It’s no secret that we love knives at Gear Patrol. For some of us, it’s part of our job to research and test as many blades as we can. Except for one staff member who, when asked about what knife she uses most frequently, responded, “NONE! Ever! Sorry, too dangerous,” nearly all of us keep a blade at-hand for the everyday tasks required by office life (spoiler alert: we open heaps of boxes). Those knives, no matter what they are most often used for, are highly-personal tools that shed light on the people who own them. A preference for utility, aesthetics, extra features or any combination of the three is reflected in the everyday pocket knife. Here are those which we use on a daily basis.

AJ Powell, Assistant Editor

SOG Ultimate C-Ti: Sure I use it to open boxes, but I also use it as somewhat of a fidget toy while I’m at my desk. Hearing the mechanism click and lock into place is therapeutic in a way. I’ve had it for over a year and a half, and it’s still going strong (and it’s still my go-to).

Favorite Feature: If I do need to take it on the go at any point, the knife is incredibly light and thin. I removed the pocket clip (which can also double as a money clip) so that it can go virtually unnoticed in my pocket.

Other Knives AJ Keeps At-Hand:
No. 8 by Opinel $15
Mantra Titanium by Spyderco $185

Kevin O’Brien, Account Manager, Brand Partnerships

Gear Aid Akua Paddle and Dive Knife: This knife is made for diving, but I mostly use it for spreading peanut butter.

Favorite Feature: The rugged sheath and durable handle.

Other Knives Kevin Keeps At-Hand:
Excelsior Single Blade Swiss Army Knife by Victorinox $20

Nick Caruso, Associate Editor

CRKT x Ruger Hollow-Point: I just cut a hang tag off a new jacket yesterday, but more often than not I’m opening boxes and sometimes envelopes. I’ve also performed sliver surgery on myself with this knife. But most often, I just open and close it a few times because the mechanism is so satisfying. This terrifies my coworkers.

Favorite Feature: CRKT’s “IKBS ball bearing pivot system” makes this folder very, very easy to open with one finger. It pops open with a flick and a click in a rather menacing, but also quite utilitarian way.

Other Knives Nick Keeps At-Hand:
Buri Adventure Knife by Gear Aid $23
K.I.S.S. Serrated Folder by CRKT $24+

Hunter D. Kelley, Associate Designer

Case Mako w/ Black Staminawood Handle: I use this knife for opening boxes, cutting photo studio paper and as a paperweight. I don’t know how I ended up with it; it just gravitated towards my desk. There aren’t many knives in Gear Patrol’s design studio, so my Case Mako is usually borrowed at random times.

Favorite Feature: I like how shiny and old-school it looks. The combination of black and gold is appealing.

Jarry Truong, Associate Videographer

Opinel No. 8 Gear Patrol Edition: I use it for cutting all the fruit I bring to the office. I think I got it near the early days of my career here at Gear Patrol from the Outdoors and Fitness Desk. I have used and worn everything they’ve given me.

Favorite Feature: Exclusive GP branding, and a simple, clean and sharp construction.

Note: The Gear Patrol Opinel No. 8 is no longer available, but the classic can be found through the link below.

Meg Lappe, Staff Writer

Opinel No. 8 France! 2017 by Jeremyville Edition: I exclusively use this knife for all my food needs. Since I try to bring my lunch every day, I’ll often toss celery, cucumbers and peppers in my bag before work (as well as actual lettuce and all the fixings). My Opinel cuts through all that I throw at it — apples, pears and bananas for oatmeal are all fair game as well. The artist who created this design actually lives in Brooklyn, which is where I just moved to.

Favorite Feature: I like that I can hide the blade, so I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty or picking up lint/dust anywhere on my desk.

Other Knives Meg Keeps At-Hand:
Baton Q1 by SOG $34
Keytron by SOG $20

Tanner Bowden, Associate Staff Writer

Gerber Sharkbelly: I use the Sharkbelly primarily to unbox everything from hiking boots to mountain bikes. I’m also a big fan of avocados, and at this point, this knife has pitted half a crop of them.

Favorite Feature: It’s straightforward, lightweight and affordable.

Other Knives Tanner Keeps At-Hand:
The Elko by The James Brand $60

Tucker Bowe, Staff Writer

Light My Fire Swedish FireKnife: I’ve had this knife at my desk for the better part of two years, and it’s given me more power — like Voldemort and the Elder Wand. If somebody in the office wants a package opened or a neat little spark (don’t tell HR), they come to me.

Favorite Feature: Two things. One, it’s actually called a “fire knife.” And two, it actually shoots sparks (not unlike a small dragon).

Bryan Campbell, Staff Writer

Gerber Air Ranger: The Gerber Air Ranger I have at my desk lives a pretty pampered life. Most of the time, it’s an overqualified, glorified letter opener. But, other than mail and the occasional package, I once used it to (unsuccessfully) help a co-worker get into his stuck filing cabinet. It also slices banana walnut bread and breakfast bars from the coffee shop downstairs like nobody’s business.

Favorite Feature: My desk is already overcrowded, so aside from the consistently sharp blade, the compact size is key.

Chase Pellerin, Staff Photographer

Leatherman Skeletool KB: I used* this knife for very average tasks: opening Amazon boxes, cutting product tags and managing some unruly seamless paper. (*One moment it’s on your desk at the ready, the next, a co-worker whose name rhymes with Landrew Waynes borrows it, and it disappears into the aether.)

Favorite Feature: It was gifted to me and felt like the only reasonable size knife to own in an office setting. The rest of this list makes me uncomfortable.

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