From Issue Seven of Gear Patrol Magazine.

Gone are the days of throwaway rags. Today’s best sports and fitness magazines — identified by bold and clean designs, progressive typefaces and hefty paper stocks — are gunning for a full-time spot on your coffee table.


With every issue, Runaway highlights the running culture of a different city. Past editions have focused on locales such as London and New York and covered important personalities, popular races and the best running routes. They even shed light on the run crews that rule a particular city.


Racquet, a quarterly bolstered by great design and classic imagery, tells the great stories of tennis that have taken place since the modern rules of the game were established over a century ago. The magazine features photo essays, long-form reads, even fiction. Even if you simply dabble in tennis, Racquet will teach you all you need to know about the heroes and iconic moments in the sport.

Good Sport

The self-described “magazine out of left field,” now in its third issue, explores what it means to be an athlete from a variety of vantage points. From big-wave surfing to playing cricket in Mumbai, the publication doesn’t discriminate in its coverage of sports and fitness; it hits all the high notes of talented individuals simply striving to be the best at their craft.


Polvere features a rich artistic design, with flashes of pink pages and hand-drawn maps of historic cycling towns. It’s printed in Italian, but you don’t need to understand it to enjoy the ride.

Athleta Magazine

Athleta tells the stories of sports through photos that both amateur and competitive athletes can appreciate. It’s about triumphs and failures and knowing that giving it your all may not be enough.

Undo Ordinary

Fitness and wellness go hand in hand, and Undo Ordinary capitalizes on the intersection of the two. In the past, the magazine has presented coverage of training journals for triathletes, the stories behind fitness creators and all things fitness-adjacent: coffee, CBD, tonics and more.


This semiannual cycling journal celebrates cities and the riders who call them home. It has covered Milan, New York, London, Tokyo, Oslo and, most recently, Paris. Read about the roots of cycling and the diverse cultures in each of these urban meccas.

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