Novel watch strap designs are few and far between. The last we can recall is Crown & Buckle’s Chevron, sort of a love child between a Perlon and a NATO. (Disclaimer: we love these so much that we carry them in our store.) You got your NATOs, your leathers, your rubbers, your bracelets….you know the drill.

Well, the new Fidlock from DSPTCH, SF-based makers of awesome, utilitarian kit, is sort of a new breed: made of wide herringbone nylon webbing, it features a snap-enclosure buckle called the Fidlock Hook 20 for attachment/detachment. One side of the system hooks into the other, after which a second piece locks the “hook” into place:

fidlock strap inline 1


Available for now in 20mm and 22mm sizes (and also available for the Apple Watch), the Fidlock comes in black, olive, coyote, MultiCam, burnt orange and safety orange colors for $36. Interestingly, the two halves of the strap (long and short sides) can be purchased in separate pieces for a multi-color look (each half costs $18).

Having not tried the Fidlock yet, I can’t speak to its quality, but I could easily see it on the wrist of a solider, explorer, or other intrepid soul who needs the ability to quick don and doff his watch.

More Info: Here

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