During the Geneva Motor Show 2018, McLaren shared a few details about another of its upcoming hypercar. The new ‘HyperGT’ is no surprise, codenamed BP23, McLaren have been very open about the fact that they are developing it.

The news released at the Geneva Motor Show was that BP23 will be capable of reaching speeds in excess of the legendary McLaren F1’s top speed of 243 mph (391 km/h). We suspect that it might be even faster, although by how much is still McLaren’s secret!

McLaren have revealed that it will produce just 106. An identical number to the number of McLaren F1’s it sold during that car’s limited production run. The cost for each one will start at £1.6 million plus taxes and, unsurprisingly, McLarne have sold the entire production run already.

McLaren Automotive CEO, Mike Flewitt, also announced during the Geneva Motor Show press conference that a public reveal of the car can be expected this year.

For those that haven’t followed the steady stream of news coming from McLaren, the next McLaren Ultimate Series car is set to see the return of the three-seat cockpit design with a central driving position. It will get a high-tech petrol-electric hybrid powertrain, with a blend of extreme performance and exceptional luxury.

Production is due to begin at the end of next year. Every BP23 will be personalised to the owner’s taste by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). BP23 won’t be the final name of the vehicle. McLaren are keeping that information top secret until closer to the big reveal. We can’t wait!