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On this episode of the Autoweek Podcast, host Rory Carroll talks with Jimmy Pelizzari, Graham Kozak and Robin Warner about the 2018 Dakar Rally and news from the Roar Before the 24 in Daytona. The gang discusses the history of the Dakar Rally and mentions that rally legend Sebastian Loeb still races this race. It should be noted this was recorded before Loeb crashed during the race.

For those unfamiliar, the Paris-Dakar Rally ran from 1978 to 2007 and was an extreme performance rally that covered treacherous terrain and extreme conditions in Africa. The race was moved to South America because of various problems with the route in Africa. The 2018 races started in Peru and will wrap in Argentina after two weeks of constant racing.

After the racing section, Jimmy leaves and Wesley fills his place to join the discussion about Graham’s adventure in Florida. Graham went to Kissimmee, Florida, to cover the Mecum auction. He made the grave financial decision to bid and wound up buying a 1948 Packard. Because he bought a car, Graham explains the ins and outs of purchasing a collector car at auction.  

After Graham’s adventure in auctions wraps, the group talks about what we expect from the Detroit auto show. Afterward, Robin closes the show with his story of driving a Mercedes-AMG GT4 race car. We also give a shout-out to a listener’s letter.

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