A quick glance at any workbench of a home mechanic and it’s easy to assume they already have everything they need, but you’d be wrong. There’s always a new tool required for the next job, and there’s no socket set too large. Admittedly, it’s an intimidating market to go shopping in, which is why we did some of the heavy lifting for you this year.

Viair 85P Portable Air Compressor

Chances are yur dad already has one of those keg-sized air compressors sitting in the garage, but that won’t do him any good if he needs to fix a flat out on the road. the Viair 85P Portable Air Compressor is compact, comes with a covenient carrying case and can plug directly into the 12v outlet in the center console.

Craftsman 85-Piece Universal Max Axess

Rifling through a socket set and always picking up a six-point when you need a 12-point socket is not only a time suck, but it can be a small point of frustration, especially if a particular job isn’t going as planned. (Do they ever?) Take the trouble out of the equation for dad and give him a Craftsman 85-Piece Universal Max. The universal sockets fit almost any kind of nut, and as long as he keeps everything in order, finding the size should be no problem.

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android

As much as any dad like to call themselves a home-mechanic, the smart money says none of them know exactly what’s wrong with the car just by staring at the “engine warning” light when that unwelcomed orange glow lights up on the dash. Not only does the BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool take the guesswork out of the equation by diagnosing the problem, but it works through an app on both iPhone and Android devices, so there are no extra expensive “pro tools” needed.

Pro-Lift Foldable Z Creeper

One of the unsung heros of the home-mechanic’s garage is the creeper. It makes some of the most uncomfortable work underneath the car bearable and just a little more comfortable. Aside from getting a softer cusion, it’s hard to imagine an upgrade. The Pro-Lift Foldable Z Creeper, however, can fold up into a seat and adds an entiely new dimension to your dad’s workspace.

Bayco SL-8908 Fluorescent Lights

You know those projects that dad says “should only an hour or two” but somehow always end up going into the night? That’s what the Bayco Light is for. He won’t want to admit he’ll need it at first, but dad will be thankful he has powerful flourescent lighting to work under, well into the night.

Irwin Vice-Grip

Nothing beats a good pair of vice grips — it’s like an adjustable wrench on steroids ready to tackle any stubborn nut ot bolt. The Irwin Vice-Grip is made from high-grade heat-treated alloy steelf for strength and durability, but has hex key adjustments to dial in the pressure for ease of use.

Pull N Wipe Microfiber Shop Towels (100 count)

Of all the tools in any home mechanic’s garage, none get used more often or in more ways than the shop rag. Need to mop up a spill, grip an oil filter, clean your hands or buff a piece of metal? The Shop rag is the tool for the job and you can get dad 100 of them for just $30.

Industrial Brand Torque Wrench

When the owner’s manual calls for a certain torque on a bolt, like when putting an engine crank case back together, your dad is going to want need an accurate torque wrench. The has a dual scale and is dual direction calibrated and has laser etched arkings for easy-to-read measurements.

Sunex 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

The one tool that does most of the literal heavy lifting around the garage should be tough, reliable, but most of all make the job easier. The Sunex Aluminum Floor Jack can lift a mximum of 3-tons nearly 20 inches and does it in only 7.5 pumps. It also has side handles to more easily position the jack and rubber saddle pad as a buffer to protect the car when it’s being lifted.

Briggs & Stratton Oil Extractor Pump

One of the best innovations in the art of the oil change is easily the oil extractor pump, like this one from Briggs & Stratton. The days of jacking up the car, crawling underneath and wrestling with a stubborn drain plug are over. Simply feed tube down to the oil pan from top end of the fill point, start pumping and let the building pressure finish the job.

A Few More Tools For the Collection

Whether it’s a project car, fixing the lawn mower or a leaky faucet, you’ll need the right tools for the job. Here’s the shopping list to get you started. Read the Story

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