In the relatively small world of sous-vide cookers, there are essentially two models that are roundly recommended — the ChefSteps Joule and the Anova Culinary Precision Cooker — and both are still at Prime-Day price levels.

The Anova model is marked down more, though, and comes with recommendations from Wirecutter and Engadget (notice the Joule is runner-up on both reviews). Anova’s sous-vide tool, which usually sells for a whopping $200, is just above $100 right now.

For those who haven’t taken the plunge yet, sous-vide cooking is a method of cooking in which you place food in resealable bags (yes, they can be Ziploc) and submerge those bags in temperature-controlled, circulating water to cook. That last bit is what these tools do — circulate the water and regulate temperature. This cooking method is predominantly known for its precision and a forgiving nature — it brings the food to a specific temperature and no further, and it’s nearly impossible to overcook.

More often than not, the Anova model is recommended because of the physical controls on the tool itself (meaning you can change temperature and time on the wand) where the Joule is entirely controlled from a powerful smartphone app.

Both are on sale far below either’s lowest price to date.


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