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Droneworks is an aerial photography company that specializes in shooting video from its house-built, eight-rotor camera drones. It also does custom video packages and post production services. The company was chosen to film one of Lamborghini’s invitation-only events for the reveal of the 2015 Huracan LP 610-4.

The 5.2-liter V10-equipped, 610-hp Huracan has already been a strong seller in North America, moving 1,000 units on the continent alone. About 3,000 have been sold globally.

2015 Lamborghini Huracn drive review

2015 Lamborghini Huracán drive review

What Is It? While the Ferrari 458 has been the alpha dog in the sports-car class for many years, Lamborghini may now be ready to eat at least some of Ferrari’s lunch — maybe a veggie side dish. It …

“In the Americas we worked together with our dealer partners to outline their launch outreach strategy from a new perspective. How to make their events and communications bold yet welcoming,” said Alessandro Farmeschi, COO of Lamborghini. “As a result, we are watching a success story unfold.”

Check out the hangar party video, complete with private jets, old Lambos and guests that can probably afford the $243,000 Huracan. And go to Droneworks for more info on their camera work.