Apple’s HomePod has been available for almost two months now and, naturally, third-party makers are coming out with all sorts of accessories for it. You’ll probably remember reading about the mysterious “white mark” that the HomePod leaves behind on wooden surfaces, and since then a number of manufacturers have released HomePod “coasters.” Our favorite ones are made by Grovemade, technically called HomePod stands, and they come in several different materials and colors. If you’re going to purchase any accessory for your Apple smart speaker, we such one of these. (It should also be noted that these white marks can be removed — Apple has updated its HomePod support page with instructions.)

The other accessory that caught our eye, and it’s making rounds in the news today, is this HomePod Travel Case by Capra Leather ($89). It’s made of leather with a suede interior and padded bottom, and it additionally has an elastic band for the HomePod’s power cords. Although it looks rather nice, the travel case seems pretty impractical. Most people aren’t likely to ever move their HomePod, as it’d require a factory reset to connect to the new location’s wi-fi — and that’s a huge pain. Theoretically, they could move their HomePod from one room to another and stay on the same wi-fi, but that’d hardly require a carrying case.


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