A True Speed Demon

We don’t hit enough of the crazy drag cars that are out there, but we couldn’t overlook this Dodge Demon build. A carbon fiber Demon. This car uses that same carbon fiber body by Speedkore that was unveiled at SEMA in 2018. There’s a video of it taking to the dragstrip and laying down some seriously impressive times posted by That Racing Channel.

If you’re unfamiliar with Speedkore’s carbon body Demon. The car has all carbon fiber body panels. Yep, that means bumpers, fenders, hood, roof, quarter panels, door panels, front splitter, mirror caps, trunk lid, trunk spoiler, and fender flares. That transformation left it significantly lighter weight, but Speedkore hasn’t said how much lighter the car is.

[embedded content]

Under the hood of this particular car is the Demon engine but with some serious tweaks to it. The team added a custom twin-turbo kit built in-house attached to 7675 Precision turbos. The team also added a new torque converter, a carbon driveshaft, and diff brace, proprietary intake, and a CO2 boost controller. This car does away with the Demon’s original supercharger.

As you can see in the video, the vehicle is a blistering fast machine, hitting quarter-mile times under 9 seconds. Its fastest time is an 8.7-second run at 162 mph, which is a new record for a Dodge Demon. That’s a seriously fast car. What’s cool about it is that it still has a full interior. The team left the interior, infotainment, air-conditioning and everything else still intact, meaning you could drive it around on the street if you wanted to. We want to.