Welcome to the latest installment of Staff Picks. Every other week, we’ll tell you about the tech we’re currently testing — everything from cameras to hi-fi headphones, extremely large desktop monitors to smart home appliances — as well as the grail items we wish we could buy. To see what we’ve previously been testing, click here.

Nomad Wireless Travel Stand

The beauty of wireless charging for our smartphones is that we can eliminate dangling, cluttering cords and create a more streamlined workspace; the Nomad wireless travel stand is a premium way to do it. Covered in Horween leather, the stand displays and charges your phone and the ingenious design means it can lay flat as well making it packable. I’ve taken it with me on a bunch of recent trips and it’s a nice alternative to the awkward lamp outlet at the hotel or resting my phone against a pile of books while watching something. — Bradley Hasemeyer, Contributor

Marshall Mid ANC Headphones

The Mid ANC are Marshall’s first pair of noise-canceling headphones. I’ve only had them for a few days, but three things have stuck out for me so far. First, design. They look pretty much how you’d expect a Marshall headphone to look, all-black with touches of brass flair. Two: fit. The on-ear design (not over-ear) and strong headband really hold firm; if you’re prone to ear fatigue after long(er) listening sessions, these headphones might cause you some issues. And three: noise-canceling. It works really well. I’ve been walking home from work, through Midtown and Gramercy, and the NYC noise is virtually tuned out. Which is pretty impressive for on-ear headphones.– Tucker Bowe, Staff Writer

Tascam DR-10L Digital Recorder and Lavalier Mic

Essentially a portable recorder with a connected lav mic, the DR-10L (they really need a better name) eliminates the cumbersome clutter of a wireless mic, receiver and recorder. We all know bad audio can kill even the most beautiful footage so they built in features like dual recording, auto level and a limiter. I’ve been using this for a few weeks on various projects from racetracks to studio work and it’s been brilliant. — Bradley Hasemeyer, Contributor

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