You may have never heard of We Knife Co., but the company has been around for nearly 20 years. Since its founding in 2000, We Knife Co. has been producing a collection of design-forward pocket knives that might as well have materialized out of a sci-fi video game (think angular, skeletonized blades and bright, iridescent handles). The knives aren’t just for show though; We Knife Co. has made a point to manufacture with high-quality materials that have helped tamp the perception that “Made in China” signifies cheapness. The company’s latest blade doesn’t break that line, but it is significantly different from anything We has put out to date.

The new knife is called the Gyuto, and it isn’t for your pocket; it’s for the kitchen. Drawing inspiration from western-influenced Japanese designs, the Gyuto is a do-everything chef’s blade that starts wide at the handle, tapering toward the tip. We’s version uses a sharply-angled spine, but beyond that, it isn’t nearly as radical as the brand’s previous patterns. The Gyuto uses 67 layers of Damascus steel and an inlaid wooden handle that’s more traditional than futuristic.

But the Gyuto marks an expansion by We, not a new direction. The knife, which will retail for $180, is the first in a new collection that the company is calling “Kitchen Lifestyle.” Whether or not We keeps the new line distinctly classic rather than flashy remains to be seen.