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Two years ago, Bentley pulled the covers off the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept — then a potential preview for what could translate over to a new Continental GT or a new model line altogether. At this year’s Geneva motor show, Bentley brought a cabriolet version packing an electric powertrain.

It’s electric in name only, though. No details on the powertrain have been released, but Bentley did claim a future EV would “be able to drive between London and Paris or Milan and Monaco on a single charge.” The former is about 280 miles, while the latter is about 200 miles.

With the EV powertrain, there is a minor stylistic change to the rear end, which replaces the lower fascia for one without tailpipes. Up front, the Bentley mesh grille features a “6e” logo that illuminates when the car is running. Twin bonnet scoops act as heat sinks, supplying additional cooling to the battery and powertrain. Also, the wing mirrors don’t have glass, which is instead replaced with cameras.

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Inside, the interior is a nice update over the one found in the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept. There is a small update to the center console, which has been cleaned up. The biggest change is the cut-away steering wheel. At the top of the cut-away are two buttons; one provides an instant performance boost, the other limits speeding.

Next year, a plug-in hybrid variant of the Bentayga SUV is coming, so full electrification of a Bentley model is an obvious future move. The EXP 12 Speed 6e concept isn’t a preview of what’s to come. It was designed to gauge public interest and receive customer feedback. If it’s good news, it shouldn’t be long before a Bentley EV makes production.