A hip flask may not be something that a lot of guys have considered buying unless you’re a young guy trying to sneakily avoid hefty vodka prices in a nightclub, a guy just trying to brighten up an uncomfortable family gathering, or a mature gent enjoying a tipple while overlooking the rolling green hills on a Sunday morning. Well, this might be about to change as hip flasks are on the way back in. They’re actually going through a bit of a rebirth in popularity with men of all ages at the moment and you should know more about them.

Just take a stroll down to your local park, go to a music festival, or position yourself at an East Village café and your eye will be met by the quick but sure glimmer of a hip flask being unloaded and placed back into the pocket of some skinny black jeans. The “hip” in hip flask may as well be short for hipster nowadays. In actual fact it really is! During the 20s Prohibition in the USA, people who used hip flasks to still drink their favourite alcohol were termed as “hipsters”.

Although, let’s make one thing clear, they aren’t exclusively for those rule-breaking alternative folk and they can definitely be a gentleman’s accessory when used at the right time and right place as well. They’re part of the evolution of man as explorers, soldiers and even the Pope carried a hip flask at one point for “medical reasons”. Side note: did you know that “hip flask” was actually the code word for a revolver in some military forces? Well, you do now. Thank us at your next quiz night.

As hip flasks have only just re-joined the pop culture and hipster scenes again, you’ll have to ask your grandad for some hip flask advice. Or you could read on and our Men’s Gear team can give you a crash course on hip flasks so you’re bang up to date on this exploding new trend. We’ll give you all the key things to look out for and show you 19 of the best hip flasks for men available in 2018. Why 19? Because we don’t ram an extra average hip flask down your throat just to make it a nice round 20.

What Are The Benefits Of A Hip Flask?

There are a lot of benefits of owning a hip flask. The first is that, as we mentioned, these products are coming back into fashion and if you’re a guy who likes to stay on top of the times, you’ll need to get a decent hip flask to maintain your rep. Hip flasks also come in many different styles, materials (we’ll get to that in a second), colors and designs so there’s always a hip flask for every man’s taste. Some more modernized hip flasks even come with some quirky features that can be a great benefit or a nice touch. We’ll tell you more about them later on, but for now, let’s just say shot glass and cigarette holder.

Some bottles of alcohol are just as small as hip flasks, so hasn’t the hip flask been outdone for its main use i.e. being a small container to carry alcohol? Not exactly, as while it’s true that you can get your hands on some smaller bottles of your favorite liquor easily, these small bottles aren’t easy to conceal which brings us to another core benefit of the hip flask. Hip flasks are usually designed in a way to conceal your alcohol easily and with class, and so you don’t have to guzzle it straight from the bottle like some wino. They can be slender and curved like your kidney, so they sit by your side completely unnoticed.

You don’t necessarily need to take drinkable alcohol in your flask either. Some campers and hikers like to top up their flasks with fuel for the campfire and a flask is an exceptional way to keep these substances on you in a secure way. One last benefit is that the best hip flasks make use of materials that do not contain chemicals which will seep into your valuable and delicious alcohol. This means that when you go and decide to pick your poison, you really are in full control of picking your poison. Talking of hip flask materials…

What Is The Best Material For A Hip Flask And Why?

Over time, us humans have used some weird and wacky materials to make up a hip flask. In the Middle Ages, we would cut out part of certain fruits and fill them with our alcohol – this sort of idea would probably make a nice little millennials’ bar these days. During Prohibition as previously referred to, some women would even conceal their liquor inside a pig’s bladder.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do that or become an expert watermelon surgeon to conceal your alcohol today. Most hip flasks are now made of stainless steel or pewter. These different materials all have their perks. While stainless steel requires little maintenance and will last, pewter is a real treasure. It will not only keep liquids at the optimum temperature, it won’t leave a metallic aftertaste to your tipple. Just be prepared that if you want a pewter flask, you’ll have to fork out some more dollars for it. Other popular choices are copper and even glass. Sometimes these material can come in some sort of coating or jacket such as a leather wrapping.

How Can I Clean A Hip Flask?

Cleaning your hip flask doesn’t have to be a chore. Naturally, we would encourage you to take a look at your flask’s manufacturer guidelines for the best course of action. Yet, one of the tried and tested techniques – just ask your pops – is to mix water with distilled white vinegar together, boil the solution and then rinse it around your hip flask. You can repeat this as many times as necessary. Who said Men’s Gear weren’t domesticated?

What Is The Legal Situation Surrounding Hip Flasks?

Okay, this one is a little tricky. First off, owning a hip flask is not illegal in the majority of places and not all states have the same laws, so we’ll have to speak for the masses. In most US states, there’s a law which does not allow open containers of alcohol in public. This means carrying your half-drunk bottle of wine is a crime, while your bottle of whiskey with the seal attached is fine to walk around with in public. Again, this is for the majority, there are other places and countries where this isn’t a law in force or where there are certain times or places it is okay to carry opened containers of alcohol.

So, where does the hip flask fit in? Technically it’s an open container of alcohol so carrying them in some public places is illegal. Therefore, we warn against using them in public places where you would in fact be breaking the law. Do the police actually enforce this? We’ll let you decide. One bit of advice from us though, If you’re planning to drive to a friend’s party on private property, leave your hip flask in the car trunk. This law still applies while driving and having a hip flask on the front seat could see you be charged with something close to DUI.

So, fancy 19 more before we hit the road?

Ceramic Flask By Misc. Goods Co.

There’s a fairy tale story behind the Misc. Good Co. range. It started with a freelance graphic designer who was barely making ends meet. The freelancer went on to design playing cards which launched his success into what Misc. Goods Co. are known for today – a unique collection of gentleman’s essentials.

This ceramic flask is one of those products. It’s made with a ceramic slip cast which looks like it came straight from an apothecary workshop and is rather sleek to say the least. It’s a robust build with walls 0.25 inches thick. The details are what make this an attractive flask. The top is sealed with a cork held in place by two vegetable and oil tanned leather straps and a brass button and stud. We can’t decide if this should be a hip flask for men of the ocean or for the modern gent. Either way, it’s an intriguing and unique design we are big fans of!

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Unique use of ceramic slip case

Thick walls make it more robust

Exceptional design with really classy features

Adds class to the hip flask







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