extra height, you can be confident that your tent won’t blow around excessively on windy days since the frame has been engineered to be wind-responsive and strong. Extra weather protection is provided in the shape of a zipper cuff which is made from weather-resistant fabric.

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17) ALPHA CAMP 8 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Made from an advanced material and featured a sealed flysheet seam which blocks moisture, this Alpha tent has a center height of 76” to accommodate taller campers. Its spacious interior is ideal for 6 campers, but could accommodate up to 8 depending on their size. It is certainly big enough to fit two queen-sized air mattresses.

The large door is a D-style for easier entry and exit, while the five windows each have a top panel of mesh for optimal ventilation and airflow. You’ll feel the cool breeze while the mesh keeps mosquitoes and insects away from you as you sleep. Its integral flysheet offers double shelter from bad weather and storms, while the material is wear-resistant and waterproof, ensuring it’s strong and sturdy enough to withstand heavy rain and stiff winds.

The steel poles are made from high grade materials to offer better wind resistance, yet the set up takes only 60 seconds for the ultimate in convenience. Inside the tent, you’ll find two large pockets for organizing your items and keeping them off the floor as well as a cable port to allow access for electric cords. As a nice additional touch, the tent rope is reflective, making it safer to walk around your tent at night.

Buyers will benefit from the one-year manufacturer’s guarantee for complete peace of mind.

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Best 10 Person Instant Pop Up Tents

18) Coleman 10 Person Instant Cabin

As you would expect from a tent made by the high-quality Coleman brand, this ten person pop up tent is strong and resilient. Its integrated dark room technology can block as much as 90% of the sunlight so it’s possible to stay in bed for a little later in the morning. It also won’t be so hot inside your tent so you’ll get a better sleep on hot nights.

The WeatherTec system helps you to stay dry. The tub-like floor is paired with patented corner welds as well as fully-protected seams to make sure the water stays out. There’s also a vented integrated rainfly so you’ll have additional weather protection as well as optimal airflow. To make you even safer at night, there are reflective guylines so you won’t trip over them in the dark.

The frame is strong, and has been proven to be capable of withstanding winds of 35mph, so unless you’re out in a major storm you should be fine. Despite its strong construction, you’ll be able to set up this tent in about 1 minute thanks to its pre-attached poles.

The center point of this tent has a height of 6’7”, so even if you’re a taller camper, you’ll still be able to stand up straight, and as you can fit up to four queen-sized air mattresses inside this tent you’ll have plenty of room for everyone.

There are several other useful features too. The hinged door makes it easier than ever to get in and out of the tent while the internal room divider gives you more privacy if you’re sharing with a lot of others. When the time comes to pack up, the tent will fit easily into its inclusive carrying bag which can even expand to offer additional storage room.

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19) Ozark Trail 10 Person Instant Cabin

With no assembly required, this ten person pop up tent can set up in under two minutes. There is integrated “dark rest” technology so you can stay cooler for longer and even get a lie in without the sun disturbing your rest.

The skylights offer excellent ventilation without allowing bugs to get into the tent while the included room divider can give you additional privacy, or alternatively, be removed to allow for one large space. There are also no less than eight windows so you can enjoy plenty of cool breezes.

This tent comes complete with a rainfly featuring factory sealed seams for better weather-resistance, while its strong polyester construction is very durable and long-lasting. With a height at its central point of 78”, even taller campers won’t have any difficulty in standing upright.

Inside the tent, there are several more excellent features. These include a hanging gear organizer, an electric cord access and deluxe gear pockets for storing your essentials. You’ll also benefit from a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind.

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Best 12 Person Instant Pop Up Tents

20) CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Despite this tent’s large size and ability to accommodate 12 campers, it can still be set up in only two minutes – ideal for maximizing your vacation time. It’s capable of holding three queen-sized air beds and with a center height of 80”, even the tallest campers won’t get a stiff neck from stooping over.

Thanks to the integral H20 block technology, you’ll be well protected from the rain while the adjustable ground vent allows for better airflow around the interior. The water-repellent fabric features active bead technology so water runs off more rapidly. There are also sealed seams as well as rain-resistant window and door seals to keep leaks out. The rainfly is fully taped but can be removed in warm weather exposing the panoramic mesh ceiling and windows. These allow the breeze to circulate freely to cool the inside of the tent while keeping insects out.

Privacy is often at a premium when camping, however this model comes with two separate room dividers so the tent can be divided into three separate rooms – ideal for friends and family who are camping together. As another welcome feature there is a gear loft and wall storage pockets so essential items can be stored tidily away and off the floor of the tent. The double door design allows for more easy and convenient tent access while the lantern hook allows you to hang your lamp for easy lighting of the interior. You’ll even benefit from a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for your peace of mind.

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21) Ozark Trail 12 Person Tent

This instant cabin tent is large enough to sleep 12 campers and to fit in three queen-sized air beds. With its integral room dividers, you can turn this large tent into a three-room model for extra privacy. This makes it a perfect choice for friends who are camping together or larger families.

This model also comes complete with a rainfly for better protection from the elements. This is paired with taped sealed seams for added leak protection. Its seven windows are fully closable to keep leaks out in rainy weather but can be rolled up to allow the breeze to circulate freely on warmer days.

Despite its large size, you can set this tent up in less than 2 minutes – a pretty impressive feat which is possible thanks to the pre-attached poles which simply unfold then extend. Tall campers will feel at home here since there’s sufficient head-room to stand upright. There is even a front awning which you can relax under if you want a little shade. Keeping cool inside is also relatively simple since there is an extra-large ground vent which can be fitted to an air conditioner.

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22) 12 Person 3 Room Ozark Trail Tent

It isn’t always easy to find a comfortable and simple to set up tent that is suitable for up to 12 campers but this model manages it! Capable of being set up in less than two minutes, there is no assembly necessary for this tent – its poles are already pre-attached for complete convenience. As it’s large enough to fit three queen-size air mattresses, this is a great tent for larger groups.

The center height of this tent is 76” – ideal for campers who are taller than the average, while its construction from strong and durable polyester ensures its long lifespan.

As there are two room dividers which come as part of this tent, you can turn it into a three-roomed tent with ease. This allows for better privacy for groups of friends or for separate family members.

The seams have been factory-sealed and fully taped to guard against leaks and the windows can also be fully closed to keep water out. There are no less than ten windows – more than sufficient to allow for optimal ventilation on the hottest days and nights.

There are also three entry doors – one for each of the three rooms – so nobody will be disturbed in the night should one sleeper need to get up to use the bathroom. The screen room may either be used as a third bedroom or, alternatively, as a front porch. Its mesh screen ensures that no bugs or insects will get in while air can flow naturally and the multiple ground vents also enable cooler air to circulate.

There are plenty of other excellent internal features too. As well as an electric access port so you can charge your devices on vacation there are also six gear organizer pockets to keep your essentials stored tidily away and off the ground.

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A Trip To Remember

Finances are tight these days, so it’s no surprise that more people are planning camping trips. Although tents may not come cheap, especially good quality ones, they allow you to enjoy lots of vacations without having to pay out for hotel rooms. Camping is especially good value if you’re traveling with a few friends or a larger family – think of how much you can save instead of booking an apartment!

One of the things that puts lots of guys off going camping is the hassle of having to set up a traditional tent. You’re on vacation for goodness sake! Who wants the stress of having to construct poles and try to follow complicated instructions? A pop up tent is the ideal solution. Taking just minutes, or even seconds, to set up, they let you get on with your trip in no time at all.

There are so many different types of instant tent on the market today that it isn’t going to be easy to pick one. That’s why we’ve created this helpful buying guide for you so you can be well informed about which features to look out for and how to choose the perfect pop up tent for your needs.

Now you know what you need in an instant tent, you can start shopping. Of course, if you’re planning to get the most use out of your tent, you’re going to need to make sure that you choose a high-quality one that won’t fall apart the first time you use it. That means you need to do some research to make sure that you’ve chosen a product from a reliable brand. If you select any of the products that we’ve recommended here, you’re sure to be happy with your purchase. We’ve only suggested tents which are reliable, strong and easy to use – it’s never been easier to enjoy your camping trip.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to invest in that instant tent and arrange a camping trip with your friends and family – or why not hit the trails on your own for a backpacking adventure with your new pop up tent!