The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show 2018, in Austin, Texas, this past weekend was the fifth installment and the largest showing yet of Revival Cycle’s get together. Over the course of the three-day event, 30,000 attendees came to see a Wall of Death, plus celebrate and drool over 140 beautiful custom, hand-built motorcycles from builders and manufacturers all over the globe.

All the typical nameplates were present and accounted for, from BSA, BMW and Royal Enfield to Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha, but hardly any of the bikes on display could be labeled as ‘typical.’ No matter what your taste or preferred niche, all the scramblers, flat trackers, classic GP bikes, ADVs and sidecars were all objectively jaw-dropping and impressive works of rolling art. But of all the 140 bikes that rolled into the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show this year, these 20 are our favorites.

More Desireable Motorcycles

The beauty of motorcycles is that you can find lightly used, older models for next to nothing. Read the Story