or us men, our chair is like a throne. May it be your favored seat for watching the game at home, or that expensive gaming chair you just had to have – it definitely improves our performance – chairs are important. So, it’s little wonder that when it comes to choosing the perfect camping chair, we can be a little picky.

After all, the last thing you want is to go on a hike or trip with your mates and find you have a cheap, nasty chair that’s liable to collapse, making you a laughing stock for years to come. Becoming that fabled story from the past is definitely the last thing you want – especially when it gets relayed to potential girlfriends to embarrass you.

Instead, you’ll want your chair to be the envy of your friends. Which is why you’ll need a chair that’s ultra-comfortable and armed with the best features and gadgets.

Of course, choosing the right camping chair for your needs can be pretty tricky, especially when there’s so many options on the market. Which is why we’ve put together a list of 21 of the best camping chairs out there. No matter what you’re looking for from your portable chair, we have the perfect option for you.

How to Choose the Best Camping Chair

Choosing the best camping chair for you is totally dependent on both you and what you’d like from your camping chair.

One of the most important factors when choosing a portable chair is what you intend to use it for. For instance, if you plan to take your chair on intensive hiking trips, you’re going to want a chair that is as lightweight as possible. Or, on the other hand, if you’re taller or bigger, you’ll want to look for portable chairs that have a higher weight capacity and are made from a stronger material.

Comfort should also be a major factor when considering camping chairs, especially if you plan to sit in your chair for long periods of time. Here you should look at the materials the chair is made from as well as whether it has any added extras such as drink holders or padded seating.

You’ll also want to set yourself a budget, as it can be very easy to go a little crazy buying the fanciest chair on the market. However, it would be silly to spend too much money on a chair when you could have bought one – with all the features you needed – for half that price.

Ultimately, choosing your perfect camping chair is more than just nipping into the shop and picking the first one you see.

Top Places to Take Camping Chairs

One of the best things about camping chairs is their versatility. True, they might be called camping chairs, but these chairs have a host of uses. Here are just some of the most popular places people can take their chairs:

Beach – a trip to the beach is, for most of us, one of our favorite places to go. There is one slight downside to the beach though – sand! When you sit on it, even with a towel, it seems to get everywhere, and we mean EVERYWHERE. Taking a camping chair means you get all the benefits of the beach and none of the sandy bits.

Hiking – when you’ve made it up a humongous hill or massive mountain, you’re going to want to enjoy the view. By bringing your own portable chair, you can kick back and enjoy the scenery with your favorite beverage.

Tailgating – tailgating before a big game is a long-held tradition. You get to meet other fans, eat some tasty food and, with a nice camping chair, you can sit back and relax. After all, the game probably isn’t going to be relaxing!

Concerts – outdoor concerts and festivals can be exhausting on your feet, by taking a little folding chair in your backpack, you can sit back and be the envy of those around you. This saves you from trying to sit on cold, dirty floors that cause you more back pain than standing would have.

Family Events – many of us host big family parties outside. It might be for Independence Day, the Super Bowl or just a big family BBQ, either way, it’s likely that you’re going to need extra seating. If everyone brought their own camping chair, seating wouldn’t be a problem.

School Games – If you have kids, it’s highly likely that they’re going to end up playing some sports, which can sound wonderful on paper. In reality, though, long hours of practice in all weathers can be pretty exhausting and painful if you’re stuck standing. You can make these events easier by bringing your own comfy chair, then you can concentrate on cheering.

What Materials Make the Best Camping Chairs  

When choosing a folding chair, it’s important that you choose one with quality materials.

Firstly, you’ll want a decent metal frame. Here steel makes for a stronger frame but is heavier, while aluminum is much lighter but isn’t as strong as steel. You’ll need to decide what’s better for what you’re going to use it for.

Fabric-wise, polyester and textilene are both strong and easy to clean, which is pretty important when using your chair in all weathers and terrains. If you plan to use your chair in particularly warm climates, opting for a meshed material makes for a sensible choice, as this is breathable keeping you cooler. For cooler times, a padded chair will be both comfortable and cozy.

Types of Camping Chairs

Rocking and Camping Chairs

Rocking and camping chairs are those that are best suited for a night in front of the campfire enjoying beers, s’mores and, hopefully, no ghost stories that keep you up all night. These tend to be the most comfortable of those on the market as many have padding for chilly nights.

In particular, rocking chairs tend to be incredibly comfortable as you can lean back and rock yourself, just like a regular rocking chair. These can be very relaxing and are perfect for a family gathering.

As you’re taking these chairs camping, you’ll most likely be taking these chairs via transport, so, you can afford to opt for a heavier chair that’s a little sturdier.

Lightweight and Portable Folding Camping Chairs

If you plan on taking your chair with you on hikes or mountain climbing, you’re going to want a chair that is as lightweight and portable as possible. Otherwise your chair will be cumbersome and you’ll want to chuck it over the mountain, never to be seen again.

Ideally, you’ll want a chair to be under 10lbs and one that folds into a small bundle that can be put into a backpack. This will make for a chair that is easy to transport and won’t cause you issues whilst climbing. Some of us like to train using heavy backpacks to improve fitness, in these cases you may want a heavier chair.

Oversized Camping Chairs

Oversized camping chairs are those especially made for those with a taller or larger frame, which a regular camping chair might not support.

These chairs tend to be made from steel, which is a sturdier metal, and be a heavier, less portable chair – although it is possible to get lightweight and oversized chairs.

As well as having higher weight capacities, oversized chairs tend to have longer backs that are better suited to taller people. They also have wider seats, providing more room and comfort for those sitting in them.

Camping Chairs with Canopy

Chairs that come with an added canopy are particularly suited for those who’d like to use their chairs in the sun, as the canopy will help protect you from harmful sun rays. This can be particularly good if you’d like to take your chair to the beach.

A canopy chair has its uses everywhere, though.  On a sunny day,  camping, tailgating or chilling at a concert can all call for a chair that hides you from the sun. These chairs are useful if you like to read or use your gadgets in the sun too, as the canopy hides you from the glare.

Camping Chairs with Footrest

Like canopy chairs, a camping chair with a footrest is like a handy gadget for your chair. Adding extra comfort, it’s perfect for those of you that love to put your feet up and relax.

These footrests are often detachable, which makes for versatile chairs, especially on camping trips as you’ll be able to use your chair like a recliner and remove the footrest to use like a normal camping chair.

1) ALPS King Kong Mountaineering Chair

Folding camping chairs are wonderful gadgets, but one real annoyance is the fact that, when we’re not using them, they can be annoying to lug around under your arm. Which is what makes the ALPS King Kong offering so wonderful – every chair comes with its own shoulder carry bag. This means that when you’re not using your chair, you can simply stick it in its bag and fling it over your shoulder.

Then there’s the fact that this chair can hold some serious weight. As strong as the real King Kong – of course he’s real! – this chair can take an impressive 800 lbs of weight. Which, even if you’re nowhere near the capacity – makes for an incredibly sturdy chair that is also extremely comfortable.

Unlike many other camping chairs on the market, the King Kong is also very spacious, especially on the armrests. This spaciousness makes the King Kong feel more like a coveted lounge chair in your home, so you know it will add a touch of luxury to any camping trip.

Indeed, ALPS hold so much esteem in the comfort and durability of their chair, that every product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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2) Caravan Sports Suspension Folding Chair

When it comes to a classic folding camping chair, this Caravan Sports offering ticks all the boxes. Not only does it have all the comfort of a deck chair, it has the added bonus of being portable.

Made from durable textilene fabric, which is easy to clean – particularly useful for rogue mustard drops while tailgating before the big game – the chair also benefits from a double bungee system. This allows you to sink into a natural position in the chair, where the fabric hugs your spine, stopping back pain and giving lumbar support.

Most importantly, these folding camping chairs are free from those painful bars across the front, that tend to dig into the backs of your legs while you sit. This means that you can sit comfortably in these chairs for hours on end, making them especially good for a fishing trip or beach visit.

The chair can be quite awkward to carry, and at 11.8 lbs it isn’t the most lightweight chair on our list. However, these chairs fold very flat, meaning they won’t take up much room in your trunk. So, if you plan to use your chair a short trip from your vehicle, this slight niggle won’t be an issue.

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3) Sunnydaze XL Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

The idea of zero gravity might conjure up images of floating in space, but when it comes to your lounge chair it means one thing – comfort that is out of this world! You simply push back and you’ll find yourself floating on comfortable textilene fabric. The bungee system makes for a very comfortable experience, kind of like lying on a hammock, just without the fear of falling out.

Best suited for your patio or for a day at the beach, these zero gravity chairs fold nicely for storage and travel. It is a tad heavy to carry at 15 lbs, so you wouldn’t want to take it for a hike or anywhere far from your car or truck.

The chair also comes with some handy extras, including a drinks tray and a removable pillow. Just think, on a hot day, you’ll be able to lie back, relax and sip an ice-cold beer in your own little paradise.

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4) CORE Padded Hard Arm Chair

The problem with even the best camping chairs is, although they’re strong and hard-wearing, we tend to need to add some cushioning for extra comfort. Which not only takes up a lot of room on your chair, it also doesn’t look the manliest to need a cushion.

Fortunately, CORE know that our derrières occasionally need that extra cushioning and have added an in-built padded cushion to their folding chairs. Incredibly comfortable, this padded layer makes even the longest of family BBQs bearable. Just remember to take your chair with you to the bathroom, otherwise you might lose it to a sneaky chair thief.

As well as being built for comfort, this chair comes equipped with hard steel arms. Unlike those flimsy offerings that some folding camping chairs have, these harder arms give extra support when getting out of your chair, which is especially useful for those with back problems. So, you may even consider getting a matching chair for an ageing relative, too!

For those who like their gadgets nearby, the chair has its own built-in pocket for storing phones and tablets. There’s even a collapsible cup holder for holding your favorite beverage.

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5) Stylish Camping Folding Director Chair

Some days, you need more than just a cup holder from your folding chair. Where do you put all those tasty snacks while tailgating or enjoying a picnic with the family? Well, that’s when the Stylish Camping Director Chair comes in with its own Hail Mary, it has its own folding table!

Never again will you struggle while juggling snacks, you can just stack them up on the table instead. There’s even a little pocket to hide all your gadgets in and a solid cup holder for your drink.

Plus, this lightweight camping chair is extremely easy to get around. The aluminum makes for a far lighter frame than other steel models, so it can be easily folded and taken to any game. It’s still a little awkward to carry, though, so don’t bank on taking it up any mountains. For a trip to the beach or a day fishing, it’s more than ideal.

One slight issue, although the aluminum is strong, it’s not as strong as steel. So, if you’re tall or larger, you may be better suited to an oversized camping chair.

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6) Trekology YIZI Go Portable Camping Chair

If you’re after a lightweight camping chair, then the Trekology YIZI Go Portable should be at the top of your list. Not only is this folding chair a featherweight contender at just 2.4 lbs, but it’s also small enough to fold away into a backpack or even taken as a carry-on for a flight.

This can be particularly useful for concerts or outdoor events, as it’s light and easy to carry. Never again will you need to struggle on to a cold stadium floor waiting for a band to get on stage. Instead be the envy of everyone around you, sitting comfortably in your foldaway chair.

Best suited for a camping trip or a long hike, the Go Portable is idiot-proof to set up. It’s simply a case of taking it out its useful little carry bag and connecting the seat cloth to the frame. You’ll even be able to assemble after a few beverages – it really is that easy!

If you plan on taking your chair to the beach, there’s a special sand cover that’s sold separately. This will prevent the chair from slipping into the sand, giving a more stable and comfortable base.

One major plus-point for these chairs is the fact it allows for adjustable heights. This means if you’re very tall and your other half is much shorter, it can still be suitable for you both. Simply choose the height setting – it allows for heights of 13, 14 or 15 inches – that suits you most.

A slight word of warning, though. True, this chair claims to be suitable for a weight capacity of up to 300lbs. However, some reviews suggest that higher weights struggle with the chair’s aluminum frame, which can’t withstand those over 250 lbs, which is something to keep in mind.

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7) Helinox Chair One

When you plan on going camping or for an intensive weekend hike, the last thing you want to do is lug around a heavy chair. Yet, there’s nothing quite like having a seat on the edge of a mountain and soaking in the view with a well-earned beer. It becomes quite the quandary!

With the Helinox Chair One, though, you never need to compromise. This wonderful little chair folds away to a size suitable for any backpack. Even better, it weighs less than 2 lbs, so you’ll hardly notice it in your bag – even on the most intensive of hikes.

What’s the catch, then? Well, surprisingly, there really isn’t one. The chair is easy to carry (it even has its own carry bag), is easy to put together and even easy to clean. Even if your hike is marred by torrential rain and chilling winds, your chair will still pop into place easily – even if you’re not altogether keen to have a seat in the middle of said weather.

The frame itself is made from DAC aluminum; this company make some of the strongest and well-made tent poles in the industry. So, as lightweight and delicate as this chair might look, it’s actually as strong as an ox, holding weights of up to 320 lbs.

Of course, this chair isn’t exclusive to hikes or for camping. The fact it’s so light and folds into a small carry case makes it into a very versatile folding chair. It would be ideal for concerts, family events, tailgating and the beach.

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8) KingCamp Compact Folding Chair

The problem with some folding camping chairs is, although they might be light and easy to carry, on a hot day they do nothing to cool you down. Often leaving you with those undesirable sweat patches on your back.

Thankfully, the KingCamp folding chair is armed with a mesh fabric that is both breathable and moisture-wicking. This means, that even on the stickiest of days, you’ll feel cool and comfortable in your chair. Something that is sure to have your neighboring sitters jealous.

As well as the useful mesh backing, this chair also has a side table with drinks holder. A brilliant addition for keeping your snacks and drinks, which makes this chair especially good for tailgating or for summer BBQ while camping.

The chair itself doesn’t fold away as compactedly as others on this list, but that shouldn’t put you off. True, it might not be the best choice for a hike and most concert venues won’t allow it through the doors. For a camping trip or beach day – even just for sitting in the garden – the KingCamp makes for a grand choice. It even has an in-built handle when folding to make for easier transport and the frame doesn’t sink into soil or sand.

Easily assembled, the chair has foam armrests, which are firm and comfortable when sitting on the chair for long periods of time. These are also easy to clean, perfect for stray drips of ketchup and mustard.

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9) GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocking Chair

We tend to associate rocking chairs with memories of our granny knitting on the porch, but there’s something about rocking back and forth on a chair that is incredibly relaxing. Especially to calm your nerves before that crucial playoff match!

The GCI Outdoor rocking camping chairs have their own spring-action rocking technology, making this more than just a chair – it’s actually a piece of scientific gadgetry! A lot of portable rocking chairs can feel too rocky, and no we don’t mean it likes to punch meat and run up stairs spectacularly. We’re talking about chairs that move too much and too easily, making for an overall uncomfortable experience.

With this chair, you’ll not only have a pleasant rocking experience, but the chair also feels like a traditional, sturdy camping chair. This means you get the best of both worlds. Plus, comfort is key here, with padded armrests that make long periods of sitting far more comfortable than they would on other chairs.

Easy to unfold and put away, this rocking camping chair has a useful drinks holder included too. Folding away flat, it will easily fit into your car or caravan. Keep in mind, though, this chair weighs around 12 lbs to carry so it’s far from light. This means you’ll want to avoid using this chair for any trip or event that involves a long walk, unless you’re feeling particularly strong.

The extra-weight comes with other advantages, though, as this is an extremely sturdy chair with its steel frame. The rocking feature will even work in softer terrains such as soil or sand, rather than just working on concrete.

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10) ALS Mountaineering Low Rocker Chair

Versatility is important when looking for a portable chair and if you’re looking for a rocking chair that has all the advantages of a regular camping chair, the ALPS Rocker Chair could be ideal for you.

Strong and sturdy, this chair has a powder-coated steel frame that will last for years. This strong frame means that the ALPS Rocker comes with a 300 lbs weight limit, so it can handle more weight than others on this list.

It also travels well, folding into a compact size. You’ll get a useful shoulder bag with your chair, that it can be folded into and taken with you on hikes or camping trips. However, as compact as it looks, this chair still comes with a 11 lbs carry weight, so if you’re planning an intensive day out, you’ll probably want to avoid the extra burden.

For a short journey from the car, though, this low rocker chair makes for a very comfortable sitting experience. The TechMesh fabric is very breathable, so on a very hot day you’ll benefit from the chair keeping cool. Plus, you really can’t beat that rocking motion for a relaxing seat, especially in front of an open fire on a camping trip.

The chair itself has a locking mechanism, which makes for a safer rocking experience. This will bring peace of mind for those of you that have kids. Or, if you’ve had too many tipples after the game, you won’t need to worry about falling over and your friends posting the video on Twitter.

One small negative, this is a low standing rocker tray, which will be an advantage to some. However, if you’re very tall or you find getting in and out of chairs difficult, you may want to look at other portable camping chairs on this list.

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11) Timber Ridge Rocking Chair

This Timber Ridge rocking chair may be one of the heaviest chairs on this list at 16.5 lbs – meaning it’s not the most portable – however, it’s still worthy of a mention due to its other advantages.

For one, this chair has a very high back, akin to a traditional wooden rocking chair. This not only makes the chair very comfortable to sit in, but it’s also great for those with back problems or the taller amongst us. Never again will you feel like you’re sitting in a child’s seat.

The chair comes fully assembled too, so there’s no need to wrangle with any tools or complicated instructions. All you need to do is unpack and unfold! There’s even a locking mechanism when the chair is folded, so you needn’t worry about the chair unfolding and causing any injury. The chair also comes with a year’s manufacturer warranty against defects, so you get peace of mind.

So where would you use it? Well, it’s not going to be hike-friendly, nor would you be able to slip it into a stadium concert, but there’s many useful ways you can use this rocking chair.

Camping or tailgating are particularly good events for this chair, as it will easily fit into your car or truck. Then, simply, pull it out and enjoy the immense comfort and jealous looks from others who haven’t got as fancy chair as you.

There’s even a little storage bag attached to the side, where you can store your gadgets and snacks.

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12) Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Recliner

Like the Timber Ridge offering before, this Timber Ridge XL recliner is another heavyweight, and this one is even heavier at 24.2 lbs. Yet, like before, this isn’t off-putting when you’re using this oversized camping chair in the right situation.

Perhaps the best camping chair in this list for the taller amongst us, portable chairs can often feel flimsy. The Timber Ridge XL recliner, though, feels incredibly safe and sturdy to sit on, and has an impressive 350 lbs weight limit due to its strong steel frame.

As well as a large weight capacity, this recliner is also a decent width at 21.3 inches, which provides extra room and comfort to users. This can be especially useful for a chilly night’s camping where you want to wrap up warm in a blanket or sleeping bag – you won’t feel like you’re getting squished into a tin can like a sardine. Even the cup holder is extra-large for your drinks!

The frame itself reaches 72-inches when fully reclined which, again, is a plus-point for taller users. The zero-gravity feature provides comfort as well as being ergonomic, perfect for those with back problems. This comfort is furthered with a bungee suspension system that removes pressure from your spine while sitting and a removable pillow that can either be used as lumbar support or as a headrest.

When reclining, you can choose your position and then lock it in using the chair’s locking system. This prevents the chair moving unnecessarily when reaching for a drink or adjusting your position, which can be annoying on other recliners.

Unlike other folding chairs that have plastic armrests, this recliner has armrests from natural wood. These are not only friendlier to the environment, but are also far more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, providing a luxury finish to this recliner. Indeed, everything about this chair feels luxurious.

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13) Guide Gear Oversized Camping Chair

Although other portable chairs on this list have a high weight capacity of 300-350 lbs, for some of us that’s just not enough and we need more. Which is where the Guide Gear Oversized Camping Chair steps up to the mark with its impressive 500 lbs capacity.

Even better, this isn’t the kind of chair that claims to take a high weight capacity but, in reality, you’d be terrified to sit on. This chair has an incredibly sturdy steel frame with an intricate leg design that makes it even stronger. Plus, the extra-wide seat makes it just as comfortable as there’s plenty of room, with its high weight capacity it could even be used as a cuddle chair in front the campfire.

Convenient as it is strong, the chair has its own mesh pocket for storing your gadgets or snacks and a large drink holder.

One downside with oversized chairs is that they tend to be heavy and bulky, making them far less portable than other chairs. With this Guide Gear offering though, this is far from the case. This chair only weighs 13.1 lbs, so it isn’t too hard to carry around.

True, you probably wouldn’t take it up a mountain, but for camping, tailgating or a day at the beach, this chair is easy to transport. It even has a mesh fabric, meaning it will be breathable and comfortable on a hot, humid day. Indeed, this chair is so comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in your favorite chair at home – you might even want to use this at home too!

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14) Caravan Canopy Sports Suspension Chair

When you’re using your portable chair for a long time – such as a day at the beach or a long camping trip – it can become uncomfortable after a while. Not because the chair is particularly uncomfortable, but because with limited room, you tend to get that awful numbness.

Which is why this Caravan Canopy oversized camping chair is such a good investment. It has everything you’d expect from a portable chair, just with extra room to move around get yourself comfy with its 20.5-inch seat.

The size doesn’t compromise on portability, though, the chair is around 14 lbs to carry. True, this is a little heavy, but it’s far lighter than other oversized chairs on this list. So, for a short trip from your car or truck, this chair is easy to carry and use. When not in use, the chair easily folds flat for storage, so it won’t take up too much room.

Perfect for both the taller and the shorter of us, this chair is easy to get in and out of, something that can be harder with recliner chairs. Making it wonderful for everyone in the family.

Comfort-wise, the Caravan Canopy Sports chair benefits from a double bungee system, so you’ll sink into this chair with plenty of spinal support. Just don’t let any of your mates borrow it – you’ll never get the chair back!

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15) PORTAL XL Zero Gravity Recliner

When it comes to finding a recliner when you’re tall, it’s no easy feat. More often than not, you’re left with a chair that has your feet dangling uncomfortably off the end. Which is where the PORTAL XL recliner comes in. Not only is this recliner oversized, taking weights of up to 350 lbs, the reclined length of 71 inches means there’s plenty of room for the tall.

The zero-gravity system has a locking mechanism, meaning you can lock any position – from 0 to 170 degrees – into place. So, you won’t feel like you’re bobbing about when you shift yourself. Plus, the bungee system on the fabric with give you plenty of support, particularly important if you plan to spend all day in your chair.

The adjustable headrest adds to the comfort and can be moved to suit your height. In fact, you might just be making this your new favorite napping chair.

If you do plan on using your recliner for sunbathing, the chair has a mesh back making it breathable on hot days. So, you won’t feel like your cooking in your chair. The handy attached table is ideal for keeping your snacks, and the cup holder will hold your beer. You’ll think you’ve escaped away to a paradise island, rather than being in your backyard.

It’s not just sunbathing that this chair is perfect for, though. With its easy-to-assemble nature and flat storage, this recliner is easy to carry in your car or truck making it a wonderful addition to your camping trip. Just don’t try to carry it too far, as at 27.5 lbs, this is a hefty chair to carry.

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16) SwimWays Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair

When you’re planning a trip, may it be a day at the beach, camping, tailgating or even watching your kid’s game from the sidelines – having a chair makes all the difference. The problem comes, though, when on a particularly hot day you can feel like you’re cooking away under the sun.

Which is when camping chairs with canopy addons become such a wonderful investment. Not only will you get comfort, but the added canopy hides you from the sun creating your own little paradise.

The SwimWays Kelsyus has its own patented sun canopy, this impressive feature shades you from the sun glare making it easier for you to see and avoid any glare. Even better, this canopy has an impressive 50 UPF sun protection, so even if you miss a few bits with your sunscreen, this chair will help keep you from getting burnt.

Fully portable, the chair weighs just over 11 lbs when it’s folded, so it’s light enough to take down the beach or into a summer concert. One of the coolest features of this chair is that, when folded, the sun canopy transforms into a carry case for the chair. Which means you’ll never lose your bag, or have it blow away in the wind so you need to chase it. This is secured with a snap-lock and a shoulder strap, so carrying your chair is simple.

As well as sun protection, the SwimWays Kelsyus comes with a host of other features. Most notably, the chair itself has a large seat for extra comfort. This comes with a rounded front, which adds an extra level of comfort when sitting.

If you’re using your seat for tailgating or similar, the large cup holder will hold one, if not two, ice-cold beers. There’s even an O-ring, a feature that adds extra stability – especially good if you like to jump out of your chair screaming when your kid scores a touchdown at practice.

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17) Quik Shade Max Chair

While the SwimWays Kelsyus has a wonderful sun canopy, there was slight disadvantage to what is otherwise a fantastic folding chair – the sun canopy couldn’t be adjusted so you wouldn’t always be shaded from the sun. Something which isn’t the case the Quik Shade Max chair.

This camping chair comes with a canopy that can be both raised and lowered, as well as tilted. This means that no matter where the sun is, you’ll be able to adjust your canopy to protect your face and eyes from the sun.

This chair is heavy-duty enough to be used in all weathers – not just on sunny days. The fabric is made from 600D polyester fabric, which is stain resistant and easy to wipe clean. Even when subjected to lots of wet weather, this fabric is mildew and mold resistant, so you can use it even on the wettest and wildest of camping trips. This is also made with a mesh, which will be breathable on hot days, helping to keep you cool.

For gadget-lovers, the chair has its own mesh pouch, ideal for storing your phone or tablet. Dual cup holders mean you can keep multiple drinks on the go, whether that be water for keeping hydrated on a hot day, or that perfect beer to enjoy the game.

The chair comes with its own carry case, that your chair easily folds into. Disassembled, this chair only weighs 9 lbs so it’s light enough to be portable. One slight issue with the chair, though, is that its weight capacity is lower than others on this list at 225 lbs, so it may not be suitable for everyone.

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18) Best Choice Zero Gravity Sunshade Lounger

Sometimes you want to lie back on a lounger and enjoy the sun, just without the sun glaring down on your face. True, you can stick a hat over your face, but why do that when you can get your own lounger with a built-in sun canopy?

Completely created for comfort, these zero-gravity chairs give users a weightless experience as you lie back and enjoy the sun. This comfort is added to with the much sought-after double bungee system, which allows your body to sink into an extremely natural position in your chair, giving your spine support as well as comfort.

As well as a removable back pillow – which can be moved around for your own preference – these chairs have their own little table with drinks and phone holder. This is also detachable if you don’t wish to use it.

The canopy itself is UV-resistant, so it will protect your face from harmful rays. This canopy is ideal for those who like to read in the sun, as it will shade the sun from your eyes making it easier to read. This is also useful for using your gadgets out of the sun’s glare.

At 20.5 lbs to carry, this chair isn’t the most portable, however this isn’t a massive downside as it’s really most suited for use in your backyard as a lounger or for a seat during family events. It does fold well, so if you’re using transport it can easily be taken on holiday with you.

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19) Kamp Rite Chair with Detachable Footrest

Versatility is one of the biggest selling points when it comes to a portable chair, and this Kamp Rite chair comes with bags of it.

For one, the chair has its own detachable footrest, which is perfect for those of us who like to put their feet up. You’ll feel just like you’re on a reclining sofa at home, making it incredibly comfortable. Then, when you want to pull your chair up for dinner round the table, you just pull off the footrest and you have yourself a traditional camping chair.

Of course, this chair isn’t just for camping, which is why it’s such a versatile investment. With the footrest attached, you can easily use it in your garden to enjoy the sun. Even tailgating, it’s nice to lie back and enjoy your surroundings.

Being detachable, it means your chair can also be used as a regular folding chair. This means, you can take it friend’s BBQs, your kid’s big game and even to the beach. Again, on the beach, the detachable footrest will make for a brilliant sun lounger rather than lying on sand.

When folded, the chair goes neatly into its own carry bag for simple transportation.

At 11 lbs it’s probably a little too heavy for taking on a hike unless, of course, you’re working on those muscles. In which case it may be perfect!

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20) ALPS Mountaineering Escape Chair

For some, going on a massive hike up the side of a mountain is purely for those Instagram photos. For others, the best thing about making your way up a mountain is to put your feet up, open a beer and enjoy the view.

If you fall into the latter bracket, then you need this ALPS Mountaineering Escape chair in your life. True, it might be a little heavy at 10 lbs for some people to hike with, but when you consider how wonderful it will be to have a chair with a footrest to enjoy those spectacular views, you’ll be more than willing to shoulder the weight.

Incredibly sturdy, this chair has a strong powder-coated steel frame, that will stand strong on most terrains. The weight capacity isn’t as large as others at 225 lbs, but this is just a slight niggle in what is otherwise a very good make of chair. It will give great support to your body and, even on uneven ground, you’ll be able to lie back and feel like you’re on your sofa at home.

Particularly good for camping trips, the chair folds compactly into the bag it’s provided with. This can be easily transported with your other camping gear, and will be perfect for dozing in front of a roaring fire.

As well as the useful footrest, this ALPS Escape chair also has two cup holders for your convivence. Like the Kamp Rite, the footrest is detachable using the attached buckles, so it’s nice and versatile too. Just remove the footrest when you’d like to use it as a normal camping chair.

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21) Camp Solutions Folding Chair with Footrest

If you’re looking for a foldable chair that’s both lightweight and the height of luxurious comfort, then you can’t get much better than this Camp Solutions offering. Not only does this chair have its own footrest so you can put your feet up while enjoying the outdoors, it even has a reclining headrest – perfect for stargazing!

Made from high-quality steel, this is a very sturdy chair with a higher weight capacity of 300 lbs, making it accessible for those bigger and taller men. The chair’s material is meshed, making it very breathable on those hot summer nights too, so you needn’t worry about any sweaty backs or your chair becoming a bit stinky.

As well as the reclining headrest and footstool, this chair also comes with a useful drink cup holder and a mesh pocket for keeping your gadgets and/or books in. There’s even a removable pillow for extra comfort during those forest naps.

Lightweight at just under 11 lbs, the chair folds up into a provided carry case making it easy to transport. As well as camping, it would be possible to take on hikes, as long as you could carry the weight.

One slight downside to this chair, as comfortable as it is, is that the footrest isn’t detachable like the others on this list. So, keep this in mind before buying. It’s pretty easy to put your legs either side to stand upright, though, so this is still a great buy. Especially when you consider just how comfortable this chair is.

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Game of Thrones!

Now that you’ve studied all of our favorite chairs and decided what you’d like to use your chair for, it’s time to pick your favorite. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a camping chair, a lightweight hiking chair or a tailgating throne that will be the envy of all your mates – there is a wonderful chair for everyone on this list.

Choosing the right chair for you is no easy task, especially when each of them come with their own advantages and disadvantages. If you’re really struggling, write yourself a list of everything you’d use your chair for as well as what you’d like from a chair. Then it’s simply a case of matching your wish list to the chair that ticks the most boxes.

What you can be assured, though, is that each of the chairs featured on this list are high-quality, meaning they will last you for years into the future. Indeed, these chairs are so good, that if you fancied multiple chairs for different events, you could easily pick a few.

Just be careful when letting your friends or family borrow them, though. These chairs are all so comfortable that there’s every possibility that you’ll never see them again!