The beauty of motorcycles is that you can find lightly used, older models for next to nothing. Don’t believe me? Do a quick search for vintage enduro motorcycles. After a few minutes of searching it’s clear, even capped at a $2,500 budget, you can get a lot for your money. These are the used motorcycles the Gear Patrol team would buy right now with $2,500 worth of spendin’ money.

1978 Yamaha IT250

Not many things look good in yellow, but for some reason, motorcycles tend to pull it off . On top of that, I’m on a serious classic enduro and dirtbike kick at the moment. Because they made so many enduros in the ’70s and ’80s, you can find these things for relatively nothing. This ’78 Yamaha ticks all the boxes. — Bryan Campbell, Staff Writer

Mileage: Not listed
Original MSRP: $1,498

2000 Ducati Monster 900

The Ducati Monster is a design icon and, in my humble opinion, Miguel Galuzzi’s original iteration is the best looking of the breed. It’s hard not to pull the trigger at this price, but it is old enough to vote — and it’s Italian. — Matt Neundorf, Freelance Contributor

Mileage: 32,000
Original MSRP: $13,995

1970 Suzuki TS90 Honcho

I love old dirtbikes for two main reasons, their simplicity and their curb appeal. This mint condition Suzuki TS90 “Honcho” has been hiding out in Arizona for the past 20 years and except for a few minor things it looks factory fresh. As the ad says, it’s a collectible that you can ride, and I’d say it’d make a damn fun way to run errands around the neighborhood. Get a few friends on the old trail bike bandwagon and start your own weekend coffee club, just make sure to leave a little dirt on the tires for authenticity. — Andrew Maness, Freelance Contributor

Mileage: 2,700
Original MSRP: $374

1973 Honda CB450

I’ve always had an affection for ’70s Honda standards, and the little CB450 seems like the perfect city runabout for someone who’s still a relative beginner to bikes. It’s small, has a reasonable amount of power, and has a comfortable, upright riding position. Hondas of its ilk are relatively reliable (for their age), and if something does go wrong, parts and know-how are easy as hell to find. — Andrew Connor, Staff Writer

Mileage: 19,000
Original MSRP: $1,050
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