Armored vehicles aren’t just for the military. Plenty of private citizens purchase military-spec trucks every day, though those particular customers probably have more zeros in their bank account than there are words on this page. They also likely have a garage (lair?) to fit their metal-plated behemoths. What about the rest of us? Plasan, the Isreal-based manufacturer might have a solution: the Yagu.

The Arctic Cat Wildcat 4 1000-based Plasan Yagu gets power from a 1.0-liter V-twin, which sends 95 horsepower through a selectable four-wheel drive transmission. After all its B6+ level carbon fiber-Kevlar composite armor is bolted on, the relatively little UTV jumps from just under 1,700 lbs to 1.48 tons in weight. Now, that might slow you down a bit, but not nearly as much as high-powered rifle ammunition — if the Yagu’s armor didn’t stop it dead. Options also include a light weapon mount and an integrated drone, if you feel so inclined.

Plasan didn’t mention the price tag, but as far as the ‘if you have to ask’ policy goes, it’s still a petty good bet the Yagu is more affordable than, say, a tank.

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