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We’re almost done with 2017, and everybody knows that means the 2018 Detroit auto show is right around the corner (literally around the corner from us here at Autoweek HQ). Running from Jan. 13-28 at Cobo Hall, 31 manufacturers will be in attendance for the public show this year.

Here’s a preview of some of the big reveals we expect to see; we’ll update this list as the show approaches and more reveals are previewed or leaked.

Mid-engine Corvette photo

There’s another C8 Corvette mule in the back, along with a Saturn Sky and some other GM sheetmetal. Photo by JOSH BUSENBARK

Chevy: The ever-elusive but seemingly inevitable mid-engine Corvette has been rumored for a 2018 NAIAS debut for ages now. We’ve all seen the spy shots and bold predictions, but we’ll have to wait and see if Chevy decides to wheel it out and steal the show in January.

The Silverado and Sierra full-size pickup twins are set to receive an update at the Detroit show, if recent reports are true. This one is less certain, however, because the rumors have yet to be confirmed by GM. Going lightweight appears to be the goal for the next truck, so whether we see GM debut it in Detroit or Chicago, expect to see more exotic materials in your next Chevy or GMC pickup.

2019 Ford Ranger photo

The middle truck in this photo could be a Ranger test mule. Photo by Sean T.

FordThere’s a good chance we see the new Ford Ranger make its appearance in Detroit for the first time. Ford has said the truck will be coming in 2019, so the 2018 show makes sense for a reveal. With the possibility of both Ram and Chevy showing off new trucks, Ford might want to get in on the fun, too, and make the 2018 Detroit show a truck lover’s paradise.

We might see some new Mustangs make their way onto the show floor, as well, in the form of a Bullitt and maybe even the recently leaked GT500.

Veloster photo

Here’s a teaser Hyundai released to preview the next Veloster — at this angle, it’s not much different from the current design.

Hyundai: The quirky Veloster is coming back for a second generation, and it’s likely to remain a bit of an oddball. Hyundai released a silhouette photo of the “three door” hatchback and it looks similar to before, but with a bit more muscle chiseled into the lines. We’re betting Hyundai decides to plop the 2.0-liter turbo from the i30 N into it at some point, so look out for news on the powertrain side of things, as well.

Infiniti: Nissan’s premium arm has said it will show something along the lines of a flagship sedan in concept form in Detroit. Expect something much more extravagant than the current Q70. The Q80 Concept from the 2014 Paris Motor Show never went any further, but Infiniti could be making a push for a real halo car in its lineup.

Lexus LF-1 photo

This concept is reportedly designed by the same people who penned the LF-LC concept that took everyone’s breath away in 2012 before transforming into the futuristic LC500.

Lexus: Of course, it wouldn’t be 2018 without the continued proliferation of crossovers and SUVs. Lexus has got us covered there with the debut of an all-new “crossover flagship” concept called the LF-1 Limitless. We saw a dark shot of the roof and rear fender a week ago, and it looks like an evolution of current Lexus design with some fancy, wraparound taillights. The “SUV coupe” shape doesn’t seem to be losing any steam, so there’s a real possibility it takes on this body style.

G-Wagen interior photo

The interior of the new G-Wagen marks a big change for the original military-style vehicle.

Mercedes-BenzWe’ve already seen the interior of the new G-Class, but the redesigned luxury box will make its official debut in Detroit. You can check out everything we’ve learned so far about the unique SUV here.

Other Mercedes news we look forward to hearing about is more concrete information on the AMG 53 line. So far there has been a CLS53 confirmed, reportedly making 430 hp. Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers says the AMG 53 models will logically make more power than the AMG 43 series from a new higher-output turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six cylinder engine with a 48-volt electrical system. For now we might see the AMG 53 make its way into the E-Class family, but the GLE could be another possibility for that powertrain, as well.

Ram: A refreshed Ram 1500 should make its debut in Detroit, possibly with the split tailgate caught in spy photos. Details are sparse on this one, so we’ll have to wait and see what FCA has in store for us. In the meantime though, there are some spy shots to check out again if you missed them the first time.

Avalon photo

The new 2019 Toyota Avalon will go on sale next year.

Toyota: The real disappointing news here is the lack of a new Supra. Toyota has said it won’t be ready for Detroit, so don’t get your hopes up about this one.

However, we will be getting a new Avalon come January. Toyota released a teaser image of a headlight and part of the hood and grille. It looks slightly more aggressive than the current Avalon, so the design evolution could be following that of the Camry’s creases and sharp edges. Regardless of the design, we’d expect the Avalon to continue being the competent front-drive sedan it is now with some flashier sheetmetal. One nice takeaway here though, the Toyota display won’t be all about SUVs and crossovers.

VolkswagenWe’ve seen sketches of what the 2019 Jetta will look like, so a fair amount of the surprise is gone. It’ll be riding on VW’s MQB platform that also underpins favorites like the GTI and Golf R, and should sport a more mature look than its rivals like the Honda Civic and Mazda3. A full interior redesign appears to be in place, as well, featuring Volkswagen’s digital cockpit dash display.

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