Does your vehicle for drinking matter? Any right-minded drinker, especially those who choose whiskey, will answer with an unequivocal “yes.” There are nosing, weight and balance to consider. And, though difficult for some to comes to admit, we also want them to look nice around a table. These five glasses do what you need them to, and won’t cramp your style along the way.

Fortessa Tableware Solutions Whiskey Glass

The rise of the stemless wine glass casts an uncertain and unfair shadow over this German-made tumbler. Originally designed by Schott Zwiesel, the glasses are made with a Tritan crystal, a patented material that replaces the lead properties in traditional crystal in favor of a mix of titanium and zirconium, making them far more durable than your typical whiskey-toting cup (and scratch-resistant). And don’t let the height fool you, the wide bulb of the glass makes certain your drinks count.

Snowe Short Tumblers

Snowe’s glass isn’t quirky and it doesn’t come with a gimmick — it’s heavy, balanced and elegant. The direct-to-consumer home design company’s whiskey glass is made with leadless crystal and they just feel damn good in the hand — they also stack within each other quite well, somewhat rare in the whiskey glass world.

Riedel Vinum Glass

You won’t find any “ey”s here. Developed by a congregation of Riedel’s Austrian glassmaking experts and master whisky makers from Scotland, the Riedel glass is one of the classic whisky sipping glasses available (not quite Glencairn levels of ubiquity, but still). The glass’s elongated body and tulip-shaped lip direct the drink and scent notes where they need to go. If you’re looking for a cocktail glass, look elsewhere — the Riedel Vinum is for the whisky-dedicated.

The Norlan Glass

An ergonomic, lightweight riff on the Riedel Vinum glass, the Norlan Glass essentially drops the head of the Riedel Vinum glass inside a glass tumbler. The whole thing is made of borosilicate glass which, among other things, is much lighter than the glass typically used to make cocktail tumblers. Finished off with a think gold strip around the lip, the Norlan looks as good as it drinks.

Mazama Wares Cocktail Glass

No two Mazama Wares glasses are exactly alike. Made from soda-lime glass, it’s heavier than most, and rests in the hand well. It’s not made expressly for whiskey, but it’s functionality and smoked finish still do the trick.

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