In 2015, the Oriol family from Spain and fourth-generation farmer Will Harris III of White Oak Pastures farm brought 30 Iberian pigs from their native Spain to Southwest Georgia.

The partnership, called Iberian Pastures, marked the first time the famous black-footed, fat-rich Spanish pigs had ever made it to the US. Now you can buy the fruits of their labor on, of all places, Amazon.

Iberian pork is special because of the breed of the pig, a smaller, leaner animal than standard American breeds, and the diets they’re fed in months of their lives — loads of monounsaturated fat-heavy acorns. The American-raised version is raised the same, but fed Georgia-native pecans and peanuts.

Available cuts of the first American-raised Iberian pork are limited to chops, ground breakfast sausage and tenderloin. Prices start at $13 and it all ships frozen.