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TOKK Reactor Speakers

Buy the TOKK Reactor Speakers if you want some wireless audio companion that’s like nothing else in the market. Not only do these speakers feature rich stereo sound, they’re also pocket-sized so you can take them anywhere.

With a built-in battery offering up to eight hours of listening time, you can enjoy your favorite playlists without missing a beat. The real highlight here, however, are the magnetic wireless halves that affix together and to other magnetic surfaces. That means these can attach to any metallic surface thanks to its magnetic ability.

As for the sound, it features 4W RMS — just fancy talk that means the speakers can deliver loud and high-definition sound. Unfortunately, it’s still stuck with Bluetooth 4.2. That severely limits its capabilities, sadly. However, you should have no problem connecting it to your devices. You can even use it to take a call or talk to Siri if you pair it with an iPhone. Google Assistant is also supported, of course, as is other select smart assistants.

And before we forget: this thing’s also waterproof. IPX5, to be exact. That means you can use it for poolside hangouts and not have to worry about occasional splashes. Just don’t dip it into the water for very long.

Perfect for traveling, camping, or anything, the TOKK Reactor Speakers are a sleek pair of feature-rich speakers that will accompany you with your favorite tunes as you go about. The package comes with a lanyard and carabiner for easy carry, and a microUSB cable.


Bose Home Speaker 300

The Bose Home Speaker is the audio company’s tiniest smart speaker yet at just a little over six inches tall. Bose says it delivers “powerful bass and true 360-degree sound” at just $259.95.

For that kind of cash, you’d hope for top-tier audio quality, and fair enough, Bose has never failed us before. The Bose Home Speaker 300 is loaded with modern smarts. You can link it up with other speakers or soundbars from the company’s lineup and create a true multi-room music system.

It’s clear Bose patterned this one after its Home Speaker 500, but to downsize the prize, it had to make some compromises. For starters, there’s no more LCD that features album artwork for currently playing tracks. Still, it’s got the same playback controls on top, alongside several preset buttons that help users quickly pull up favorite songs or an internet radio station.

Besides voice command support, the Bose Home Speaker 300 also features AirPlay 2 integration. And it can act as your everyday Bluetooth speaker if you don’t care much about the smart speaker stuff. The only potential downside to this powerful device is that it needs to plugged in at all times. And there’s no built-in battery for wireless listening, so that means you can’t bring this with you poolside-style. Unless there’s an outlet there nearby, of course.

The Bose Home Speaker 300 is sleek, svelte, and offers topnotch sound quality. At a price you’ve come to expect from Bose, which is to say quite expensive. But, really, what’s not to like here?


Turtlebox Bluetooth Speaker System

Heading outdoors used be just you, your pals, some survival gear, a cooler, and Mother Nature. These days, our high-tech lifestyle makes it difficult to leave behind our gadgets. Other than our smartphones, people usually bring Bluetooth speakers to play tunes while hanging out. In order to survive unpredictable weather and other environmental hazards, a lot of wireless speakers are now water-resistant. However, the Turtlebox is an intimidating gadget that ups the ante not only is durability but also with the sound.

Boasting a max volume of up to 120 decibels, users should proceed with caution unless they want to scare off everything within range. The manufacturer claims that sound quality will not degrade even in the highest setting. With an ingress protection rating of IP67, you’re practically free to dunk throw it in the water. You can even wash off the dirt and grime that accumulates with a garden hose. Not only is it virtually waterproof, but the formidable housing can also withstand a boatload and abuse.

This durable Bluetooth speaker can even pair with another Turtlebox sound system for stereo audio. Not only is this gadget one tough customer, but it’s also built to keep the party going. The built-in rechargeable battery will pump out tunes for up 20 hours (at 50 percent volume). Not only is it an awesome sound system for outdoor adventures, but you can also use it for tailgate and backyard parties. Moreover, knowing that it’s waterproof, users can even bring it aboard their watercraft for roaring tunes while cruising the seas.

Images courtesy of Turtlebox

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Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 Bluetooth Speaker

If there’s one thing that consumers want, its options. We might be purchasing the same stuff with the same features, but we always desire originality. It could be a fancy case to cover your smartphone or a stick-on decal that looks cools and makes your device stand out. There’s a huge market for after-market customization and manufacturers all want a piece of the pie. That’s why the Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 is letting you design a one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker.

The brand is taking the initiative giving its customers control over how their speakers will look like. This is a similar concept as to what Motorola offered for its Moto X smartphone. These days, the Lenovo-owned brand is approaching customization a little differently with its modular platform. Taking cues from Moto Maker, Buyers can design how the device looks like online. On the other hand, you can also drop by at select T-Mobile stores in Miami or Chicago and do it there.

You can change the colors of the top, bottom, speaker grille, volume buttons, and strap. Users can select from a wide range of flat colors all of the components. However, there are some special patterns that can be applied to the speaker grille. Furthermore, buyers can also add an engraving to make it more personal. Just like its the regular model, the Ultimate Ears myBOOM 3 is compatible with the optional POWER UP charging dock. It’s a stylish and unique Bluetooth Speaker that you can bring anywhere. The IP67 rating should keep it safe from water and dust.

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Gomi Hand-Marbled Plastic Bluetooth Speakers

Over the past few years, we’re noticing a big push from companies go green. For example, the automotive industry is steadily making the switch to electric-powered vehicles. Other manufacturers opt to use recycled materials when crafting their products. Overall, this movement is going to be great for the environment as it gives nature more time to recover. Unfortunately, for consumers electronics, the only thing that we can consider as eco-friendly would be the packaging. However, that’s about to change with the Gomi Hand-Marbled plastic speakers.

What’s great about this project is that the material its using is typically not for recycling. We’re talking about flexible plastics that are normally a one-use affair and thrown away. These include shrink wraps, plastic bags, packaging films, builder’s films, and much more. Gomi starts by collecting these and uses a special process to melt and compress the material. The result is exceptional housing that showcases unique patterns on the surface. With all the components assembled inside, you have a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker that offers 18 hours of use on a single charge.

If there’s one thing that’s abundant in trash heaps it’s going to be plastic. Even the ones that are supposedly bio-degradable continue to occupy our landfills. Multiple reports and research even confirm that oceans and beaches are unwillingly hosting these environmental hazards. Wildlife is all sadly affected and end up dying primarily because of ingestion. Not to mention that some end up choking from being entangled. This is the harsh truth that’s plaguing our planet right now. So it’s great news that products like the Gomi Hand-Marbled wireless speaker exist.

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The Soundcast VG5 Is A Weather-Proof Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless speakers are almost a dime a dozen these days, but the Soundcast VG5 is a weatherproof one. That means you can take it to pool parties, beach trips, or out in the rain if you’re feeling a bit melodramatic. And you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

That alone is impressive in itself, but the Soundcast VG5 boasts a pretty excellent sound quality and and stunning performance, easily making it a fantastic choice if you’re on the market for a robust Bluetooth speaker to give your future dance parties enormous sizzle.

The design resembles that of an Amazon Echo, which is to say it’s a tower-style speaker that has a capacitive touch panel up top. There, you’ll find controls for turning the device on or off, toggling Bluetooth on or off, changing the volume, muting sound, and more. That’s coupled with a gauge-style LED array that displays the battery capacity.

The exterior, again, is weather-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about bringing this thing outdoors even if light rain starts. In terms of the design itself, we have to admit this isn’t the best-looking Bluetooth speaker we’ve come across, but that’s a small demerit for an otherwise excellent device.

As for the sound component, you’ll find cinched within a long-throw, down-firing 6-inch woofer as well as two 3-inch full range drivers. This combination allows the speaker to produce a low-booming sound, delivering excellent clarity that can fill any room. The device supports Bluetooth 4.2, Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Circuitry, and codecs like hi-def AAC and apt-X. You can get it now for $450 a pop.


Top 16 Water Resistant And Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speakers


ho doesn’t like blasting out some tunes while they’re in the shower, making sure everyone in the house can hear the full force of your vocals? Perhaps, you’re looking to chill out on the beach and want to enjoy some music by the ocean. If you’re an active guy, you’ll want some musical entertainment often in awkward times. Introducing Bluetooth shower speakers.

They use the latest technology to make sure your music can be heard clearly, in very wet environments.

The best part is that unlike other types of speakers you won’t have to compete with the sound of the water, as Bluetooth shower speakers don’t mind getting a bit wet. Some are fonder of water than others, which we’ll go over later.

As a portable design, they’re perfect for taking with you on the move too. Some brands are totally in sync with an active lifestyle and can shrug off bumps and bangs without pausing for breath.

Others don’t cope so well with rough treatment.

However, with their water-resistant exterior, they’re great for pool-side, on the beach. or even getting wet in the rain.

If you’re new to the idea of this technology, don’t worry as we’ve scrutinized every last detail of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers on the market. Below you’ll find a bit more information about the main facts to look out for as well as our list of the 16 Bluetooth shower speakers we think are top picks.

What are the main things to consider before buying Bluetooth shower speakers?

How you plan on using your Bluetooth shower speakers will determine the facts that are most relevant when you’re looking around the market. If you’re simply planning on using it for some tunes while you’re in the shower, you may have very different priorities for someone who’s out and about.

However, battery life is the one area that unites everyone. No one wants a speaker that needs to be constantly recharged, right? That would be frustrating for sure. Look out for a speaker that has a long playback facility and charges quickly. There are several that fit this well.

Some speakers are well-suited to being on the go and are designed to withstand a few knocks and scrapes. If you think you’re likely to be using your speaker while biking, hiking, or during sports activities, you might find it preferable to get a shock-absorbent design that doesn’t mind a bit of rough.

What are the main safety considerations when buying Bluetooth shower speakers?

Electronic devices and water aren’t usually a combination that pairs up well. However, thanks to clever technology, you can now enjoy your music in the shower or while out walking in the rain.

Despite the advances in design, this doesn’t mean you have the freedom to treat your device however you please.

There will still be some safety considerations you’ll need to bear in mind.

Bluetooth shower speakers will come with a description of how much water it can comfortably handle. For some, this means being submerged while for others, it simply means that they’re splash-proof. A water-resistant shower speaker doesn’t mean you can dunk it fully in the bath, or go diving with your speaker.

A quick read of the instructions will reveal the extent of how much water it can take.

If for any reason your speaker should stop working, don’t be tempted to open it up and try to fix it yourself. There’s the risk that you’ll damage the waterproofing and put yourself at risk when it encounters water again. Always ensure that your device is professionally repaired if you want to preserve the waterproofing on the exterior.

The instructions the device comes with will always offer the best possible ways to take care of your speaker(s), and what to do when it has trouble.

Avoiding direct sunlight and storing your speaker in cool, dry conditions will normally be recommended. The instructions might also specify that you should keep it away from sharp objects.

This is an unlikely problem but means that you won’t accidentally damage your device.

Although the speaker is well-equipped to play music for your children, don’t leave it around for little fingers to investigate. There are many small parts and chemicals in a speaker that could be potentially hazardous.

What’s The Difference In Waterproof vs water-resistant Bluetooth shower speakers? 

If you’re planning on using your speaker simply in the shower, you might not have to worry too much about the difference here. However, if you’d like to enjoy the full portability of your Bluetooth speaker, it could be handy to know just how waterproof it really is.

The wording on the box is key here because waterproof and water-resistant are not the same thing.

A water-resistant speaker will be able to handle a few splashes and won’t mind if it gets a bit wet. However, if you give this speaker a real soaking you’ll soon find that it’s not performing at its best – if at all.

In direct contrast, a waterproof speaker is one which is completely impervious to water under the conditions it describes. No water will seep inside and you can have complete confidence that the device will be unaffected.

There is a grading system used for devices which is very useful in understanding just how water-resistant or waterproof your speaker might be. The IPX system is the most commonly used in the United States – look out for speakers that are graded at IPX7 for maximum waterproofing.

This allows the speaker to be submerged for up to 30 minutes in one meter of water. It won’t help you if you plan on deep-sea diving with your tunes. However, it does mean your speaker won’t instantly die if you drop it in the bath.

IPX ratings of 4, 5, and 6 mean the device isn’t submersible but can cope with splashes of increasing intensity.

Now you’ve had a quick rundown of the basics, there’s no time to delay. Here are the top 16 water-resistant and waterproof Bluetooth shower speakers on the market today.

1) Ultimate Ears Black Volcano Waterproof Roll 2

The Roll 2 by Ultimate Ears kicks off this list, and phew, it’s impressive. These Bluetooth shower speakers are capable of producing sweet sounds, making it sound perfect anywhere. It’s certified as IPX7, which means it can be fully submerged in water of up to one meter for up to 30 minutes.

A rechargeable battery provided in the purchase will last up to nine hours of playback time. That means you won’t run out of tunes when you’re at the beach, or maybe taking a really long bath.

It will take 5.5 hours to charge the speaker back up, ready for blasting out more music.

The Roll 2 connects with other Ultimate Ears devices and the app allows you to control what’s being played. Up to three sources can be used at a time on this device, but only two can truly work at a time. It has has a play range of around 20 meters or 65 feet.

Something we feel is terrific to find in any of the Bluetooth shower speakers on the market today.

It’s a great pick for when you’re out and about as much as it is for your master bathroom. The flexible bungee cord that comes with the purchase will allow you to strap the speaker(s) to a bike, backpack, or board.

This offers incredible mobility for sure.

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2) JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Black Speaker

If you want to switch effortlessly between taking calls on your cell and blasting out your tracks, this speaker can do it all. Unlike the Roll 2 above, these Bluetooth shower speakers from JBL have multiple functions that you can switch between.

If you’re getting into the groove but want to switch to take a call, it’s just a flick of a button to change modes. Whether your friends want to talk to you while you’re butt-naked in the shower is another matter entirely!

Echo and noise-canceling technology ensure that the sound this speaker emits is beautifully-clear but it doesn’t sacrifice any volume either. Louder than its predecessor, it’s a beast of a machine packaged into perfect proportions. The exact playback time between charges depends on the volume.

However, you could get as much as 20 hours of shower-warbling time. Don’t blame us if you come out all wrinkly!

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3) Polk Audio Boom Swimmer Red Bluetooth Speaker

We love a bit of acoustic accompaniment in the shower but with this kind of clever technology, you can now enjoy your music on the move too. The boffins over at Polk Audio have come up with these amazing Bluetooth shower speakers that are perfect for when you’re out and about.

With extreme shock absorption built-in, they’re almost daring you to test this speaker to the limit. They’re that confident in their design.

However, not content with encouraging you to chuck the speaker around, Polk Audio also say that it’s resistant to dust and dirt. Take it with you while biking, hiking, or just chilling at the beach. There’s nothing that’s going to bother your musical friend.

Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices, the Swimmer carries an IPX7 rating. This means it can be dunked in water of up to one meter (a little over 3 feet) in depth for up to 30 minutes.

If all of that wasn’t good enough, the design is practical and intelligent too. The speaker has a flexible tail. This allows you to hook the speaker around various surfaces or knot it through itself, creating a secure attachment.

If there’s nowhere to attach it too, the tail is strong enough to create a snake-like base for the speaker to sit upon.

This offers the perfect position for warm, sunny days spent lazing by the pool or ocean. They really have thought of everything.

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4) Anker Soundcore 2 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

For a budget buy that doesn’t skimp on performance the Anker Soundcore 2 is a great shout. These Bluetooth shower speakers offer booming bass sounds that are great at all volumes. With zero distortion, the audio is pure and clear. The special technology within boosts low-end frequencies, allowing the unit to delivers beats to your very soul.

There’s no let-up either with a powerful battery that’s capable of holding a charge for a full day of use.

However, at such a great price this unit has its limitations and its waterproof ability is where the pinch comes. It’s only rated as IPX5, not IPX7 as other units. This means it can’t be dunked into water and survive. It is water-resistance helps it out a lot, however.

The IPX5 rating proves it’s capable of handling spills, as well as dust, rain, and snow. It can even handle a bit of a sprinkling from the shower.

Just don’t submerge it in the tub and you’ll be okay.

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5) Libratone One Click Splash-Proof Speaker

The One Click from Libratone offers portable Bluetooth shower speakers that are easy to take with you on the move. Shaped just like a paperback book, it’s easy to slip into your backpack or purse.

This speaker has been designed to deliver exceptional performance wherever you are, with a phenomenal 360° sound.

This means that everyone in the vicinity can enjoy the same high-quality audio for up to 12 hours.

The design isn’t submersible as it’s just IPX4-rated, but it is splash-proof so it’s fine for the shower and withstanding the weather. It’s a more expensive speaker than some of the others on our list. However, like the Charge 3, it also can take calls from your cell and act as a speakerphone.

With intuitive controls and an accompanying app that’s easy to use, this speaker offers a 3” woofer and 1” tweeter. All of which will surpass your expectations for this little device.

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6) Sharkk Mako

For a surprisingly low price, these Bluetooth shower speakers are portable and boast a whopping amount of technology. Offering far more than simply a way to enjoy your tunes in damp conditions, the connectivity that Sharkk have come up with has some serious bite.

Along with having great Near Field Communication (NFC) functionality, the Mako has hands-free calling with a microphone that supports both Siri and S-Voice. This is on top of its superior Bluetooth 4.0 connection and the built-in AUX port.

An IP67 rating means that not only is the unit waterproof, but it’s also dustproof too. If you’re hanging out on the beach, you don’t need to worry about grains of sand destroying your speaker. On top of being submersible, the unit actually repels water.

Although we don’t suggest you take it scuba-diving.

It looks cool too, with LED backlights that are activated by a thermal sensor. This makes sure every last drop of your battery power is used for blasting out your music.

We like this speaker a lot, especially as it’s not going to break the bank.

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7) Fugoo Style S Portable Outdoor Speaker

These tremendous Bluetooth shower speakers by Fugoo don’t just tolerate water, it loves being in it. Scoffing at the danger of being damp, this is the James Bond of speakers. Although this speaker can be submerged for up to 30 minutes, we’d very much like to see you try to keep it in there that long.

It’s so lightweight it just pops out of the water.

That’s right, this is a floating speaker – throw it in the water and it bobs around like it’s enjoying its very own pool party.

The speaker is rated IP67, which means it’s not just waterproof but will also shrug off dust, dirt, and snow. You can take it kayaking, mountain biking, or skiing just as easily as having it by your pool or in your shower. The Fugoo is specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor play so you’ll receive a crisp sound quality wherever you are.

Compatible with both Google Now and Siri, you can use voice-activation controls that allow you to have a hands-free option.

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8) Fugoo Sport Long-Life Portable Speaker

The folks at Fugoo are back again with another entry that you’ll love. Although the shape and dimensions of the Sport are similar to the Style S, don’t be fooled by the appearance. The Sport has a number of features that far exceed what the Style S offers, even if it doesn’t have the same magical floating ability.

One of the most noticeable features of these Bluetooth shower speakers has to be its phenomenal battery life. Advertised as one of the best in the world, you can rock out tunes at 50% volume for an incredible 40 hours. Every single note of the audio will sound amazing, thanks to the six drivers located on four sides.

This allows the sound to be heard clearly all around.

This is another multifunctional speaker with the ability to hook up with Siri and Google and a full-duplex speakerphone. Like the others from the Fugoo workshop, this speaker is fully proofed against water, dust, and dirt. Meaning you can take it on the move, playing sports, and even to the beach.

The Fugoo Sport is fine for the shower too, of course. It’s submersible for up to one meter for 30 minutes, so even if you drop it in the bath, it’s not going to break down. Phew!

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9) Soundbot SB510 Waterproof Portable Speaker

The Soundbot is a simple yet futuristic design that comes in a range of colors from pure white to bright pink, and everything in between. A central unit on the device is where all the controls are housed, which includes the functionality to take phone calls as well as providing an inbuilt mic.

At just 3.54” across, these Bluetooth shower speakers have a design that’s diminutive yet doesn’t compromise on quality. Advanced Bluetooth technology allows it to pair with a vast range of compatible devices that offer clear call quality from up to 33’ away.

The sealed unit looks like it would offer a strong defense against water and you’d be right. Certified as IPX4, the surface is splash-proof so it can be used around the shower or the pool, or even at the beach.

Wherever you go, this speaker offers sublime digital sound with wind and noise reduction technology.

This enriches the audio experience right across the spectrum. However, its power at the IPX4 rating means it cannot be submerged like others on the list. It’s water resistant and not waterproof, it appears.

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10) Ultimate Ears Boom 2

Ultimate Ears are back again, and not just because we like saying the quirky name of this brand. Another top contender to check out, the Boom 2 model are some serious Bluetooth shower speakers. They simply dare other contenders to take its crown, and they may struggle to do so.

This model is surely impressive to look at. However, it has an impressive array of features that are guaranteed to seduce any potential user.

Unlike its predecessor, the Boom 2 is waterproof and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in one meter(little over 3 feet) of water. This is, of course, confirmed by its IPX7 rating.  If you want to create the ultimate sound for a party, more than 150 Ultimate Ears speakers can be paired together for crystal-clear audio that will knock your socks off.

A range of 100 feet for Bluetooth connectivity is a pretty impressive range, but what’s more impressive, the battery charge holds for 15 hours of play. There’s an app to increase the functionality but if you want to skip, pause, or plays songs you can just tap the speaker.

What could be easier than that?!

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11) iFox Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Small and discreet, these diminutive Bluetooth shower speakers pack a powerful punch with loud, clear sounds for both the shower and when you’re on the move. Fully waterproof, these speakers are submersible up to 30 minutes for water up to one meter deep.

It comes complete with a great suction cup attached to the bag. This makes it easily mounted on surfaces like the shower door/wall or even the dash of your car!

Despite the small size, there’s impressive functionality with these Bluetooth shower speakers as it also allows you to answer your cell. You can also play, pause, or skip tracks and control the volume with intuitive buttons that are easy to operate.

The battery will last for 10 hours and only takes three hours to charge. That means it won’t be long before you’re powered up and ready to go once more!

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12) Sbode Portable Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Despite the very reasonable price, these Bluetooth shower speakers from Sbode are crammed full of impressive features. Covered with tough mesh and featuring rubberized bumpers, it’s built for life on the move.

It can be played either standing up or lying down without affecting the quality of the audio.

With acoustic drivers combined with a passive bass radiator, it seems to deliver a sound that doesn’t compromise. It’s IPX6-rated, providing excellent protection and water-resistance. You’ll get eight hours of battery playing time per charge, with only three hours needed to charge back up.

A clever feature is the True Wise Speakers (TWS) system provides a proper stereo sound that you’ll have to hear to truly believe. When paired with another Sbode, the audio splits between left and right sound, just like a proper stereo.

The built-in FM radio finishes the package, delivering a clear signal whether you’re indoors or outside.

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13) Gideon AquaAudio™ Portable Waterproof Cubo

These impressive Bluetooth shower speakers are unique with its square design. This looks fresh and contemporary as soon as you lift it out of the box. It offers a solid 10 hours of playback time before it needs charging, but you’ll be powered back up again to full within 2.5 hours.

This is the insanely fast charging speed that the guys at AquaAudio™ provide. Compatible with Siri, this speaker will pair with others and receive a signal from up to 50 feet away, offering real convenience.

The device doubles up as a hands-free speakerphone for your cell and has all the controls you need, with separate volume buttons for simple operation.

A built-in mic makes it easy to chat and the sound for both music and speech is pin-sharp and crystal-clear.

The AquaAudio™ Cubo comes with a suction cup for easy attachment to glass, ceramic, and any other smooth surface.

Not all reviewers were happy with the strength of the suction cup as there were some reports of it working loose. However, judging off the positive reviews it looks like this was more of an isolated issue than rampant one.

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14) Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker

You may think we cannot get enough of the Ultimate Ears brand around here, and you might be right. Their final entry on our hot 16 comes in the form of the Wonderboom. This is an award-winning design from their collection, which meant we just had to include it.

A small but powerful speaker, its diminutive size means it’s easy to take along when you’re out and about without weighing your backpack down. Available in 11 different colors, you’ll get 10 hours of play on a single charge.

Connect it with other Ultimate Ears devices for a mega-loud party that doesn’t lose a shred of its clarity of sound. This is thanks to its 360° speaker design.

The controls on these Bluetooth shower speakers are simple and intuitive. You just have to tap the device to skip, pause, or play tracks. If you get caught out in the rain or drop the speaker into your bath, there’s no problem either.

This is due to its tremendous IPX7 rating, meaning it is fully submersible in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

It offers some of the best protection you’ll find anywhere and ranks it among the best in the world.

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15) Photive Hydra Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This isn’t the smallest shower speaker you’ll find but there are a certain strength and solidarity in this design that is very reassuring. However, it’s only just longer than an iPhone so it’s possible to take it out to the beach or even hiking without huge inconvenience.

In comparison to some of the other designs such as the iFox, these Bluetooth shower speakers are a bit too bulky to attach to your car dash.

One of the strengths of this speaker is undoubtedly the ease of which it’s possible to pair with other devices and its universal compatibility. It will work with everything from Apple to Android, including Windows and even your TV too.

You’ll get eight hours of pure sound that’s flawless and clear, this is courtesy of Bluetooth. This has been optimized to deliver the very best audio available.

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16) Taotronics Water-Resistant Shower Speaker

The final item on our list proves that size doesn’t matter – for speakers at least! These are small yet powerful Bluetooth shower speakers that we feel you’ll absolutely love.

A strong silica gel suction cup allows this speaker to attach to the shower wall, providing you sound right where you want it for up to six hours.

We’re not suggesting you stay in the shower for six hours. Rather, we’re just saying you wouldn’t run out of music if you wanted to. Imagine the water bill if you did though!

With an IPX4 rating, this speaker isn’t submersible but it is splash-proof, allowing it to get a bit wet. This makes it ideal for poolside, shower rooms, or in other areas where it might get splashed. It’s not compatible with audio books but that’s the only real exception this speaker has.

You can take calls from your cell on this speaker while you’re still in the shower, like others. It’s fully compatible with Apple, Android, Windows, and all other Bluetooth-enabled devices. That means these Bluetooth shower speakers truly offer easy functionality along with excellent audio whenever you need it.

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Face the music!

That concludes our list of the best Bluetooth shower speakers on the market today. We think there are some amazing speakers available, and we’re likely going to grab some ourselves. Whether you have an active or relaxed lifestyle, you’ll find a speaker to suit your needs that won’t break your budget either.

We know how deeply satisfying it is to warble along to your favorite tracks in the depths of your bathroom, what guy doesn’t, right? However, we’re sure you’ll be thanking us for pointing out these top picks – even if the rest of your household isn’t quite so grateful.

Perhaps our next countdown should be a list of the best earplugs on the market? Just kidding, we’re sure you’ve got a beautiful voice…cough…maybe not….cough.

Marshall Kilburn II Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall has unwrapped the next iteration of its Kilburn range of speakers, aptly named the Kilburn II. Just as you would expect from the brand, the new device is as stylish as the first one. However, it’s now boasting some sweet new audio enhancements, including Bluetooth 5.0 aptX and multi-directional sound.

The original Kilburn was one of the most acclaimed portable Bluetooth speakers at the time of its release, so it’s no surprise that its successor looks basically like a ghost image of its predecessor, albeit with a little bit more polish. Don’t be fooled, though — just because they look the same doesn’t mean Marshall goofed around and rested on its laurels. On the contrary, they’ve added some pretty big changes. Among them are the upgraded 20w amplifier for the woofer and a pair of 8w amps for the tweeters. This combo makes for louder, richer, and crisper sound quality overall.

It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology, currently the highest standard when it comes to wireless audio playback. The efficiency of this tech, coupled with the speaker’s sizable battery, means you can get up to 20 hours of music playback on a single charge.

But the biggest change of all is the back-mounted speaker, which means the Kilburn II is capable of 360-degree, multi-directional sound, meaning you’ll have more immersive and high-fidelity listening experiences.

The speaker also boasts a water resistance rating of IPX2, so it should come out unscathed even if you accidentally splash some water on it during your poolside party. That doesn’t mean you can throw it in the pool, though. You can get it now for $300.