For over 120 years, Seattle-based Filson has been supplying hunters, loggers and other outdoorsmen with the highest quality apparel and goods. As decades have passed, its heavy-weight Mackinaw Cruiser jackets and water-resistant Tin Cloth coats haven’t changed much and are still the go-to for many who spend time off the grid. The timeless design and quality manufacturing the brand is known for are embodied in its latest boot which is crafted by White’s Boots in Spokane, Washington.

White’s Boots was founded in 1853 in West Virginia. The company moved to Spokane in 1915 and its boots quickly became the favorites of loggers across the Northwest. The boots had a tall shaft that offered protection and stability, a thick sole with deep lugs for superior traction on uneven terrain and a taller heel for added arch support. Over the last century, White’s Boots has continued to produce boots that cater to the forest industry and its signature style is the go-to boot for smokejumpers.

Filson’s new boot — called the Dri-Foot Sierra Boot — showcases the quality and durability White’s is known for. But unlike the tall-heeled forestry boots, the style has a less prominent sole and heel and is ideal for hiking and hunting on steep, rugged terrain. The boot has a 10-inch water- and abrasion-resistant leather upper lined with a Hill-tex waterproof breathable membrane to keep your feet dry no matter the weather. Featuring Vibram Sierra outsoles and Filson Tin Cloth collars, the boots can be rebuilt after years of hard use. Available in half sizes from 8.5 to 12, the Dri-Foot Sierra Boot retails for $545. It’s not an inexpensive boot, but it’s one of the best money can buy — and chances are, you’ll have it the rest of your life.