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Liquid Carbon Ford GT Revealed with Full Exposed Carbon

Chicago – Following their invitation-only unveiling of the exposed carbon fiber GT supercar, Ford rolled it out onto the floor of the Chicago Auto Show to give everyone a better look. Still as stunning as it was when unveiled, the brighter spotlights highlighted the intricate carbon fiber weave and made it even better. The look, known as “Liquid Carbon”, is one of two new available decorative schemes, the other being an updated Gulf Racing Livery with the number “6” rather than the number “9” to acknowledge the other LeMans winning GT-40. The Liquid Silver exposed carbon fiber appearance will be limited to 12 cars per year as a result of the handbuilt effort that has to go into it, getting the weave to line up and match everywhere.

The 2020 GT features several engine improvements carried over from Ford’s GT Mk II program. New aerodynamics increase airflow through the intercoolers by 50%, allowing them to run much longer at peak power, and engine updates and modifications that broaden the torque curve, making it more responsive. These changes increase the horsepower level by 13hp to a total of 660hp.

Suspension changes increase body control during dynamic transitional changes when the car is in Dynamic mode.

The run of the updated GT’s will end in 2022.


Ford GT Mk II

At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Ford unveiled its latest beastly ride, the Ford GT Mk II. Don’t mistake the simplistic name — this thing is a formidable new model from the automaker that’s “as fast as any GT3 car.”

Remember when a racing version of a car was the fastest and best-performing one you could buy? Well, Ford is nostalgic for that time, too. Nowadays, thanks to the hypercar revolution, not to mention current regulations in place, the meaning of a “supercar” is amorphous. In fact, some track-only sports and endurance racing cars can have less horsepower than the corresponding production model.

Essentially, that means the regular customer gets the ultimate car these days. That’s the case with the Ford GT Mk II. Ford disregarded regulation entirely and went to town on the GT. The automaker has built a track-ready ride that’s the ultimate incarnation of its Le Mans race car.

Underneath, you’ll find a turbocharged V6 engine that tops out to 700 horsepower. That’s up 43 from the street car’s 647 base, and 200 more than the race car. It also has a rear-wheel drive system coupled with a seven-speed transmission. With gear ratios for racing, no less.

Other notable additions include a rooftop air scoop that keeps the engine cool even at constant high revs. And a massive rear wing plus other aero bits that add 400% more downforce compared to the stock GT. Ford has yet to share more details on availability. Each example will cost no less than $1.2 million. If you want this, better act fast.


Photos courtesy of Ford

Ford Has a New Version of the GT It Will Show at Goodwood

A More Extreme Ford GT?

The 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed should be a fantastic event with some of the most impressive and amazing cars in the entire world. Now, there is another good reason to pay attention to the event. Ford recently teased a shot of a new version of its GT that will appear at Goodwood. The company released the images and the information that it would share “exciting Ford GT supercar news” on July 4 at 4:45 a.m. EDT.

Hermann Salenbauch from Ford Performance and Larry Holt from Multimatic will be the two people who will give the announcement. Right now, what those two men will be discussing is a bit up in the air. Ford did not let any more information slip out beyond the fact that it will be exciting news. 

The car in the teaser image is just more or less a dark outline. However, that dark outline does show a huge rear wing and what appears to be a roof scoop. There are a few possibilities. It could be a special one-off build, a new limited edition run of the car, or some kind of new racing variant. 

Ford already has plenty coming to Goodwood, including the new Focus ST, the Mustang Shelby GT500, the Ranger Raptor, and Ken Block’s vehicles and Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s wild rides. We have a feeling, though, that the GT news will steal the show.

Another Ford GT is coming, and this is it

Get excited, everyone. There’s another Ford GT coming. Ford just dropped this teaser of a shadowy, winged GT supercar staring back at us, and it certainly has our hearts pounding.

Sadly, information about the unnamed GT version is even scarcer than most teasers we typically get. Here’s the text direct from the Blue Oval: “Ford will make a special Ford GT supercar announcement during a dedicated press conference from 4:45 a.m. EDT, July 4, at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed.”

Multimatic will be on site for the announcement, with chief technical officer Larry Holt in tow. If you’re in the UK for Goodwood, you’ll want to be at the Ford stand in the Drift Paddock for the news. And that’s all the official information available for the time being.

So for now we’re left to gaze at this great teaser photo Ford provided us. The wing is absolutely massive, like race car levels of massive. Also, it has a roof scoop, which is something the normal Ford GT doesn’t have. Beyond these couple of details, it’s hard to tell much of anything apart from the Ford GT we already know and love. Clearly, Ford is after something a bit racier with this version. We’ll have to wait until Independence Day to see the car in full, as a new American supercar makes its world debut in the country we declared independence from on that day’s anniversary.

Watch a 14-Year-Old Kid Tear Around a Snow Covered Racetrack in a Ford GT

This Will Make You Nervous

If you’re looking for a video that will make you extremely anxious, then the one included below is it. In it, a 14-year-old kid takes a Ford GT for a joyride around a racetrack at the Monticello Motor Club. The video was put together by the motor club and is designed to promote the club’s Teen Race Camp, which teaches teens (ages 14 to 19) how to drive a car safely on a racetrack.

The video is an effective promotional tool. Few would feel comfortable putting a 14-year-old kid behind the wheel of a high-dollar supercar like the Ford GT. Even fewer would feel comfortable doing so when the track is completely covered with snow.

To be fair to the kid driving, he does an excellent job. He’s obviously learned car control well. Not many people his age— or honestly much, much older—could successfully pilot the car around the snow-covered track with as much style and control. We bet he had a great time while the Monticello Motor Club filmed the video.

In all likelihood, he’s the son or relative of the owner of the car. He honestly, looks a little nervous in the video, but then again, we’d be sweating, too, if we were in his place. Our hats come off to him, and to Monticello Motor Club. Any initiative to get more young people in cars learning proper driving skills is welcomed.

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Ford GT Carbon Series – Added: Exclusivity, Subtracted: Weight

Special-Edition 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series Revealed

The 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series recently made its public debut at SEMA 2018. As its moniker unambiguously suggests, this new limited production GT model is the lightest iteration of the current generation of Ford’s infamous supercar.

Lightweight components and carbon fiber were already ubiquitary on the ‘regular’ Ford GT, so any further weight reduction measures would have to be creative and unconventional.  Interestingly enough, amenities such as air conditioning and infotainment survive the culling, in an effort to keep the GT relatively comfortable. The Carbon Series also retains the same 3.5L twin-turbocharged V6 which produces 647-horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque, as well as the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

In total, the Carbon Series sheds about 18 kg (or 40 pounds) off the GT with the bulk of this achieved with carbon fiber wheels, a titanium exhaust system and wheel lug nuts, and a polycarbonate engine cover. To round off the diet, the exterior A-pillars and some lower-body panels are replaced with carbon fiber, while cup holders and storage compartments are deleted.

Visually, the Carbon Series most notably sets itself apart with a carbon fiber stripe that runs down the middle of the car. Inside, the Carbon Series is the beneficiary of special nameplating on the instrument cluster, anodized paddle shifters and exclusive seats with silver stitching.

Many of the carbon fiber elements in both the exterior and interior are left unpainted/exposed – a feature that is also unique to the Carbon Series. Additionally, buyers can opt for an Accent Package in either silver, orange, red or blue; side mirrors, brake calipers and the center portion of the aforementioned stripe will don the chosen color.

The 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series will be produced in very limited numbers (1,350 units total) and as such, prospective buyers will need to apply and be approved by Ford for the right to purchase one.

Even those who are lucky enough to get on this list may have to wait a while for their fulfillment – Ford announced that their production allotment for the Carbon Series will be limited to only one unit per week going forward, though it is unclear how many have already been made. Pricing is rumored to start at around $450,000 USD.

Ford GT Carbon Series Image Gallery

2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition 001 to be Auctioned for Charity

Ford confirmed earlier this week that it would donate a 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition for auction with the proceeds of the sale going to the charity United Way for Southeastern Michigan. The car will be auctioned by Barrett-Jackson at their Scottsdale Auction on 19 January 2019.

The proceeds of the sale will benefit the charity United Way which is based in Southeastern Michigan. The charity aims to discuss the challenges that face the local communities, raise awareness and make change.

Ford have experienced massive demand for their latest Ford GT. Unlike its predecessor, which sold 4,038 copies, Ford have limited production of the new Ford GT to just 1,350 cars. These cars were sold with a two year sales restriction which means very few have hit the market, the ones that have command a sale price well in excess of the sticker price.

The version Ford have donated for the sale bears chassis number 001. It is finished in the same famous baby-blue-and-orange scheme as the Gulf liveried car that took down the dominant Ferrari 50 years ago. Ford fans will recall that GT40 chassis number 1075, which wore the Gulf livery, won the Le Mans 24 Hour race in 1968 and 1969.

Barrett-Jackson will sell a huge number of vehicles in Scottsdale. The advance preview suggests that the 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition will be joined by at least three other 2006 Ford GT Heritage Editions, meaning you could start your own Gulf liveried collection from this auction alone.

If Amercian supercars are not quite your thing, fear not! Barrett-Jackson will also offer a number of other collectors cars that might peak your interest. A 2012 Lexus LFA Nurburging Edition has been announced together with one of 10 2012 MacLaren MP4-12C High Sport finished in Vodafone Racing Team colors.

The 2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition is expect to achieve a massive hammer price. Mecum Auctions recently sold chassis number 077 for a staggering $1,320,000. Earlier in the year, chassis number 48 also achieved $1,815,000. Barrett-Jackson sold another Ford GT at its 2018 Scottsdale auction, on that occasion, the hammer dropped at $2,550,000. Could this example break the magic $2,000,000 mark?

Ford GT Carbon Series is the lightest version of Ford’s supercar

Following up on the announcement that it will build 350 more GTs, Ford revealed another version of its supercar that will be available to customers. It’s the 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series, and it’s the lightest version of this GT model.

Visually, it’s recognizable by its gray paint and the standard exposed carbon fiber stripe down the middle, which showcases the perfectly reflected carbon weave on either side of the car. This stripe can be accentuated with a contrasting color stripe down the middle, along with mirror caps the same color. The accent color choices are restricted to silver, orange, red and blue. Inside, upholstered parts get unique silver stitching, and matte carbon fiber is used for the air vent pods, side sills and center console.

While the visual upgrades are nice, the real appeal of the Carbon Series is that it’s the lightest current GT. Total weight loss is 39 pounds. This is because it includes as standard the optional carbon fiber wheels, titanium exhaust and titanium lug nuts. It also gets a unique rear hatch with lighter glass and additional ventilation. We suspect that Ford could have shaved off a few more pounds if it removed the climate control and radio, but Ford said that GT buyers didn’t want to sacrifice those features.

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Ford will build 350 more GT supercars through 2022

When Ford originally announced the GT supercar, it was clear it’d be a limited-run affair. Just 1,000 were earmarked for potential buyers, who had to apply for a chance to fork over $450,000 to own one. As you’d expect, there was a tidal wave of applicants fighting over a very limited number of cars.

Back in July, we heard a rumor that Ford would reopen the application process, but not produce any more cars. It turns out this rumor was partially correct; Ford has confirmed to Autoblog that they will reopen applications and build another 350 cars. The GT will still also get a longer run, with production extending to 2022 instead of ending in 2020.

Applications open on November 8th of this year, and Ford will accept them for 30 days. After that, you’re probably well and truly out of luck. It’s unlikely that Ford will up the production totals or take new applications again after this, but anything is possible.

If this news is making you drool, and you want some more GT action to help satiate your hunger for the Blue Oval’s amazing halo car, read our first drive review and check out our video review of the GT buzzing the canyons above L.A.

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2018 Ford GT Review | Our first real-world drive of this future classic

When our editor-in-chief first drove the Ford GT in May of last year, he walked away thinking of the GT as Ford’s ultimate halo car, infused with legitimate motorsport mojo. A supercar that, even if it wasn’t beating road-going Ferraris or McLarens in any particular metric, had the panache to park next to them at any track event or car show. Even if you were ignorant of the original GT40‘s history, the GT is, in its own right, an impressive machine.

That was a chilly Utah morning, a mix of frigid track time and a little time on the street. This summer, we had a GT for a whole day, and all of Los Angeles was our playground. We made a beeline for Angeles Crest Highway, partly because the Maricopa Highway north of Ojai was closed due to fires, and partly because the San Gabriel Mountains are much closer. The goal was to use the GT in a different way, to step away from any comparison with its predecessors or competitors, to unleash it on a mountain road, to hear it roar a bit.

2018 Ford GT

Would this track-bred, track-raised machine hold up on real-world roads? Angeles Crest is fun, but as a public road it can be a bit unpredictable. It’s narrow and sinuous, minefields of gravel and dirt can appear mid-corner, guardrails aren’t always where you want them. Nor is it a place where the GT can safely exceed its limits — you drive to the road, not the car, or risk going over the edge.

What we found out, as you’ll see in the video above, is that the GT is shockingly multifaceted. I spent an hour in agonizing stop-and-go traffic — classic LA gridlock — and the GT was unfazed, even if I was frustrated. At moderate speeds cruising up to the mountains, it proved noisy but endearing. Frankly, the EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 and dual-clutch gearbox make a racket — and each individual sound is raw, perhaps nasty. But taken together, it’s a chorus of pure, joyful power. Same goes for the interior. Look too hard and you’ll see workmanship that I would unfavorably call Lotus-like. But the overall design is so bold, so deliciously purposeful, that it’s a wonderful place to spend time.

2018 Ford GT

And the exterior … the depth of the curves, the remarkable negative space under the buttresses. Black is perhaps the worst possible color to show off the incredible sculpture of the GT’s lines, but nothing we could do about that.

We already knew what the GT can do on track, both in road-going and full-race form. What this trip showed us is that this is no one-trick supercar. It is fun without being demanding on real public roads. It doesn’t fall on its face when forced to sit in traffic. It’s not intimidating to drive hard on gravel-strewn roads. Most importantly, you don’t need to take the GT right to the edge of its capabilities — nigh impossible on public roads — to have a ton of fun.

The only unfortunate thing about the GT is how unobtainable they are unless you have a wallet too thick to sit on, and that you — the reader — can’t hop in next to me and experience what I’m talking about. We hope the video above gets you a little closer to that real-world experience.

2017-2018 Ford GT recalled for fire risk

The Ford GT is a really hot car, and apparently it can get hotter. Ford announced a recall for 2017 and 2018 Ford GTsupercars for an issue that can lead to a fire. Apparently some valves at the base of the hydraulically actuated rear wing can start leaking fluid. This fluid can then drip down to the exhaust where it can ignite and start a fire.

According to Ford, one GT has caught fire, in Germany. The company said no one was hurt.

The recall is for Ford GTs built between December 20, 2016, and July 31, 2018, which includes 176 examples in the U.S. and 18 in Canada. The issue, apparently, is that there’s occasionally too much pressure in the hydraulic valve block below the wing, which forces fluid out. The fix uses a software update to prevent too much pressure from being applied. Some models will also be fitted with a hydraulic check valve and filter, as well as new O-rings if needed.

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John Cena Ford GT to be auctioned — again: Here comes owner No. 4

The saga of the 2017 Ford GT that was famously and briefly owned by John Cena and subject to a lawsuit from Ford over flipping the car for a profit has become the automotive equivalent of a hot potato, heading once again to the auction block, this time in Dallas at Mecum in October.

We last heard about this GT, which is stamped with the VIN number 77 for the year of Cena’s birth, last month when the wealthy California farmer who had bought it from Cena put it up for auction. Auctioneer Russo and Steele confirmed the supercar sold for $1.4 million during its Monterey Car Week auction on Aug. 25. Since then, if records are accurate, its third owner has put exactly 1 mile on the odometer, which now reads 626 miles.

It’s not clear what the minimum bid is for the upcoming Dallas auction, which takes place Oct. 3-6. Autoblog left a message Friday with a Mecum spokeswoman.

Ford sued Cena late last year for flipping the car for a profit shortly after he bought it for $466,376.50, citing its clause barring any sale of the first 500 models for two years. The two sides later settled the case for an undisclosed amount.

The infamous Liquid Blue GT comes with a mid-mounted twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 rated at 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque, with a top speed of 216 mph. It has a carbon fiber monocoque with an integrated steel roll cage and an aluminum substructure.

A Russo and Steele spokesman said the firm had to ensure it was free and clear of any litigation prior to its sale at Monterey last month, so the latest seller might be eager to flip it before that 2-year window expires and the other Ford GTs begin hitting the market.

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2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition brings Gulf Oil livery to the street

In 1968, a Ford GT40 wearing the iconic Gulf Oil livery and fielded by JW Automotive Engineering won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A year later, the same car — chassis number 1075 — won again, making it one of only a few vehicles to win the prestigious endurance race more than once. For 2019 and 2020, Ford is honoring those historic victories by introducing the GT Heritage Edition. Ford says 2019 cars will wear number 9 and the 2020s will wear number 6, mimicking the racing numbers worn by chassis 1075 in ’68 and ’69.

The most obvious and striking update made to the GT Heritage Edition is the blue and orange Gulf livery. The contrasting colors carry over inside with blue and orange stitching on the Alcantara seats and and steering wheel. An optional package provides exposed carbon fiber accents inside and out, including as a surround for the number on the hood. A unique set of 20-inch on-piece forged aluminum wheels are finished in high-gloss stainless, and orange brake calipers are another nice touch.

Last year, Ford created a Heritage Edition GT in red and white to honor its 1967 Le Mans season. In 2016, it built one for its 1966 victory.

Ford hasn’t put a limit on the number of Heritage Edition GTs it will build, but each will come with a unique serialized identification plate. Check out all the details in the image gallery up above.

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John Cena’s former 2017 Ford GT heads to auction at Monterey

The now-infamous 647-horsepower Liquid Blue 2017 Ford GT formerly owned (and then flipped) by actor and wrestling star John Cena is once again for sale, this time destined for the auction block this weekend at Monterey Car Week. And in a twist, Jalopnikreports it’s being auctioned by the same dealer Ford also sued for flipping it.

Chico, Calif.-based New Autos Inc. is sending the car to the Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auction Saturday night in downtown Monterey, advertising it as one of just 138 produced for 2017, the first model year, and with the VIN number 77, a nod to Cena’s birth year.

Ford late last year sued Cena for flipping his GT for a profit shortly after he acquired it for $466,376.50, citing a clause barring a sale of any of the first 500 models for 24 months. The two sides later settled for an undisclosed amount that reportedly was to go to charity.

New Autos is apparently eager to trumpet the car’s clean legal bill of health. “This is the only 2017 Ford GT for sale that is unencumbered by past, present or future lawsuits from Ford,” Bernie Knaus, the president of New Autos Inc., said in a release. He added, “Whoever buys it will get an incredible car with no legal issues attached, since it was already settled.”

Jalopnik spoke with Knaus, who told them Cena sold the GT to a 78-year-old wealthy farmer in California who wanted one last great supercar and is reportedly a big Ford fan, with a large collection of F-Series pickups doing duty on his farm. He’s apparently no longer able to use the car and decided to sell it with a scant 625 miles on the odometer.

“He says, ‘Bernie, I don’t need to sell the car. But it’s getting to the point where I can’t get in the car, and it’s too difficult to drive,'” Knaus told the site. “He has some back issues, (but) he got the dream of owning it.

“This was gong to be his last great car for himself, and he wanted it to be an American car. That was critical. And not only an American car, but he wanted it to be a Ford.”

Ford recently decided to re-open the application process for the 2019 Ford GT in the fourth quarter of this year but remains committed to the quota of 1,000 examples over four build years through 2020.

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Ford to reopen GT application process later this year

Motor Authority has learned Ford will begin taking new applications for the 2019 Ford GT in the fourth quarter of this year. After the Blue Oval extended production to October 2020, this year will be the third out of four years for GT builds. Applicants who haven’t been approved previously are welcome to update their applications, and new customers are welcome to apply.

The survey questions remain the same as at launch. Hopefuls will still need to show their Ford connections and possible Ford collections, and then they can take the optional freeform step of a publicly accessible 60-second video showing “Your Style.” There were a number of videographic gems among the first batch of applicants, when 6,506 people with $450,000 to spend tried to prove they would be the ultimate Ford ambassador.

The carmaker’s sticking to the application schedule even though supplier Multimatic is behind on the overall build schedule. Multimatic needed more time than expected to ramp up to producing one car per day, so instead of the 250 coupes promised for the 2017 model year, Multimatic built 138. Ford said it is committed to the quota of 1,000 units, so delivery times might have shifted a tad, but all deliveries will be made.

It’s expected that the plummy Heritage Edition will introduce a rare, sincere use of the famous Gulf livery. After the black and silver-striped 2017 Heritage Edition celebrated the 1966 GT40 Le Mans winner, the red and white-striped 2018 Heritage Edition celebrated the 1967 GT40 Le Mans winner, deduction would dictate the 2019 Heritage Edition will come dressed in the blue and orange Gulf colors flown by the No. 9 GT40 that won Le Mans in 1968.

For the newly rich who have more funds than followers, you probably have a couple of months before the window opens to blow up your social media accounts and build a pristine collection of Escorts and Probes. A one-way ticket to Kentucky and a paper copy of AutoTrader is probably the best place to start.

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John Cena claims Ford never told him not to flip his GT for profit

Back in December we reported that Ford had sued celebrity and ex-WWE wrestler John Cena for flipping his brand-new Ford GT for a quick profit. Originally, there’s nothing that odd about selling one’s new car even after just 30 days of ownership — but Ford’s intent was to keep the new-generation GT owners’ club an exclusive one: Hopeful buyers had to apply for a chance to buy the car, and they would not be able to sell the vehicle in less than two years. At least that was Ford’s plan.

According to Ford, Cena bought the car for $466,376.50 and reportedly sold it near-immediately for “a handsome profit.” A lawsuit for “damages and losses, including, but not limited to, loss of brand value, ambassador activity, and customer goodwill due to the improper sale” resulted.

Now, Cena claims the vehicle’s purchase paperwork he signed never mentioned anything about the don’t-flip-it-for-two-years clause. TMZ is reporting that court documents detail there wasn’t any no-resale clause in the final paperwork. As a result, Cena is asking for the judge to throw the case out.

Cena’s trademark finishing move as a wrestler was the Attitude Adjustment, which it looks like he’s now trying on Ford. We’ll be following the process.

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Ford GT, Mustang GT, Focus RS and more go head-to-head in Spain

Ford Performance has a pretty stellar lineup. There seems to be a vehicle for everyone, whether you want a supercar, a hot hatch or even a Baja-blasting pickup. Sometime during pre-season testing of the Ford GT race car, all eight Ford Chip Ganassi Racing Team drivers decided to have a go around Motorland near Barcelona, Spain, in all eight currently available Ford Performance vehicles (that means two Fiestas and no Edge ST). Even with a staggered start, the finishing order isn’t surprising. Watch the full video above.

The eight cars are the F-150 Raptor, the outgoing Ford Fiesta ST, the new Ford Fiesta ST, the Ford Focus RS, the Ford Mustang GT, the Shelby GT350, the Ford GT and the GT LM GTE-Pro race car. The race begins with a staggered start, beginning with the Raptor and ending with the GT LM GTE-Pro. It’s funny to watch the Raptor roll its way through the corners as the first Fiesta ST starts to close in on the rear. The end of the video was likely staged, but Ford did release all eight lap times.

For clarity’s sake, the red Fiesta ST is the outgoing model that’s currently available in the U.S.. It’s powered by a 1.6-liter EcoBoost turbocharged inline-four (Ford lists the European model’s 180 horsepower rating). The new car is powered by a 200 horsepower 1.5-liter EcoBoost turbocharged inline-three. That model isn’t available in the U.S. and likely won’t make it over.

Car and drivers:

Driver Vehicle Engine Power Lap Time
Ryan Briscoe F-150 Raptor 3.5L EcoBoost V6 450HP 2:30.65
Dirk Müller Fiesta ST 1.6L EcoBoost I4 180 HP 2:19.01
Harry Tincknell Fiesta ST 1.5L EcoBoost I3 200 HP 2:16.58
Richard Westbrook Focus RS 2.3L EcoBoost I4 350 HP 2:11.01
Stefan Mücke Mustang GT 5.0L V8 460 HP 2:06.19
Joey Hand Shelby GT350 R 5.2L V8 526 HP 1:58.14
Olivier Pla GT 3.5L EcoBoost V6 647 HP 1:50.02
Andy Priaulx GT LM GTE-Pro 3.5L EcoBoost V6 N/A 1:40.00

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First Ford GT and Corvette ZR1 built heading to the same auction

You probably won’t need to worry about depreciation with these ones. Barrett-Jackson will be auctioning the very first current-generation Ford GT and new Corvette ZR1 to roll off their respective assembly lines. The gavel will fall Jan. 20 with proceeds for both going to charity.

The Ford GT is especially worth a look, since not only is it the first example, it will be easier to get via auction than hoping to get an application approved from Ford. It’s a great color, too, as Liquid Blue (sans stripes) was the hue it wore for the reveal and in promotional material. It was also exclusive to it and several show-car versions of other Fords. Odds are this GT will go for more than a new one from Ford, though, since all of the proceeds will go to charity. Specifically, the Autism Society of North Carolina. Obviously, whoever buys it should be able to use the car as a tax write-off.

The same high-cost, double-edged sword will apply to the ZR1 as well, though in this case the proceeds will go the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation that supports seriously injured emergency first responders. Unlike the GT, though, the buyer of the ZR1 will have the opportunity to spec out the first example however he or she likes, since the car isn’t out quite yet. It will be available as either a coupe or convertible, and with the seven-speed manual or eight-speed automatic. Chevy will also include an option package that adds carbon fiber interior trim, leather-wrapped instrument cowl and the performance data recorder.

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Ford sues John Cena for flipping his 2017 Ford GT

When Ford launched its Application Program for the Ford GT, observers noted the hoops and hurdles Ford set up to manage its relationship with the high-end clientele club. Well, every club has a toilet, Ford just found it, and actor John Cena left the carmaker a present. Cena took delivery of a custom 2017 GT in September, then sold the coupe not even a month later — an audacious violation of the purchase contract he signed, which bound owners to hold onto their cars for at least two years. For such treason, Ford sued Cena in U.S. District Court last week, seeking more than $75,000 in damages.

Cena paid $466,376.50 for the liquid blue coupe with the “Dark Energy” interior, and made a video about taking delivery of the car around Sept. 23. Not long after that love-fest, sometime around Oct. 20, the GT had a new owner. Ford called Cena a few days later when it heard about the sale, and said Cena copped to the flip. The ex-WWE wrestler is alleged to have later texted Ford, “I completely understand and as stated am willing to work with you and Ford to make it right. My sincerest apologies,” and explained the sale was “for cash to take care of expenses.”

Ford’s lawsuit alleges Cena never made it right, after snagging “a handsome profit.” The Blue Oval wants restitution for that profit, for “damages and losses, including, but not limited to, loss of brand value, ambassador activity, and customer goodwill due to the improper sale,” and for attorney and court costs.

The whole situation is kind of kooky, considering Cena’s car collection numbers roughly 22 cars, one of them a 2006 Ford GT. Cena’s YouTube series Auto Geeks makes a point of telling the story behind each one of his cars; we’re surprised this is the story he wants to tell about his 2017 Ford GT. Ford’s lawsuit said Cena’s Application Program appeal included the line, “[If] I were to be deemed fit for ownership I would most certainly use every vehicle of communication to let the world know about the car, the brand, and the experience.” Now the only words he has for Ford come from his wrestling days: “If you want some, come get some!”

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Sunday Drive: Still thankful for supercars

The Thanksgiving holiday meant that last week was pretty short on stories, but apparently our readers are still thankful for supercars. The biggest news of the week was the new Aston Martin Vantage, which is clothed in a new look that Autoblog readers are still very much unsure of. It’s a radical departure from past Aston Martin models, and while everyone seems to agree that the profile is lovely, the squinty headlamps are a particular source of contention. Its 503 horsepower and 512 pound-feet of torque cannot be argued with … oh, and a V12 may be coming soon.

Moving along is a nearly new 2006 Ford GT for sale that’s expected to fetch around $300,000 at auction. It’s so unused that it still has plastic wrap covering the leather interior. The Ango-American theme continues with the McLaren 720S, though not in road-going form. Still, renderings of the upcoming 720S GT3 racer round out this supercar-rich recap.

As always, stay tuned to Autoblog for all the latest automotive news that’s fit to print.

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