Ask a few pro pitmasters what their most-prized grilling possessions are and, after the pit itself, a well-calibrated thermometer will be high on the list. And in the world of serious heat-tracking, none do it better than Salt Lake City-based ThermoWorks.

Its heat-tracking tools are many, but the brand new Signals tool is its most gloriously excessive to date. Signals is a 4-channel thermometer, meaning it can take and read four probes at a time.

The uses for this are two-fold. One, you can track the cooking progress of three different slabs of meat on the grill at a time, with one probe reserved solely to monitor air temperature over the coals. But you can also use it to keep tabs on larger cooking subjects — whole chickens, turkeys, pork shoulder and so on — as a way of identifying hot spots on the grilling surface and ensuring the whole animal is cooked through.

As with most ThermoWorks gear, it’s highly water-resistant (IP66), comes in a myriad of colors and feeds real-time cooking data to your smartphone. ThermoWorks Signal is available now for $229 exclusively through its website.