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A Famous Knife Maker Just Made its Most Beautiful Pocket Knife Yet

In the knifemaking world, Chris Reeve Knives is renowned. The manufacturer’s most famous model may be the Sebenza, a folding pocket knife that has become a benchmark against which many other knives are judged. This year, the company revealed its first new knife in two years: the Impinda.

The Impinda builds on the success of previous Chris Reeve blades but also represents an evolution — it’s the brand’s first slip joint pocket knife. That means it doesn’t lock, which is significant because Chris Reeve Knives is well-known for its Integral frame lock. To maintain safety within a non-locking design, designer William W. Harsey leveraged differential spring pressure to ensure that opening and closing are smooth actions.

The Impinda is constructed with high-quality Crucible S35VN stainless steel and a titanium handle. Its drop-point, plain-edge blade opens with a nail nick and comes to 3.12 inches in length. It weighs 3.38 ounces.

The Impinda is available for order now for $450 and comes with a leather pouch and knife care kit in the box. The new blade already won the distinction for American-Made Knife of the Year at the recent BLADE Show Knife of the Year Awards, so it’s sure to be a strong seller, and those who order should expect an extended wait.

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