The new Mercedes-Benz A Class has only recently been released. It’s a virtual certainty that a Mercedes-AMG variant will follow. Rumours are suggesting that an A35 variant may be the first to debut, followed by a replacement A45.

The news originates from British magazine Autocar who report that AMG boss Tobias Moers all but confirmed the news late last year. It reports that the A35 is slated to debut at the Paris Motor Show 2018 in October, with the A45 to follow in 2019.

The A35 is expected to use the same powerplant as the current A45. The turbocharged four-cylinder will be extensively reworked for the new generation with different pistons and bespoke software. Mercedes-AMG are said to be benchmarking performance to rival the Volkswagen Golf R so expect around 310 hp and a 4.5 second sprint time.

The A35 will be visually distinguished through a twin-exuast pipe system which will contrast the quad-system of the A45. It is also anticipated that it will have a softer ride, although it will likely retain adjustable damping.

The A45 which will follow in 2019, by contrast, will be much more powerful. Several sources are predicting a 100 km/h sprint time at around 4.0 seconds from a 2.0 litre unit that produces in excess of 400hp.

The A35 will target the Volkswagen Golf R and Ford Focus RS while the A45 will take aim at the Audi RS3 and BMW M2 Competition!