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Back in 1992, there was no Bugatti Veyron, no Porsche 918, no Hennessey Venom looking to take down top speed records — there was only the McLaren F1. The top speed record for a production road car at the time was 212.509 mph, done by a Ruf CTR at the Nardo Ring in Italy. The CTR was the German manufacturer’s Porsche-based supercar, and it hit that speed with a 3.36-liter flat-six under the hood. Five years later, it was the F1’s turn in the spotlight.

McLaren tapped hot shoe Andy Wallace for the challenge. Wallace ran the 637-hp, 6.1-liter V12-equipped F1 up to 388 kph at the Ehra-Lessien Proving Ground in Germany, which translates to 241.1 mph. The next run, with the rev limiter raised 1,000 rpm, the F1 actually hit 391 kph, which translates to 242.95 mph. In the seven-minute video, we can hear Wallace talking, and it ends with him saying over the radio: “It will not go any more than 391! But anyway, 391’s quite fast, isn’t it?”  Then the fuel light comes on. A fitting video for the 25th anniversary of the record run.