Modern Range Rovers are synonymous with excess and luxury, probably more so than with off-roading. And considering how the first generation Land Rover started life as a pared-down, minimalist overlander, clad in plastic so it could be easily hosed down, the Range Rover has evolved into something far from its original roots. However, this particular Range Rover brings the two mindsets of living large and off-road capabilities together in its own unique way.

Wedged up front is the 5.0-liter V12 from a 1992 BMW 750iL — the same engine McLaren Borrowed for the legendary F1 supercar — good for 300 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque when it was new. Underneath, this Range Rover borrows a transfer case from a Defender D90 and sports Yokohama all-terrain tires, Old Man Emu shocks and springs along with, urethane bushings and sway bar spacers. Inside is where the modern luxurious flavor creeps in with leather Recaro seats, wood trim accents and an infotainment system.

If all that sounds well and good, there are a few minor problems, such as a sagging headliner, slightly wobbly driver’s door hinge and non-functioning audio system, that need some tinkering to be completed. So if you’re the at-home mechanic type, this quasi-restomod, at its current bid of $13,750, makes owning an updated classic more appealing. Or, if you’re looking for a lovely sounding one-of-a-kind off-roader you don’t care about beating up, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more ideal set of wheels.