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2019 Ford GT Heritage Edition brings Gulf Oil livery to the street

In 1968, a Ford GT40 wearing the iconic Gulf Oil livery and fielded by JW Automotive Engineering won the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A year later, the same car — chassis number 1075 — won again, making it one of only a few vehicles to win the prestigious endurance race more than once. For 2019 and 2020, Ford is honoring those historic victories by introducing the GT Heritage Edition. Ford says 2019 cars will wear number 9 and the 2020s will wear number 6, mimicking the racing numbers worn by chassis 1075 in ’68 and ’69.

The most obvious and striking update made to the GT Heritage Edition is the blue and orange Gulf livery. The contrasting colors carry over inside with blue and orange stitching on the Alcantara seats and and steering wheel. An optional package provides exposed carbon fiber accents inside and out, including as a surround for the number on the hood. A unique set of 20-inch on-piece forged aluminum wheels are finished in high-gloss stainless, and orange brake calipers are another nice touch.

Last year, Ford created a Heritage Edition GT in red and white to honor its 1967 Le Mans season. In 2016, it built one for its 1966 victory.

Ford hasn’t put a limit on the number of Heritage Edition GTs it will build, but each will come with a unique serialized identification plate. Check out all the details in the image gallery up above.

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Ford to reopen GT application process later this year

Motor Authority has learned Ford will begin taking new applications for the 2019 Ford GT in the fourth quarter of this year. After the Blue Oval extended production to October 2020, this year will be the third out of four years for GT builds. Applicants who haven’t been approved previously are welcome to update their applications, and new customers are welcome to apply.

The survey questions remain the same as at launch. Hopefuls will still need to show their Ford connections and possible Ford collections, and then they can take the optional freeform step of a publicly accessible 60-second video showing “Your Style.” There were a number of videographic gems among the first batch of applicants, when 6,506 people with $450,000 to spend tried to prove they would be the ultimate Ford ambassador.

The carmaker’s sticking to the application schedule even though supplier Multimatic is behind on the overall build schedule. Multimatic needed more time than expected to ramp up to producing one car per day, so instead of the 250 coupes promised for the 2017 model year, Multimatic built 138. Ford said it is committed to the quota of 1,000 units, so delivery times might have shifted a tad, but all deliveries will be made.

It’s expected that the plummy Heritage Edition will introduce a rare, sincere use of the famous Gulf livery. After the black and silver-striped 2017 Heritage Edition celebrated the 1966 GT40 Le Mans winner, the red and white-striped 2018 Heritage Edition celebrated the 1967 GT40 Le Mans winner, deduction would dictate the 2019 Heritage Edition will come dressed in the blue and orange Gulf colors flown by the No. 9 GT40 that won Le Mans in 1968.

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