A winter watch can mean a dressy one that slips under layers of sleeves or one that’s meant for rugged outdoor use. Shinola’s new Ice Monster dive watch is the latter, and by all means you can take it ice diving if you so choose. Aside from an icy name and dial color, however, this dive watch stands out most for its titanium construction and enamel dial.

shinola ice monster


Though executed in a lightweight titanium case and bracelet, the Ice Monster shares the specs and design of the Monster collection, with a 43mm case and 300m of water resistance. Titanium, however, brings its weight down to 45% of that of the steel dive watches with the same Sellita SW200 automatic movement inside. The bezel is made of aluminum (also lightweight) and an enamel dial should add a feel of refinement.

The Shinola Ice Monster at $1,675 is only around $200 more than the stainless steel versions and is available now directly from the brand.

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