Automotive trends, like any other trends, are, for better or worse, hit or miss. Some have proven to have staying power (fake intake vents… why?), some have thankfully fallen into the dark recesses of history and yet others boomerang back with an unambiguously desireable vengeance. Case in point: plain-jane paint jobs. Obviously, the military has rocked beige toned SUVs and trucks for decades, but as far as consumer cars go, black, white red and silver have pretty much been mainstays. Browns and tans, even outside the automotive world, have by and large adorned unoriginal, blend-into-the-background blah-mobiles.

But combine that military inspiration with vintage road cars et voila: tan trucks that exude trend-transcendent style. These three trucks, culled from Bring a Trailer, are all up for auction and feature variations on a tan theme. Please buy them, drive them and never, ever repaint them. (Bid amounts listed reflect the price at time of publish.)

1987 Ford Bronco

The Bronco is both famous and infamous, but its cool cred these days is undeniable. It’s a big truck with lots of room and classically blocky styling. Modest, handsome and simple: the marks of a great vintage 4×4. This example has a clean and well-documented three-owner history and benefits from a now five-year-old repaint of its original Desert Tan Metallic color. There’s some slight corrosion along the roof rail and tailgate, but probably not something that can’t be mended. Its 5.0-liter V8 is a Ford staple, the a/c blows cold and it’s been cared for consistently.

1973 Land Rover 88 Series III

Left-hand drive, Limestone paint and a manual transmission: not a bad start. After a six-month “refurbishment” and adding 10,000 miles, the current owner is ready to part with this beige beast. Regarding its color, “the aluminum body was reportedly sandblasted before receiving a new two-part textured paint” — the frame and chassis were treated to a similar respray. It’s got a row of three bucket seats in front and a few other new parts as well. Probably an excellent buy for whoever pulls the trigger.

1982 Mitsubishi Jeep J37

The seller bought this right-hand drive wagon in Japan and imported it to the States six months ago. It’s got an “older repaint” to replace its original two-tone job that looks great in the picture gallery. A little corrosion and bubbling are apparent, and the rear door doesn’t open fully at the moment, but the aftermarket interior is just about as awesome as you’d hope. This truck needs some work, but as a quick project it might not get better — you’ll have a distinct and decidedly tan vintage get-around in little-to-no time.