‘Roughing it’ these days, is more of a sliding scale. You can, of course, keep it minimalist, face the elements and test your outdoor skills and patience. But between the luxury campers and fully-stocked tow-behind trailers, it’s quite possible to haul into the wilderness what amounts to a decently appointed city apartment.

And yet, somehow, even as decked out and well-connected as a new Airstream can be, it doesn’t have everything. If you’re going on a camper weekend with a towable home-away-from-home, you might as well complete the experience.: wen the skies are clear and the stars are out, just begging for Instagram-worthy long exposure shots, you’ll want to settle in and get comfortable. Here are a few essential extras you’ll need to bring along your luxo-camper most likely doesn’t have — you know, besides Wifi, a TV, lounge, bed, shower, full-kitchen…

Kamoto OpenFire Pit by Primus $130

Camp Blanket by Pendleton $150+

Lounge Lizard Mesh Camping Chair by TravelChair $180

Camp Table by Alps Mountaineering $100

Blast by Ultimate Ears $105
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