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And the powers that be, those of horsepower and of torque and yea even unto those of ground clearance and suspension articulation, did gaze down upon the Earth and saw that there were too many small and practical sedans and yea, too many of the crossover, even those with the third row; and they did say: “Build thee a beast of the Earth that doth crush and smite all that shall come in its path, and paint thee thy undercarriage and all the components therein in shades of powder-coated fluorescent, that thine enemies shall see the detail as they are being smitten under thy might; and paint thee thy wheels in orange, bright orange that we may see from the heavens; and go forth among my people blasting thee thy terrible bass from thy Rockford Fosgates and tweaking thee thy trebles unto the heavens. Amen.”

And the people, in particular the Bros, did do just that. And they brought them to the SEMA. And there was much rejoicing among the SEMAtites. Particularly on the Friday night at the end of the time of the SEMA, in the Valley of the People of Vegas who understand not the math, and thereon did the mighty and terrible hordes pass from the gate of the Central Hall of the LVCC and unto the streets, and the multitudes did throng, and did cry out, “Rev thou thy engine! Crank thou thy bass!” and the Bros hath done so, and the people rejoiced unto the heavens. And all saw that it was good. And the Bros did abide. Amen.